The Campaign Mixtape

The moment has finally arrived, presents The Campaign. As stated before, this is the official playoff mixtape with all NEW music from your favorites such as Fabolous, Ryan Leslie, 2 Chainz (sort of lol), Trae The Truth, Ace Hood, Nitty Scott, MC, Maino and MANY MORE! No need for the talking, we’ll let the music speak for itself. If you liked volume one, just imagine what we could be done with  volume 2! Tracklisting and download link, below!  Once again thank you to EVERYONE who made this tape possible!

DOWNLOAD: LebronJames.Com – The Campaign | Alt Link

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  • Karen Medina

    Hot!!!  Love me some Miami Heat.. feelin this mixtape..

  • boy super pompano

    OH MY GOD!! u ripped that Lebron. i like that avengers look. i was wounderin when u was gonna do another mixtape…tell me u got a ”RISE TO GLORY” basketball story to follow (movie) anyway bring it home to miami this year my guy….

    oh yeah good music too

  • Domo Andretti #✈Life

    wtf is going on …..

  • Karen Medina

    Beautiful Lie… definitiely hott!

  • shane

    how do
    listen to the songs

    • Karen Medina

      u gotta click on the link where it says Download: Campaign

  • Tavinho-guga11

    Brazil representando Brazileiro com muito orgulho Lebron disculpa mais sou melhor que vc Rsrsrsrs

  • Karen Medina

    and Fresh out tha Toaster.. feelin that jam!!!

  • Misaelbenros

    awesome =) thanks king james!!

  • BballCrazy©.com

     Can you Check this out bro “CALLING ME KING” #LebronJames @DJFolk #MiamiHeat

  • Carepa007

    GOODs tracks , LBJ you are the best, LBJ MVP 

  • Wehustlehard

    Jigg 4am in Dade is the best track he went in!!!!!

  • Hayleedmitruk


    @LeBRON James

  • Kush_Dean


  • Maurlikwade

    this fresh

  • Riz23celticpride

    My Team Winning It ALL!!!

    • Heat fan since 1989


    • FAF234ever

      Their struggling to beat the 76ers

    • Jonnym012

      Guess not ;)

  • Lhesthurr23respect

    awesome track. :0 Thumb’s up!!!

  • Saul Sanchez

    Supa fly mix Heat all dayyyyyyy!

  • Pm6


  • FAF234ever

    This track is RAW

  • Patrick Wagner

    some good tracks

  • Mandy Baldwin

    Gotta go with Fab’s “My Team Winning” – he always brings it on tracks!

  • June James

    Lebron, remember that you are not just a player, you are a superstar , and superstars dont play to lose ,they play to win ,they can see wins before they happen, you saw it in Cleveland ,so go make your dream a reality come true, you dreamed it in Cleveland , so use your god givin talents to make it happen, your a leader not a follower, lead the way and the rest will follow, remember what you did in game 4!

    • Pauljasondocot

      thats right,,,we believe in you lebron james

  • Sassyscorpio Smith

    I love it
    ..awesome job!!!!

  • Gered Bowman

    looking foward to it

  • John Kharlo

    Go king james :) )

    c| (-.-)   *thumbs up*

  • Almoneygarcia

    Keep your head up lebron…….just remember what magic said,lebron is the best player in the world

    • Theo

       pffffff!, Lebron isn’t even as good as Wade. Yea,he got speed and strength, but he ain’t got game. Kobe could teach him a lesson or two…

      • Armond


  • Brianthebossholycross

    good job way to show out ur true ballin skills when team is in diversity we going all the way dis year be easy big homie…..

  • Koof6

    Lebron is the king of the NBA! Go Heat!

  • Renaldy75

    heat for the win.

    • Absabs

      Bulls failed to enter the conference finals because Rose and Noah are injured..
      If not, I would have love a see a healthy Bulls team face off against the Heat.

  • V San12

    Yo Lebron, That Jigg- 4am In Dade is the truth…im feeling it…!!! MIA LETS GET THIS CHAMPIONSHIP BABY!!!! LEBRON & WADE COUNTY BABY!!!!

  • James

    Love the beats bron bron!

  • Guptaarnav70

    heat won with lebron scoring 40

  • Jan Michael Almonte

    i go out and play my game, and let my game do the talking.

