2012 NBA Finals Champion!

Thanks again to all of the great fans and family members of TeamLeBron around the world. Without your support, LeBron & The Heat would not have been able to accomplish such an amazing feat. Let’s do it again next year!

Watch this video from LeBron himself announcing his comeback to Twitter.

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  • http://twitter.com/waaaaaaah1 Syed Mo Ali

    enjoy it king, first of many more

  • Gudbad009


  • Sampson Sampong

    u r welcome

  • http://twitter.com/Jay_Liin Jamiu Zubair

    You deserve it

  • Ty


  • Dorian Young

    I wont lie i wanted OKC to win…badly but you deserved it you put in work and got results not a man on this planet can truly hate on that #TearITUp

  • Dominiquedesahwn2008

    First..Heat!!! Congrats Lebron

  • http://twitter.com/kingjames1489 Searching…

    My boy you did it man you did it congrats. Have fun but work is never over let’s repeat!!!

  • Moumine


  • ChrizboniCB

    Congratulations King James!

  • http://twitter.com/josephlax23 josephlax23


  • http://twitter.com/TomboBrewster Tom Vincent

    Legend of the game, pure and simple

  • San4oostm

    Let’s do it again next year! 
    great fans 
    Congratulate you

  • Jsanti1290


  • dustin






  • Yana

    So happy for you Lebron!! You played with determination and a will to win, you are a champion well deserved!!!

  • sugar ray

    Well done King James,good luck to miami in future

    • Vanesha

      Congrats LeBron on your MVP and Championship! I have been a fan since the Cleveland days and to see you here at the place yove most wanted to be and where some became doubtful is AMAZING!! I screamed like I won too! Lol But Congrats you deserve it. I enjoy watching and can’t wait to see what’s to come….1 down more to come! #teamLEBRON

      • 2lovely2

        Vanesha, Me too..girlll I screamed, I cried, I laughed. I chant  grind it..grind it..grind it.Hoorayyy!! Let’s go LeBron..let’s go HEAT. Locked it down, locked it down..wrap it up . As I’m typing, I getting the chills. OMG!!! So EXTREMELY happy for LeBron…I aint gonna say no dang King James…lol. Talking about LeBron…so glad, excited for him. I know he could do it. I always wanted him to focus. While watching 2011 finals I screamed.”For my sake LeBron drive to the damn basket”. Oh shyt…damn it..man” I was so mad at him. My heart was broken. V, anytime LeBron lose I’m sad. Cleveland, HEAT , All-Stars….lol #TeamLeBron. R u on twitter I’m @LJ6_VVICKER_CR7 follow me & I’ll hit u back.

  • Xszhouxiang

    Waiting for you in Beijing,lebron.

  • http://twitter.com/LilStratboy Marcus

    I’ve been your fan since Cleveland Bron, I’ve always said, I follow the KING.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joey.lestud.laprevote Joey Laprevote

    thanks for showing us true greatness. great playoff run, great series. more rings on the way!

  • http://twitter.com/Amazing_55 Gleb Gluhovichev

    I’m yout biggest fan , from your first games in cavs iniform!!! I was crying during the awarding, seriously)) You a the best, the true choosen! Haters shut up! 

  • http://twitter.com/Amazing_55 Gleb Gluhovichev

    Ring maker is still working , when you can show us the ring?

  • larryw5860

    Congrats all the way from Cleveland!! It feels like I just won the finals. Today is a great day to be a King James fan!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1219227387 Kelechi Chinaemerem Osunwa

    The King is dead…LONG LIVE THE KING 

  • Kia Khamylle02

    congrats to miami heat!!! iloveyou guys.. keep the good work..hope to see you personally..

  • Vint-mvp

    from russia with love!!!!))))King James the best of all time))))

  • LBJNation

    You’re the best Lebron! Here’s to 7 more championships in SoBe.

  • Kia Khamylle02

    ilove miami heat!!! hehe..

  • Kentworth Miller

    you’re such an amazing player LeBron! you really are the King! let’s do this again next year..we’re just here for you! from your Filipino fan here! always be the best! =)

  • Seneak

    You are a true champ!!!! Class King James Class

  • Epic_virtue

    Congrats Lebron! You deserve it for all your hard work and respect for the game! Blessings and enjoy it!

  • Erik Olter

    LBJ…. i was ur fan ever since u wuz drafted into the nba…. tomorrow is my actual birthday but since u won today im already celebrating…. thank u thank u… this is by far the most exciting bday i had….. 

    i’m ready to cheer u on next season… but for now… LET’S CELEBRATE!!!! “IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME” 

  • Roma Ttq5

    not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 im tired

  • Jstutts159

    You are a world champion and nobody deserves that title more than you!  Pure Joy, so happy for you and your family and The Heat!  Thank You for the Championship and thank you for your humbleness and hard work!!  Greatest Ever, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • Paul

    I really like Lebron these days, He has been judged by so many people just because he is a great athlete.  Sure he has made a few and I really mean only a few minor errors in his career, and in those cases he has apologized and said he was wrong and had learned from the experience.  Hes a solid family man, seems to has good morals, is generous to his friends, and speaks honestly to the public.  So, I’m liking and respecting Lebron…good job man.

    • keishacares

      you did mean right. 

    • Tobyfriedchicken

       he got judged because of his prick comments. He is extremely classy now. im glad he won the championship the same year he matured so much.

      • Synai

         Did you judge Mohammed Ali’s cocky comments? I bet not. It’s not what he said, tell us how you really feel.

        • Ray L Jackson Sr

          Ali was a boxer, a fighter. That’s different.

          • Fat Cat 330

            You don’t think LeBron is a fighter?  I always say he is Ali, but lately he has been Mike Tyson in his prime, but if Tyson were on the cream, the clear, and Lance Armstrong’s magic tea.  You grow up in Akron with a single mom that has you in high school and you become a fighter, I grew up like that here too, and like LeBron I do whatever it takes…

      • Brandonchacon93

        Thats just wat the camaras show you .. i remember i met lebron when u was coming out of highschool and everyone saying he was gona be the best … i met him at the marriot hotel in jersey i was like 8 years old My dad asked him to take a picture with us and i remember his friend told us he didnt have the time to, lebron looked at him like he was gona kill him haha and he hugged us and took a picture with a huge smile .. this is guy is humble and not wat people think he is … :D  

        • DatBoiBeastN


        • Rock15dj

          please show us the picture. it would be nice to see it :)

        • Chrstphrhtz

          Is the best player in the world, yet he acts so humble.  There are no other players who make other players play so well like LeBron does.  You would think an athlete with his stature would be the most arrogant person but he’s the total opposite.  He’s amazing.  Media doesn’t show his real character and how important family and friends is to him.

        • Rrjr_7

          thats awesome bro.  glad to hear that my fav athlete of all sports is such a nice guy!

      • DatBoiBeastN

        u just a bandwagon fan!

