#teamlebron: James Blair

Almost 90,000 strong, #TeamLeBron is a group of die-hard, no bandwagon family members united by their dedication and connected by the official TeamLebron twitter account. Meet James Blair!


Name: James Blair
Age: 20
Hometown: Ashtabula, Ohio
Twitter: @jamesblair06

1. Tell us about you.

Born and raised in Ohio, I have a twin sister and 2 brothers. Worked hard throughout school and was a Valedictorian of my graduating class, and now currently in college working on majoring in Physical Therapy, with a double major in Business Management or Marketing (along those lines). Been a sports fanatic my entire life. I participated in numerous sports as I grew up like baseball, basketball, football soccer you name it, but basketball has always been my passion and I feel LeBron instilled that in me at a young age by watching how exciting he made the game.

2. How long have you been a LeBron fan? And what was the first piece of gear that you ever bought?

I have been a LeBron fan since basketball became a part of my life. I started actually playing basketball in 4th and 5th grade and that was the first time I really got in to watching and following basketball. I got to watch Lebron James play in high school, during the state championship around the same time. Ever since I watched him play as a 5th grader he has been my idol and I have looked up to him and backed him up 100% through it all. He happened to get drafted to my hometown team which made watching him even easier and that led to my first piece of Lebron gear, my 6th grade basketball shoes. They were the Nike Zoom Generation which i still own today!

3. We’ve seen the pics but how many pieces of LeBron & Heat gear do you have total? What are your favorite pieces that you’ve collected so far?

I will never be able to count it all because its seriously everywhere but i went through what i can and here are the numbers ha: about 35 pieces of apparel jerseys tshirts and etc, around 10 pairs of shoes, 3 life size items: 2 fatheads and a life size cardboard sprite cut out, and over 50+ other things from bobble heads to cards to high school limited edition items. Not a day goes by I’m not looking on ebay or anywhere to pick up a piece I dont own. My favorite pieces I have collected would have to be the 1st pair of Nike Zoom Generation shoes, or the rare high school year books and high school limited edition tiffany cards from St.V!

4. Who would you like to see LeBron & the Heat play in the 2012 NBA Finals?

Personally, give me any team because I feel like no team can beat the Heat in a 7 game series. If I had to choose one though I would have to go with the Thunder. They have a good set of guys around KD and feel like they would be the best competition.

5. Have any shoutouts that you want to send out?

First and foremost shout out to LeBron James for everything he has accomplished and for being my idol, and the lebronjames.com team for giving all of us King James fans that close connection to LeBron, even with his busy schedule. Also all my #TeamLeBron fam on twitter you guys are awesome, never felt so close and had a connection with so many people I’ve never met!!

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  • Waleed Ahmed

    Heard of the dude before seeing the website. Then I followed him. And then I see this. No words to say but #TEAMLEBRONTILLIDIE

    • Imimitch748

       damn straight, you and me both bro

  • http://twitter.com/KingJamesGOAT TeamLeBron

    Thats what its about support from the Beginning No Bandwagon #TeamLeBron Till the END!!!

  • Cineasef

    much respect to you ! i also love Lebron James but your a bigger fan then me,

  • Kingjames06

    thanks again to everyone for the support we are all in this together cant wait til we get the #RingForTheKing #TeamLeBron

  • Florida_Pro


  • Aalif

    Loved your showing of support tonight.

  • Imimitch748

    man damn bro very inspiring, im very touched, cause i happen to be a real lebron fan either, it’s just i have no money or i don’t have much of his stuff, but i have never missed a game when lebron is playing in it tho

  • Talk12

    Is this the guy who ran on the court during the Heat/Caveliers game?

    • Lebrooong


  • John

    Way to sellout your hometown and make us look like desperate losers. 

    • Handleit22

      Selling out his hometown?? Half of you mofos disappeared and barely even watch the cavs anymore. Especially if kyrie is out injured

  • Irepnike3

    I was there at the game last night when he rushed onto the court. It’s crazy because I’m from Ashtabula too and I know James haha. I think that it was so worth getting arrested for. But, Browns player Jason Pinkston tweeted him saying he would pay his fines and bail him out.

  • Bigbootyjj

    Be honest…are sexually attracted to LeBron?

  • Gofuckyourself

    Loser LOL

  • guest

    Dude…you are a loser. Get leprick’s junk out of your mouth already!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=508067446 Ron Koehler

    I saw you get arrested on TV last night.  I bet LeBron is proud of you.

  • Shine-up

    is that a pee stain in the bed?

  • Fireman45

    You ran out on the court during the Miami game at Cleveland!

  • Martshoe

    u r still a class a one guy james even with this little misjudgement. thats a fan though  seeya ungle

  • flipballer02

    keep it up bro, but always be leveled headed

  • larry

    How do I get my collection on here?

  • Sports fan

    Todd you are pathetic! leave the guy alone. it’s not like he is out lurking like you. crawl back in your hole! btw does your mom know you are still living in her basemernt?

  • Shine-up

    yes i agree..No one should Idol a sports person..God yes!!! ..Lebron ..NO