    -Lebron James

  • Janmi_666

    @Lebron:disqus  Request FAnsign
       Team LBJ
    Jan Michael Almonte #6

  • mike fire

    goes hard bron.. nice mixx.. great game the other night ur a boss. best performance i seen since u played against orlando.. in cleveland..

  • Pm6

    the heat must win vs the pacers

  • Msrjenkins

    I call you and wade Batman and Robin. Go Heat! MVP

  • Kingred

    lerborn james you are a winner and you are best superstar in the world this your year to go get nobody cant stop you!

  • Elaine Blanchard

     Live in Cleveland, But a Lakers fan.  Hopefully next year Lakers.

  • Dvdhello

    You da best Lebron, win what you earned

  • NC 252 SWAG

    I’m riding wit LeBron REGARDLESS of da outcome.. been a fan since our senior year c/o 2003 when i drove 3 hrs to Winston Salem to see him play.. flew out to Miami this year to see da Heat stomp Phili n OKC on back 2 back nights # TEAM LEBRON

    • dman

      it wont happen in the finalss

  • Plexx24 Fg

    Yo lebron Ur da king of da court n remember dat bro ull neva fail again MIA got this we got 8 more games to go

  • Cristi

    You’re the best man!! i’m tell you that FROM ROMANIA!1

  • Jason S. Dowdell Sr.

    You Gotta Know… “This Is Miami Heats Season!” Continue To Rise….BIGG UPS  Miami, Florida!!!

  • Pharo

    The time is on Bron, keep focus and don’t forget let them talk , you stay calm don’t say nothing…

  • Plexx24 Fg

    Man da heat played James was outstanding shown dem c how to play bball can’t mess wit da king

  • Gofish

    King James 20:12

  • BEeasy1

    bron bron do yo muhfuckin thang mane !!!!

    win win win

  • Cool_as_ice33

    Once LBJ nail his first ring it will be a traditional and that not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, will become a reality.

  • Elizabeth-Chuck Fields

    Let’s get this money Lebron!!!! No matter win or lose you still one of the greatest players to hit the court and nothing will change that, lets make them haters eat the comments about you and get this ring baby!!!!!!!!

  • Ladesma_irenio

    Go!Go!Go! miami vs OKC 

  • Thanh11460


  • Black Mambo

    LBJ go get it, what are you waiting for? PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT.

  • Patricia

    Well said mom!

  • Joyster21

     i love you Lebron James…. i am your avid fan…. go, fight, win Miami Heat :) )

  • Joyster21

    I know you can make it until the last game… even my grandmother is a fan of your team…. we love you…Gob bless and good luck ….

  • Javier Sin Apellidos

    LeBron soy un fan tuyo,desde las ISLAS CANARIAS,eres mi ídolo chaval ! Ánimo que vas a ganar the finals !!!

  • Lee Samularia

    LBj MVP ~

  • Hacina

    COOL THE SECOND MATCH / VICTORY. I hope meet lebron at London with the USA. I think we have idea in commun. Send me an email on my personnaly box mail ; i will show you my family and speek about your fondation. Be carefull !! Win the final against okc. By

  • Hacina

    sorry i forget to say you , my child asked me if  you could say hello at him at the next match against okc. His name is sofiane. He will be happy ; naturally if you forget or don’t want i anderstand with the stress of the match. Good luck. 

  • Leroyboss4ever

    lebron no one can stop you in the paint unless they foul

  • neljunkoh

    go king james. . go heat

  • 952190919

    GO HEAT!!!!!

  • Maritza


  • DTongSports

    Added to favorites fo sho!! You can get anything done with this mixtape rollin…

  • K_startodiworld

    the best in the lead lebron james 

  • hosein

    I am 16 years old boy from Iran I like to become basketball player but when I play with my peers I think that I am behind.
    how old were you when you started to learn basketball?

  • Ali

    Lebron you are not important when wade is in the game



  • Vjfmd8


  • Ms. Pawality

    Good Game Sunday, Keep up the good work, There is not I in Team and you all have proven that.

  • Sharif Kakooza

    You the Best KingJames…. #DreamTeamForLife #StriveForGreatness