      • Flexvel

        he was never a prick just firm

      • http://twitter.com/mikej0h mike johnson

        as if you never made prick comments and weren’t immature at some point in your life

      • Michelle

        He wasnt judge all or most the times because of his prick comments. He was judge from the moment he said ” he’s gonna take his talent to South Beach & play for the Miami HEAT” that’s where ppl started to criticised him. If he had said he was going to Memphis, Chicago, New York, and irrespective of the prick comments he made..he wouldnt have been so judged. Ppl nit picked every comments he made ..cos they see where “anything LeBron said wud/can make them popular” and he allowed them to become that, and in the end losing his focus of basketball game and himself as a person. So glad that was sooo 2010/2011.In 2011/2012 season he emerged a better basketball player and a better man. I prayed he remain so ON and OFF the courts..

      • Pwlena


      • Arendol23

        He’s human he can say what he wants I’m sure alot of people speak their mind! When he won he shudda said TAKE DAT BITCHES! I’m sure that’s what he wanted to say!

    • Guillermo Salcedo

       Totally agree with Paul, he seems as good person as he is a great player. I was so tired of all the haters talking bad about him. He is the best and now has the trophy to back it up. He and the Heat just shut up a lot of people. I am so glad. Miami Heat Champions.

      • Adam

        Thank you someone finally understands

    • Onashinda yungi ibrahim

      hello mr lebron
      my searching laid your giving ticket usa contacting .

  • http://twitter.com/ClubAHolicz Sanjiv Bacchas

    Follow Me On Twitter @Clubaholicz 

  • http://twitter.com/ClubAHolicz Sanjiv Bacchas

    Follow Me On Twitter @Clubaholicz #TeamFollowBack https://twitter.com/#!/ClubAHolicz

  • Enriquez_marvinjohn

    yes sir!

  • Kanary


  • Bighousefan

    So happy for you man, to shut up all the haters and naysayers! Enjoy it to the fullest and give thanks to God first! Have a great summer LeBron a.k.a., “King James”. :)

  • http://twitter.com/kathleennewsie kathleen sullivan

     Thank you for giving us the intense joy of this night. There are no shortcuts. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/kimmydadiva Kim Law

    Congrats Lebron, I am so happy for you and the whole team HEAT. Was such a beautiful experience and I am glad I was in the house to experience ur Championship!! 

  • Ignas

    LeBron, you deserve alot more than one ring. Especially with this all hating running around you. You are the best active player and for me, you will always be an inspiration, an idol, a guy, who I’ll root for till the end of your career. Almost cried at the ceremony, tho. :D Really… I believe u’ll get even more rings on those fingers. Peace out, brother.

  • P.H #11

    Congrats! Happy for you, you deserve it after all the hard work!

  • http://twitter.com/NewEraMiami631 ReEsE HoLt!!!

    Thanks for giving the heat nation a great year!!

  • http://twitter.com/daisyhuang00 Daisy

    you are the best

  • http://twitter.com/hukunrong 胡坤荣

    You are the best player in the world,I think.

  • http://twitter.com/adoronin Albert Doronin

    Congrats from Russia.

  • http://twitter.com/alessandrofreda Alessandro Freda

    why it’s a private video!?!? I wanna watch it!

  • Ixiah_029

    love yea guy :-) you da best!

  • Based_4Lyfe

    Glad to see you bring it home Lebron, one down and many more to go

  • Ahmad Alrddadi


  • http://twitter.com/OKC_All_Day_ D’Marques Johnson

    congrats on winning #NBA #Finals

  • joneenee

    I 6e1iev3 in you and your game since day one!!!! HAIL FOR THE KING!!! You inspire me to play ball so selfishly…

  • Leianni

    Proud of LeBron and happy he got his ring!

  • http://twitter.com/DennisWell92 Dennis Powell

    Was so happy for you and the Heat. Felt like I went through the pain with y’all last year when all my hater friends started telling me crap about how the heat would never win after what happened last year, but i always believed you and the Heat would prove them wrong and I was so happy tonight that you did, made me so happy to see y’all happen, I posted a picture on 50 of my friends Fb page with the caption “R.i.p to the Lebron James Jokes”. Thanks again for making me have a good night and congratulations. Can’t wait to drive down to Miami one of these days to watch you play in person. Peace bro and may God continue to bless you. #stayhumble #stayblesses #GoHeat!!! :)

  • http://twitter.com/MrsSheaWong shea wong
  • Oswald613

    Thank you…. LBJ #6  Miami Heat all day!!

  • Pstratos7

    Congrats lebron, nobody deserves this as much as you. You are truly a champion

  • Chelsea Harris

    Im just sooo happy for you and the team because so many people hate on you and you finally proved them all wrong….lets go for many more 

  • http://twitter.com/fsemgerard Gerard Lazaro


  • http://www.facebook.com/einstein.ng.7 Einstein Ng

    Congratulation LeBron~ Hope LeBron & Heat will win the NBA finals again next year :)

  • Derek9722

    Cavs Fan

  • R0n2x

    pa party k naman^_^

  • Maya

    Best in the world!!!   Lebron he’s my hero! Congrats to Miami Heat!  I’ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

  • Dwadefan

    thnx lebron for bringin home the trophy 2012 champs MIAMI HEATTTT

  • @dfwjohnd

    “Good job, good effort” haha man, it was great seeing you hoist the trophy tonight; it was somehow a relief for me seeing you win! Anyways, just ordered a couple of shirts bc I can’t afford a jersey lol!

  • Ansu morris k

    Congratulation King James I’m proud of u and you deserved it. God bless you king.

  • Thomas

    Thanks lbj n I hope the criticcs get off your back we love ya keep being you n before u r done you will b the best ever true fan TLC

  • Spreewell

    well deserved! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/maya.papp.5 Maya Papp

    Best in the world! Lebron my hero!  Congrats to Miami Heat!  I’ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/maya.papp.5 Maya Papp

    Best in the world! Lebron my hero!  Congrats to Miami Heat!  I’ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

  • @dfwjohnd

    I bet it feels great man, hope to accomplish my big feat soon too; tonight was true inspiration for me! Congrats to you and the Heatles!

  • @dfwjohnd

    I bet it feels great man, hope to accomplish my big feat soon too; tonight was true inspiration for me! Congrats to you and the Heatles!

  • Paul

    @pmguinness Congrats LBJ, great performance, great game and i know there will be alot more rings to be got!!!

  • Paul

    @pmguinness Congrats LBJ, great performance, great game and i know there will be alot more rings to be got!!!

  • Rjp6

    You were a champion before the ring BRON

  • Rjp6

    You were a champion before the ring BRON

  • Leflore Joyce

    Hi Lebron . its your # 1 fan ..just wanted to say i know you abd the heat could do it . I told you so last season. you are in no way a selfish player just a winner ..a class act ..I am very proud of you and your team .. god bless

  • Leflore Joyce

    Hi Lebron . its your # 1 fan ..just wanted to say i know you abd the heat could do it . I told you so last season. you are in no way a selfish player just a winner ..a class act ..I am very proud of you and your team .. god bless

  • Andrewt536

    Show respect to Lebron James & the Miami Heat organization. He has finally accomplished his goal & that’s win an NBA championship. It may have taken 9 NBA seasons but, it was worth it. Lebron James is a CHAMPION, weather you like the fact or not. R.I.P Lebron James jokes 2003-2012.

    • http://twitter.com/ave383 ave383

      jordan won his first title at 28 lebron won his first at 27.

      • OhYeap

         Age doesn’t mean sh*t.. At age 27 Jordan had only been in the league for 6 years, while Lebron on the other hand is on his 9th year… In Jordan’s 9th year in the league he had 2 season MVP’s, 3 rings and 3 finals MVP while Lebron has 3 season MVP’s, 1 ring and 1 finals MVP…
        I like Lebron because of how he matured and got himself together to shut up the hates but get your facts straight and don’t mislead people

  • Teddybdesta

    Silencing the haters, well done James! Many more to come!

  • allan_diones

    cOngratz MiamiHEAT!

  • Joelsummerset

    Congradulations you guys went out there and truly showed the hearts of champions nobody deserved this more than the Heat you especially once again congratulations king James you deserve it

  • Renan_Lima50

    Congratulations from Brazil LeBron, You’re the best!

  • http://twitter.com/iykemojo Iyke Okafor

    Just like Magic said you’re the greatest player on the planet. Your true fans have always known this but now the rest of the world agrees. We waited a long time for this day. We love you right back!!!!!
    God bless King James!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/iykemojo Iyke Okafor

    Just like Magic said you’re the greatest player on the planet. Your true fans have always known this but now the rest of the world agrees. We waited a long time for this day. We love you right back!!!!!
    God bless King James!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt


  • Issa Nissa

    Congratulations from France LeBron !!!
    You’re a Champion ! Finally :-)

  • BenFly

    My mom and I prayed for you and your teammates…God is good. Congrats champ. 

  • dave

    CHAMP!!! Thanks so much for ALL 2012…Truly an incredible season. You earned your RING! I love you man!! **LBJ Finals MVP**

  • Wilber Alejandro

    Congrats LeBron :D

  • Coach Jackson

    Alright , best game of your career, mostly because your teammates were involved , you have a great team, and a great coach, enjoy the win, but you have more to do, this is just the beginning, rest , relax , stay humble, stay hungry. Let your teammates know how much you appreciate what they did, if the Heat can come back and play this way next season, you will get the multiple championships you promised, I think you promised eight, no one with credibility will blame you for backing off on that, I guess you figured out how hard it is to win one, but 2 finals in 2 years and one of those a CHAMPIONSHIP , it isn’t going to get easier, everybody is going to be gunning for you now, stay focused , stay hungry , stay humble , one season at a time, HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT AND WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO SACRIFICE FOR IT.  See you in the playoffs, Have a good summer.

  • MrsEbjames

    Man Lebron we so proud of you! We understood you were focused. Man you deserved this so much and to see you finally get it is “satisfaction” for us!!!!!! King gets his RING!!!!! Wear it like a champ!!!!!

  • Paradis58

    Long Live to The KING…

  • http://twitter.com/CudLife101 My Mojo so DOPE.

    Well done KING JAMES!!! You sir are a great man on and off the court! I truly believe the last 2 years have only made you a better person and player and you can only continue to get better from here!!! Keep doing your thing man! Congrats to you and the Heat organization we all look forward to the many years to come from you guys!

  • Smnthmpsn

    Long live the King.

  • Noelsjr

    Thank you for making yourself at home in Miami

  • Rainy Monl

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!Young man, may God continue his blessings upon your life…..I am so proud of you……..Do you,….always keep God first, your gonna go even higher……Love you KING JAMES!!!!!!!

  • Rainy Monl

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!Young man, may God continue his blessings upon your life…..I am so proud of you……..Do you,….always keep God first, your gonna go even higher……Love you KING JAMES!!!!!!!

  • TeHoDeN

    BIG BIG congratulate from France :) , great finals you’re really the best and it’s well deserved !!! I follow you since 9 years and finally, THE REWARD :)

  • Ravio999

    Bless you . and Congratulations …..

  • Oh Well

    I am so very happy for him!!!  I screamed so loud all through the game last night.  He deserves this so much.  It’s been a long time coming and I’ve been screaming for him for the past 7 years.  He’s a combination of Magic and Michael mixed with his own Great skills.  Go Lebron, I’ll be screaming next year too!

  • James Lebron Mendez Andino

    am so proud of you on how you became a better basketball player and a better person.For me has your loyal fan am honor to be your fan and watch you became a king but better than that a CHAMPION! You will always be and 4ever remembered has King James! Am thankful that I became a fan of this sport because of You! Congrats on your Achievement! Nba champion and nba finals mvp! lets go heat!

  • Ammard

    Congrats LBJ!!!!!!!! Finally……….So Happy!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MiamiHeatJunkie Zakeya MiamiHeatjunkie Foster

    You’re a great guy Lebron. You deserve it! #HeartOfACHAMPION

  • keishacares

    You have what it Takes to be The Champion>  to Lebron and the rest of the Team HEAT congratulations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001267970391 Qī Nuò

    Lebron is the best! supported you since u were in cleveland. even if u don’t win a championship, u r my role model, u r honest and humble since u got into the nba, and u are always my motivation on and off the court! U r the greatest basketball “person” in nba history!

  • Bryant Carter

    Man I had your back from day one enjoy the family stay focus and lets do it again next next year. King James yes sir

  • Mikehanson16

    check out my website http://www.XVIMIAMIHEAT.com dedicated to the #GREATEST PLAYER EVER to do it @KingJames & an amazing historic to 16 wins go @MIAMIHEAT go!!! Your #1 fan @LIKEliquidwater:disqus 

  • Mikehanson16

    check out my website http://www.XVIMIAMIHEAT.com dedicated to the #GREATEST PLAYER EVER to do it @KingJames & an amazing HISTORIC run to 16 wins go @MIAMIHEAT go!!! Your #1 fan http://www.twitter.com/LIKEliquidwater

  • Sezgi

    You very much deserved it LeBron. Congrats to the king from your fans in Turkey!

  • http://twitter.com/metaphor229 metaphor marlon

    great job on the accomplishment on the mission of  rang for da kang honor to be a witness truly is the kang of basketball

  • Charles

    Congrats KingJames I havent been this happy for somebody to win onein sports since Steve Young. Not even Skip Bayless can have anything to say. #salute

  • Mel Batista

    Congratulations for your TWO MVP awards and the NBA champonship! You are a true athlete. You showed great sportsmanship and teamwork. You kept your head up through all of the unfounded hatred and personal attacks. Miami welcomed you with open arms and always believed in you and we thank you for joining our team. Last night’s game was one of the most marvelous I have watched in a while. You all played like the champs that you are. Congratulations again for a well-deserved win. I knew you would do it! From a very loyal fan and my family.

    PS. Haters: We told you so! Ha! LETS GO HEAT!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rhien.usman Ai Ma Zoe

    good job lebron james ..muah!!love yo so much!! xoxo

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KKRC637MQRY2XXWJPUGTKTG6HU Mae

    your the best player…congrats 


    Congralutations to the MIAMI HEAT players, you guys are the best, it was Miller time lastnight at the AAA. Thanks for a great year, CCadavieco

  • Casey Wise

    Excellent form LBJ, much love from the University of Akron.  See you around town!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1107098458 Jing Dalisay

    Congrats KingJames,You guys all deserved it.Thanks to your lost to Dallas last year,this time your victory is sweeter.Thanks to OKC scoring champs for bringing out the best in you and your team.See you next season CHAMPS:)

  • Ezrock214

    u are the best and always

  • Carl

    You are an amazing example of the Power of God. God bless Lebron James. 

  • Jeschzarraga

    congratulations LBJ! Lebron Haters SHUT UP!

  • Rudo

    Ball so hard this ish cray!!!!!!Congrats LeBron. Your hardwork and dedication payed off. 

  • http://twitter.com/KarissaRauhl KarissaRauhl

    So happy that you are a champion LeBron. Live in a small town in Ohio.. NOWHERE NEAR CLEVELAND. but been supporting you since SVSM. Took my 6th grade school picture in your rookie jersey. I’ve been given a lot of hate for still supporting you but I knew you would get that ring. MORE TO COME. Went to a pre-season game in Orlando this year and you threw your towel up to me and I’ve never been more happy to receive a gift from my favorite athlete in the entire world. CONGRATULATIONS LEBRON. 

    -Twitter: @KarissaRauhl:twitter

  • http://twitter.com/BoobieTheory Boobie Theory
  • http://twitter.com/RomanVinogrado1 Роман Виноградов


  • Adamb12

    Lebron i am so happy you and miami heat are champs.
    Lets get a repeat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/piero.rendina Piero Rendina

    The King Is In The Building ! ! !  YOU DID IT MAN …. YOU DID IT !!! 

    And none deserved it like you bro !

  • Ganusdcx

    Congratulation JAMES. You are the best in the world.

  • Witness

    Thank you for an inspiring display of greatness! Your performance last night convienced me that there arrives a moment in time when all your dedication and hard work grants you your goal.

    Nothing more beautiful to watch than a hard worker achieving his dream.  

  • Natalie

    Congratulations LeBron – I was praying that the Heat would win the championship because you and the team really desired it.  You are the classic example of a true unselfish champion!

  • Twhite0420

    Congrats Bron Bron , you really deserve this ! I knew you would take home the championship bc you wanted it more than anyone else. Yes people will still make jokes & ride you but just know that your real fans are proud of u so let them talk. We will never know what to expect from u King James ! <3 I'll never forget yesterday's game

  • Comeb4him

    I am a cav’s fan and I enjoyed watching you play here.I was not all that upset when you left Cleveland because it is your right to choose the team you want to play for.Its just the way it all went down.I know it was more selfish on your part to do it the way you did leave cleveland.But I still held nothing against you.I know God gives talent to whom he wants to and you he gave great talents to.The selfish part of you still remained and you had to deal with it.Now the best thing I heard from you was last night after the game when you were asked what wa your first thoughts after you won.You said a few things before you said these words. I REALIZED HOW SELFISH I WAS AND HAD TO DEAL WITH IT.Lebron those were joyful words.I knew something was different with you as I watched you against the thunder.You were playing team ball.All the talent you have God blessed you with.And the heart of charity you have is the love you have inside you.Peace came upon you those two weeks you looked inside yourself to see who you really our.Wisdom also came and you embraced it and let yourself be changed into a great man.Be at peace Lebron and know its not the richies of the world you need.Because it was said.What is it if a man gain the whole world but looses  his soul.Your charity and all you have done for many children.is the man you really are.You God has blessed so you can be a blessing to others and not yourself.Now I will hope and pray Lebron you win more and see more who you really are because this cleveland fan is still a great fan of yours..

  • Brett

    Congrats LBJ! You earned it, silenced the critics, conquered your demons and proved your the G.O.A.T. Its a privilege to watch you play! Enjoy and can’t wait to watch you do it again!

  • Clarendon58

    James, It was a joy to in our household to see you finally got what you deserved.. from my 9yrs who wasn’t able to which the whole game because he has school this morning, but the first thing he say to me this morning was “Daddy” did Miami won.. I say yes!  you should see the smile on his face. My 18yrs who is off to Akron University this yrs. He got into so many arguments with his friends over how good you are. lol.  Myself. Luv to watch you play.. You does your craft so well. You are only human and we all say things sometime that doesn’t turn out right, but you intention was good.. You give back to were you are coming from to give other hope to reach their goals. You always going to have haters and they do because they are jealous :-)

    We enjoyed this Championship with you. Looking to see you at this stage next year as I told people, once you win that first one, you are going to be scary..lol@Clarendon_M_PMy God keep on blessing you and your family.. One love :-)

    • Michelle

      OMG!!! ur entire household was all for LeBron. In mine, I was always in the defendsive mood. I was told “LeBron not getting any ring” or “HEAT not winning it” . I said watch the games.” U know the funny part of all this is: it wasnt untill HEAT was playing Celtics everybody in my house started watching basketball and all they were doing was cheering AGAINST LeBron . SMH.

  • Mohammad

    Truly remarkable playoff performance man! Loved the attitude you played with this season… Wish you many more rings in the future! Stay hungry ;)

  • Margarita1329

    Your the Star and deserved the Championship, Lebron a great team leader with a great talented team. You were all committed and your love, passion, and hard work was transcend to all your fans. I wish you the best..

  • Michelle

    Now in a more relax tone/manner. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! LEBRON MY NBA HUSBAND. (Ha ha ha that’s what I told my friend u r to me). Whenever u go beasting they posted and tweeted about u alot to me. Sometimes I told them..”yeahhh  I know he can do that. What I want him to do is refocus on his games, play his dang heart out and go for HIS ring”. This season they kept posting me” Your husband is on a mission”. I told them: Heelloo is Savannah husband..y’all need to say “my NBA Husband” lol. And yes he’s started that mission 2010 and got distracted along the way. This time he will and must complete it.” Oooo LeBron when I saw u raised that Larry OBrien Trophy and the Bill Russell Trophy a reflection of what u went through came to me and tears of joy came to my eyes.  U know wat DWADE mannn, he really got ur back ‘Bron. He was sooo unselfish to let u lead his team to victory. Mann.. & the other guys just go where u want them ..huge TEAM EFFORT. The BIG SIDE for me though was that YOU..LeBron..U lead the charge. I am so extremely happy u aint no damn Scotty Pippen. There was no wayyy MJ/BULLS wud have let Pippen lead Bulls like how DWADE?HEAT  allow u to lead HEAT.

  • Brad

    Lebron has dealt with more criticism and pressure than any athlete in history.  To perform at the level he has for the ENTIRE PLAYOFFS with that amount of scrutiny is incredible.  Respect.

  • Fsosodank

    you are greatest!!!!!!!

    your next mission is to be emperor!


    from japan

  • Raymond

    Hey LeBron I just hope you read this. I may not be from Akron to see that your very humble even after the decision I was always a die hard Lebron fan. If i were to ever be able to meet you, it would be a dream come true. If you ever get the chance, please reply. Twitter: realraymondli
    Thanks lebron.

  • Lourdes

    Gongratulation, I knew you will win tonight, i prayed for you and for all the team. Proud of you. Lourdes, Felipe and Paola (your little fan).
    God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Love you and thx so much for sharing!!

  • Bobskillen69

    I like LeBron and am glad he won a title to shut up some of the idiots out there like Skip Bayless. My only problem with him is that he said “I” and “me” much more than “we” or “team” after last night’s victory. That being said. Good job LeBron. More titles are in your future, I am sure of that.

  • LHood7214

     Congratulations….King LeChamp James


    I am waiting for the public apology from the Cavs owner!   Needs to happen!

  • eli0

    i l0ve u !! lebr0n james … g0d blase U

  • Byambajargal14

    That is you deserved James … Thank you again behalf of all your fan’s big hags

  • Waseemlibya17

    YOU ARE AWESOME!! he totally deserves it now the legend has solified his legacy way to go lebron you are the best player in the planet good job hoe there’s man more to come

  • Lawnie

    Congrats Le’bron you deserved it, coming from a one man team to having a team (BIG 3) haters gonna hate but you got the job done and made your dreams come true not many players can say that now a days you played your heat sweat and soul out, I dont doubt youll do it again next year #HeatNation♥

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MPL3QOTXCFTHO5UIIURZLVOHYU Jasmine

    I am so proud of you LBJ I am a huge fan of yours and to see how much you have grown this year has amazed me! You have become so humble and you are working hard as ever. I am soooo Glad you got your ring its your time Lebron Live in it!!!!! GOD BLESS

  • Rosie

    Congrats papi.. Your awesome!!

  • MojoRisin

    You are a coward. You took the short cut and easy way to winning a championship. A real man and a real champion would not have done so. You will forever be a backstabbing coward in your hometown. Enjoy!

  • Trini girl

    We love you LeBron!!!!!!!!! Such a great job! You guys made us proud :)

  • Anthony

    Congratulations Lebron James!!!!!!

  • Lyntonx2

    Cleveland,  Miami idc what team you are greatness Lebron and we ill follow you to any team lol too great congratz on the win it was long time coming n i know yourll  be bringing more hahaa

  • Nadarrius Eckers


  • Suraj Bhumbla

    We Love you LEBRON :D

  • Mrswiz

    Thank you Lebron for making this game exciting to watch again.  I have been on my knees praying everyday for you and the Miami Heat.  Give God the Glory and enjoy enjoy rejoice rejoice!  God Bless you and your family now enjoy them.  You all deserve it.

  • Rcl218

    James, you have always been a champ. We have always believed in you. Keep the faith.Congratulations!

  • Josh90op

    Bro!  Appreciate the humbleness, the Thanks and returned love!   Also I gotta give a HUGE thanks for giving us that rekindle as to why we love the sport so much!!  Sad to see it end but happy for the result!  Congrads once again to you and your team Champ!!

  • Synai

    I couldn’t ask for a better ending. I’ve been rooting for you since I first saw you on Oprah with Savannah several years ago. I think you were still 22. It’s been one wild roller coaster, but you did it! Go Heat! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001522381056 Andrew Shadda


    I’ve always been a fan of yours since when you came into the NBA. You and Dwyane have been my favorite players to watch and admire. I hope you do well in the future

  • Valeria Mindel

    You are the best!

  • Kristhian Yap

    Hi there king james can i have a fan sign with my name thank you very much and congrats, job well done…

  • Atsew!

    I m happy for your success man, A GREAT MAN never stays down, you were hated but because u kept on going now You are a hero! I m proud of u!

  • Jsama620

    no thank u LBJ for bringing da trophy back to miami. u deserve it. another one next year ???  lol  enjoy king

  • Angelo

    Your a champ Lebron!!

  • Sri

    Hard Work, Patience and perseverance paid off once again…
    Go Lebron…. Keep up the Heat!!!

  • LeBron

    He promised 8 championships.

  • Philbin Anita

    Congrats Lebron and the Team. So proud of you all. You especially Lebron, You have come a long way and it is defenitely rewarding and will continue to be in the years to come. Be a good father, patner, son and basketball player and friend and you will be able to continue your lifetime dream.YOU ARE A FLORIDIAN !!!!!!!   HOORAH!!!!!!!!  Sincerely Pembroke Pines Florida.

  • Yoshida

    Congrats to LeBron!  I am a very, very happy and proud fan! This championship win is a delicious smite to the immature and the jealous who constantly commented on everything LeBron said or did.  I am enjoying the sudden “silence”…

  • jafsen

    Congratulations LeBron you deserved it, stayed up all night watching the game on my computer from Sweden!!
    Lets get it next year to! 

  • Kitz

    He is a very different guy i used to see in the past…..more mature…..more toughness…..more humble….more leadership and more like a team guy…..he said he played very selfish last year in the Finals…and this year he changed his style and his character….and he is well-deserved to be named Finals MVP! gotta love him!

  • http://twitter.com/Mr_Fogy_GF Sean Waters

    I am happy that you got the first one. As much as I wanted it to be in Cleveland…I understand. Now all I need is for you to go on ESPN and smack the taste out of the tap dancing Chris Broussard and the weasel Skip Bayless. Not because they were haters, but because they act like they could do better. With Skips basketball history, ESPN should be ashamed to show him. Best of luck next year and on the road to the Hall of Fame

  • Fab namba

    Thanx LEBRON …we never stop BELIEVING in you… We just WITNESSED GREATNESS with y’all all season long !! 

  • Nagi Musid.

    LeBron James your the man. You deserve the championship more than any one in the nba. Have a great summer. Bro your my favorite NBA player. And I hope someday I become like you.

  • DjLes

    LeBron for president!!!!!!:)))

  • http://twitter.com/joshuaes14 Joshua Ruanes

    LeBron, simply amazing… I’m happy seeing you wearing that champion’s hat. Go for more titles! this is just the start! :) ~from Philippines

  • Geisha and Marcus

    Hi labron I was so happy for you I cried, me and my fiancé live in the Bahamas , my beautiful island u visited many times before and am sure u wil be here before the summer is out. I can’t tell you how excited and so happy my fiancé is today he was a fan of yours from your first day in the nba . Just want to say god bless you my love and keep shining. Hold your head up high u deserve it, don’t mind the nay sayers and the haters , keep believing in your self and in god because there’s nothing that god can’t do. This is your time , this is your season.

    Lots of love from the Bahamas !!!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UJXLNWVIZPZW6BDK3DP43HWQPE sameer

    Congrats Bron!!!! I feel like I won the championship, Fan Forever!!!

  • Mgrimes174

    you are the man. point, blank, period.

  • Dirtyd5959

    i never enjoyed a game as much as i enjoyed game 5. it was great. good job i loved seeing all the happiness and smile. victory is sweet.

  • Jose Arturo

    Hi Lebron, and Team Lebron. I love your quote you made to team to motivate them with no excuses, but I forgot the first half of it… ” Don’t feel , feel exhausted!” I think that quote is inspirational for anything you apply yourself in life. Congratulations, well deserved!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1582551960 Sacdia Tigey

    iam so happy to see lebron win this T no matter what  they said last year
    congrts lebron  james

  • Sarahjanequesada

    i started  idolized lebron james when he was in high school. Until now, i make trouble to those haters of lebrom james..

  • SimplyB.

    Awwwww I’m soooo happy for you Bron…you truly deserved that ring!!!!! Love ya from Cleveland!!!!

  • Tfowle7

    Congratz, LeBronasaurus!!!

  • Ddleddd

    Aww lebron you are such a champion!!! I love u

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001732888767 Ivonne Marin

    It was a pleasure to see you this year drop the haters on their butts. Remeber to FLASH-
    Sir Charles your ring next time you see him hanging around ESPN……so how many more of your fingers deserve a ring????? Be well……Angel-Eve- T & D Marin of Miami

  • Aaron Roderick

    Lebron I Love u lol.Not only did u beat OKC u beat the world.U proved all your haters wrong.I been with u since day 1 and To watch u hold those trophies up meant everything to me . U grew up and made the transition right before our eyes.u r a positive man and a great remodel ,you r Basketball. Congratulations KING JAMES

  • Goce

    Let’s WIN again Lebron in the next season. Wouldn’t be that great.
    I supported you and chanted for Miami for the whole season in 3 AM far from Macedonia.
    See you all guys again in the finals next year.
    This team is one of the best in history.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brett.krevoy Brett Krevoy

    So proud of you LeBron!  As a die hard Miami Heat fan I have to say, you, D. Wade, Chris, Rio, U.D., Battier, Miller, Norris, Joel, and the rest of the team truly made this year special.  We felt your pain last year and now we get to enjoy the bliss with you, thanks to you!  Miami will forever be grateful to have you as one of its stars.  God bless and let’s go get another one next year!  See you at the parade!  #HeatNation  #KingJamesMVP

  • cant-hate–no-more

    LBJ – you and your team played the Haterade out of me… can’t wait to see your post moves next season!!

  • Step-Lite

    Congratulations Lebron to you and the Miami Heat team for your championship.  Always on team Lebron, you worked hard and accomplished your goal….look forward to watching you win many more championships.  Again congrats you deserve it…..Love ya

  • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.delgado.376 Melissa Delgado

    You deserve it you played your heart out. You are a team player and not a blamer you respect your team mates and never point fingers. I must say your professional and never distasteful even when we all knew the calls were inappropriate. You are humble and acknowledge that everyone made a team effort. Your smile last night was amazing. We are proud to have you in Miami. Enjoy the glory it is rightfully yours you  earned it.

  • Idris

    Love youu too Lebron

  • cr8zzyboy

    Lebron you are the best ever. You are my role model

  • MJohnson

    Game by Game, Lebron Truly Inspired a Generation! My Congrats to you and your Family Lebron! You Truly are the People’s Champion!!

  • Justinjguevara

    LeBron we are gonna get more. DOnt worry this is not even starting yet

  • Krystal

    Lebron in my opinion is the best all around player! Def deserves this ring &mvp! Golebronjames!

  • JazzySalsa

    I’ve been a admirer since your high school days and this championship win is just a promise fulfilled.  Congrats to the Miami Heat Org.

  • Junimejia

    Man this Guy Is incredible people just do not understand the pressure and the criticisim that comes with the talent he has.

    True heart of a champion!!!

  • Robin Rodriguez1083

    BRON BRON!!!

  • http://twitter.com/MandyBaldwin82 Mandy Baldwin

    Yes – let’s do it again, and again, and again…haha.  Just like Jadakiss – the champ is here!  Welcome back, Bron and congrats once again! :)

  • Lheicuevas

     grats Lebron! gratz Heat ! 


  • Zeroblock79

    you will be a legend bron..

  • WellINever

    Bron, thanks.  Glad you dropped out of FB; what a focus!!!
    We’ve got unconditional love for you.  Nice adjusting, 

  • Pablo

    Congratulations for your NBA championship!! Enjoy it!! All of your fans hope you win allot more so that you can shut up haters! You are the best and enjoy all your awards with your family and teammates.. Do what you think is right! Congrats MVP!! 

  • http://twitter.com/HedyHed hedy hed

    Congratulation for u victory Lebron!!! I want this cap “Miami champions 2012″!! Where can i find it in France?!?!? Luv u lebron u the best “We not disappoint our fans!”

  • Dwayne Wade

    i love you 

  • Ducksgirl

    I’ve always liked LeBron.  He’s not only a great athlete, he also has a good personality, good character and strong values.  I like the way he carries himself.  I like the way he treats his mother, his fiance, and his children.  He is serious, hard-working, and refreshingly honest and candid. 

    Congratulations, LaBron, on finally getting your championship ring.  And may you have many more.  You are so talented and so fun to watch.  Thank you for all that you do.

  • Denzel Dion

    Congrats King James!! you really deserved to be in this position. We, your fans, got your back any day man!!! we don’t care whatever people say about you or about your team just as long as we capture that championship!!! throughout the whole season, a fans, we stayed together and believed in your capabilities as a player. I remained silent with whatever people said about you, but now that you are a champion, LeBron fans are just so happy for you. We learned a lot from you as a basketball player, and as a person more than anything else. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from you, and this is the thing that keeps me standing to fight for YOU! I just love the way you play, i love the way you carry yourself, and man…i love your professionalism! Hopefully, we could this next season!! WE TRUST YOU MAN! win or lose, we’ll be together with you. Thanks for getting that crown, and seize the moment!!! You’ll be our KING whatever happens! – Denzel (Philippines)…wanna join the Miami Party lol

  • Phil330

    Bron.. Shout out from a (Firestone) Park 
    (Akron) boy living  in H-Town, brah. Wish you could have done it at home, but then again, I had to leave Akron to make a living for myself and my family. Keep on representing your God given talents and home by winning Championships. Whether the haters will admit it or not we’re ALL proud of you and love you. Long live the King!!

  • David and Sara

    We are very much fans of yours.  We see how real and gifted you are.  And, we live outside of Akron!  You are not forgotten here in your hometown.  God bless you, and may you be a blessing to God as well.

  • http://twitter.com/chelseaandsean chelsea osandu

    I love you LeBron!!! You deserved to win and your such a strong person. Don’t listen to all the haters who call you selfish ( not many people do anyway). Whats important is that you made a decision of your own so you can accomplish your own made goal. I’m so proud of you, I never lost faith in you. To be honest, ever since you entered the NBA, my favorite team has been whatever team you were on. Thats how great you are :D

    Love your number one fan

  • http://twitter.com/chelseaandsean chelsea osandu

    You are officially King James :D

  • Roxier59

    love my king James

  • Roxier59

    never never listen to the hater..your the king triple MVP 1st ring and 7more to come

  • Choloth

    I love you Lebron James. From Cebu, Philippines! You inspired me to be a good in everything i do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adorduna Anthonel De Leon Orduña

    You’re one if not the greatest athlete who ever played the sport James. Thanks for keeping your feet on the ground in spite of your greatness. Congratulations! God bless you.

  • Noel

    Congrats, man! 

    – from Rockso Records International and Twenty-Five Eight UltraMedia

  • dzulueta

    Mr. James, congratulations to you and the enitre team, thank you all for the dedication & hard work you’ve done. MIAMI # 1! 

  • angel

    like like like ,, i really love , lebron james and also miami heat we love u so much :) ))

  • Pattzhaven

    lebron you did your thanggggg! 

  • JB

    I’m from Cleveland and those of us from there have a strong commitment to the city. A lot of individuals moved on from the city for better opportunities. I was one of those individuals that was upset that LeBron left Cleveland.  LeBron was the hope for our city, which year after year fell short of winning a championship. Just as I do what is best for my family, LeBron has the right to do what is best for his family. The growth as a person and a professional athlete that LeBron has soon this year is something to admire. From one city of Cleveland fan I say to you LeBron congratulations on all that you have accomplished this year.


  • Kingkean

    go lebron . . . .

  • Sexie_andie86

    Hi LJ i’m so happy u finally made it and to the entire team.At first i just support miami bec of ur coach erik espoesltra a reason that he is a filipino as well. I never judge u of what u show in front of the cameras bec i know people like u has a very good heart inside than those other athletes who’s being so nice in front of other people. Anyway.. Keep it up.. stay humble.. don’t mind those haters, bec hater’s is just a spice added in our life.. Kudos  Miami Heat and kudos to ur coach erik i really admired that man..he’s cute hehe ! and

  • Karin Frazão

    Lebron, me and my son, Vinícius, love you… We always believe you… Congratulations! You”re unbelievable!!!

  • Pat Miller

    Congrats to LeBron….thoughts and prayers are to you and your family in this time of celebration and excitement.  Stay grounded..and you will succeed!  Your friend Pat Miller 938 Champagne Avenue Bowling Green, Ohio 43402….Best wishes.

  • GFan:)

    wow. whats up with that shirt

  • Aljizer

    We are so proud of you LeBron… Congrats on your 1st Ring…. Good job.. We all know what you can do in the court.. we believe you.. more power Mr.James… =) 

  • David

    Hi, I’m from el Salvador, I`m happy for LeBron , is a big athleta and he works very hard for this championship ……..congratulations to LeBron and the Heat, ……. We are the champions!!!

  • kaye


  • Levingston13


  • LIZA

    King James is my CHAMPION and thats it

  • Chris

    I am as happy as you are LeBron, I’ve been through it all with you. Congratulations! You made me happy

  • http://twitter.com/donte_booker donte booker

    Congrats! Proud of you and the team!

  • Sean997

    Congratulations Lebron and the whole Miami Heat team. Don’t listen to the haters. Live your life the way you want to live it. #LebronNBAchampion

  • Jamesadrian

    that!s MVP finals and season

  • http://twitter.com/ELQUIQUE17 Enrique Nazario

    congrats man!!!! you are number one!!!!!! since day one!!!!! GOD BLESS U!

  • http://twitter.com/jsnow45 Jay

    Congrats to ya #miamiheat team. Yal as a whole only had to prove urselves dat coming together as a TEAM was da ryte thing for u all personally bc it brought the Miami heat organization da 2012 NBA title. It was/is personal for you n u got bak to wat u know THE LOVE OF DA GAME. It bought u bak to wat u know best jus playing n letting ya game do the talking. Great win. Never wake up from ya dream bc its a reality of greatness

  • Papisdog

    DON  just want to say thanks lebron for being you….finally a champ, congrats…raised in the same akron neighborhood on may st….im real proud of lebron

  • Gmollyg

    I’m sharing it with you from Toledo, Ohio…yay!!  Oh yea, you still have a lot of die hard fans here. Been with you from the start, angry they didn’t get u some help, glad you made the move, sad you didn’t do it last year, but now i’m CELEBRATING with you…..

  • Vonstyle17

    King James you are an inspiration to us all! No matter what happens in life you can always look in the mirror and say you can do better in whatever arena you are in.  I thank you for coming to Miami for bringing our city a championship it has been along time coming!! May God continue to bless you!

  • Gmollyg

    I’m strong believer in the biblical verse; All things work together for good!  This all happened in Gods time.  It’s all falling into place, You stepped up for Travon Martin, You’re a Champion and you’re getting married.  May God keep you healthy and strong and guide you through your next faze!!!  

  • Matt

    You keep going Lebron nobody can stop you keep the confidence and win another one.  I know you can.

  • Paulcutgwapo

    you are th best lebron

  • Jean5402

    Blessing and Praise to God for your frist ring Lebron and many more to come.

  • ms. brown

    we(330) love u 2! U R a CHAMPION & deserve to b in the conversation of the all time greats! CONGRADS, on a job well done!

  • lebronisking

    after all he went through… you gotta respect this guy for blocking everything out and playing his games. Never asked for anything from anyone, just wanted to prove he is one of the best to ever play. From highschool to now he has been the most scrutinized athlete in sports PERIOD… and now he lives up to all the expectations…. thats just a feel good story for all of us

  • Sgivans22

    I was Praying for you..

  • http://www.facebook.com/csouts Carolyn Soutar

    We LOVE you Lebron..keep positive..Miami HEAT..stand up!! Well deserved win!!

  • http://twitter.com/heat4champ marcos vera

    world champs!

  • Qileishi

    King’s back,we need more.Let’s go heat!!!

  • Jordan

    Lebron you are the best!! I love the way you play and congrats on the championship now go get so more!!! Show them haters was good

  • DatBoiBeastN

    you Da Mann! Bron haha!

  • Flores Dhan

    hey lebron im dan from the philippines… youre my idol… i like you as a player and  as a person…. i wnt to meet you someday… congrats…..

  • DatBoiBeastN

    you too swagger out these losers & suckas hate Greatness. I Loved you since the first time I seen you in high school just like Shaq. You & The Heat keep Ballin Homey! I just bout the Championship Bundle! 2 Bad y’all can’t autograph my towel. For J. Seay Concord Ca. Peace Out. Parade Day Next!!!

  • Kezo_ozek

    never judge a book by its cover! hahaa congratulations LJ !

  • Geebee

    Congrats LBJ! So happy for your accomplishments!  Keep up the good work and don’t let nobody bring you down.  You’ve worked so hard to get to where you’re at  :) Go HEAT!

  • http://twitter.com/DeshawnCollier2 Deshawn Collier

    u for real bro

  • Cheryl Thomas-Hughes

    Miami loves you too LEBRON!!! Continue to stay focus on the POSITIVE and don’t worry about the CRITICS!! That’s their job… try to discourage and make people lives miserable but who cares! They’re just voicing their OPINIONS (and we know what they are like! LOL!!!) Congrats and great game! Thanks for helping put us BACK ON THE MAP in basketball!!! Three Kings!!! Yes!! Can you feel the HEAT down in your soul….. I CAN!! Miami Heat… WE CAN’T BE BEAT!!!!

  • Wgm3622

    lebron james — the best player in the world!
    hope you get more rings in the following years!

    a fan from Chengdu, China

  • The Fat Cat of Wadsworth

    You wear that ring everywhere you go and you make sure your face itches so people have to see that ring on your finger.  Thank you for finally shutting up the Bath haters I work for who only root for you to fail because you have more than they do.  Today my food tasted better, my music sounded better, and they couldn’t say a thing.  Growing up in Akron this is the first time in my 32 years that I got to feel like the fan of an actual world champion, thank you.  Hope you get to celebrate this with your family for a while before you cap this summer with the gold.

  • Mary_ulisito


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1721303629 David E. Jennings

    HATTERS HATTERS HATTERS…..HATE YOURSELVES FOR HATTING THE BEST TEAM IN BASKETBALL AND THE BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME TODAY. The facts speak for themselves the Heat won hands down,quit blaming the Ref’s,Stern,the shorten season,and buying a championship. Fools and Looser’s rely on excuses. I’m from Ohio…Just sayin… Congrats to the Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champs. See you next year same place same time hopefully enjoy the moment.

  • Moviejets

    No Lebron. Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518108665 MinWeezy Celiz

    ur da Man lebron james!!!! 2 mvp title in 1 season!!!! wtg!!!! congratulations!!!! :D

  • Tisk

    You deserve it Lebron stay humble!!!You are a Champion!!!

  • Naazhafez

    thank you for a all the great games you played. love ya

  • Todd young

    Congrats King James You did it and made all of your fans proud

  • http://twitter.com/TheRealNobody Christian|TRN

    You’ve given the NBA, your teams, your teammates, and your family ALL of you from the very beginning, LeBron. People forget just how young you were doing the things you were doing out there, astonishing an entire league and generation of basketball fans. The mistakes were minor, and you sincerely apologized for things that I felt needed no apology. Those who know you best, know how true you are as an individual, a man, and a superstar. Selfless, humble, respectful, honorable, and chosen indeed. I’ve been a devoted fan of yours since St. Vs-St. Ms, and you have lived up to everything I could have held you to. What amazes me more is that you can still get better, and that just goes to show how God has blessed you to lead. I couldn’t be more proud of you, or happy for you, LeBron. Continue to play with Love, continue to amaze, and continue to inspire. God bless you, King. #MVP #NBAFinalsMVP and #NBAChampion – nothing else to prove. Just play.

  • Roming Thalop

    congratulations! ur the best player in the world! Just strive for greatness no one can tell u want u cant do! Don’t worry abt the haters hating! Just have joy. Will always support you! Win a championship next year! You and D wade the perfect duo;)

  • Ramjet0770

    From a Clevelander responding to criticism over being a Heat fan:  Rooting for Lebron and the
    Miami Heat does NOT show disloyalty to Cleveland. That’s a misplaced sensibility that is embraced by the
    haters.  Lebron finished his contract with the Cavs and moved on – it’s
    as simple as that.  The haters need
    to stop behaving like an angry, spurned lover and they too need to move
    on. If the haters weren’t so preoccupied, they would be happy that one
    of their own has reached new heights, even if it wasn’t in his hometown.
    So, cheer on Lebron and the Heat as NBA Champs, and
    if anyone criticizes you as a disloyal Clevelander, tell them that you’re not that
    narrow-minded; that you’ve moved on and you’re not a hater.

  • Brendenboyd

    AAHHH! greatest playoff run EVER! every second of my time i spent watching and cheering was well worth it, props to lebron and the heat for taking it home this year

  • Kingjames

    Congrats Lebron! You have definitely deserved to be a NBA Champion!

  • George Kaspiris

    Miami and Lebron. One of the best basketball seasons and playoff runs
    for any player to ever play this game. Historic, epic…no words
    actually to describe this year for Lebron, especially when you consider
    that no one has ever played under this type of pressure in any sport.

  • Gefren s. Paleracio

    youre amazing!! i like your mindset..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Hudgins/1002962541 Kathy Hudgins

    He is #1 in my books! I am so happy for you Lebron, you so deserve the championship and the MVP/ 

  • JuanInMiami

    Dear Lebron,

     You are still selfish. Me, Me, I, I. You won a ring, try it without Wade next time…

    • TEWONNA WILLIAMS@bronbron28

      shut up! hater go find u something to do! u better be glad i can’t cuss on here! why u even on his site, that goes to show people what i been saying, haters follow harder than fans or the nation! PUNK!!!!

  • RPM2424

    Yo tell your boy Bosh to stop acting like a Hmo.


    I thought this was fake, guess not.

  • ivana

    congratulations lebron, u deserve it, u worked for it

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001361498665 Keenan Teasley


  • Deidrejthomas

    Congrads my brother! I’ve been rocking with you since you came in the league. Almost cried to see you so happy last night. You are truly blessed. Stay humble!

  • GoHEAT

    Love him Hate him,..who cares?..as long as He do his job with passion and love,.nothing can stop him,.LBJ ur The best..

  • Tristan_rules

    RING FOR A KING! Congrats

    One of the most deserving champions ever!

  • Shamie MB

    I like you LEBRON!!! :) You’re so humble. I’m very happy that your team won the CHAMPIONSHIP :) Keep it up. 

  • mickel

    well done well done..im so proud of yu man…its so hard when the world is against yu and yu have to prove them  wrong and yu just did….well done james

  • Jayc_gardner

    LBJ we love ya and you are a real champ on and off the court!!!! For you to handle all the haters and still be proffesional and a roll model to the youth(next generation) i thank you. Everyone wants to compare you to mike but i think you got his air and moves and magics power and talent!! your the man and keep doing it bro!!! share the wealth though and give me job :) jayc_gardner@comcast.net hahaha

  • http://twitter.com/IAmSeanDerrick Sean Derrick Blanco

    Just remember Bron every year is our year every season is our season  and every championship is our championship…More Nba Titles to come!!!

  • http://twitter.com/IAmSeanDerrick Sean Derrick Blanco

    Since 2003 damn i say this man will be a champion not once not twice not thrice but as he can!!! Since 2003 i am a WITNESS of his glory!!! This man LeBron has a HEART OF A CHAMPION!!!



  • Josh C

    Just wanted to say congrats LeBron, proud of you for keeping your head up and fighting through the adversity. This is the first of many, keep puttin’ in work! 

  • http://twitter.com/IAmSeanDerrick Sean Derrick Blanco

    I think 6 or 10 championships  would be enough for LeBron

  • Frank

    Can’t think of someone more deserving than you Lebron. I’ve been rooting for you since you came to my Heat and if you ever feel down or feel like you need inspiration, think of all your fans. We always have your back.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CG4JOPKZUV5RPNCCI4FD34DUHA QUEEN


  • Jonathan

    Lebron I have been a fan since you were in cleveland I am from West Virginia I think you are a very awesome player and you just have an awesom e team now D wade Chris Bosh and you are tops  go get em again next year

  • TM

    I was really happy to see you finally put it all together this season. I’ve been a fan for a long time and I really sad when you left Cleveland, but I understand. You looked like a new man in these play offs! I don’t know about anyone else, but i’m certainly proud to say you’re from Ohio. Congrats Lebron!

  • Syttonk

    Yeah Baby looks like my Boy finally gets his long deserved Ring  with more to come. Go Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions  Some laughed at us last year , but look who is laughing now. Congratulations Mr Lebron Mr Wade and of course Mr Bosh and the whole Miami Heat team & Organization also congrats Mr Bosh with your new baby.
    Again Congratulations Miami Heat NBA Dream Team Champions 2012 you guys are the bomb

  • Harder_03

    hey, bron bron! great job! i’ve always known you’ll get that championship someday! and yeah! you did! good job! it’s all about the right time, maturity, hard work and determination with pure heart. great job for you! now, you can enjoy that championship, hope to see you soon again in that stage!:) God bless!:) i’m your filipino fan!;)

  • Mikediddy

    Michael Jordan said and other NBA great when lebron was 16 he is going to be a champion one day. Great job lebron James. You prove to the world. A kid with no father in his life, with a lovein mother, that dreams are possible,grown now and a real father and the best in the NBA today! MVP. PS. In 2k12 I’m the guy that made the high school Allstars team with your high school colors. On the Xbox. Its a fan face on NBA 2k12. I know you got the next cover. Iceymike2009 Xbox id. One luv cuz

  • Athan_38

    Job well done … Heat team….

  • Previlus Julien

    congrat LBJ!
    ypou are the best ever


  • Julien

    Congratilation to you LBJ you the best !

  • Aileen Paris

    congratz! to the real king..nobody can put a good man down..long live LBJ

  • http://twitter.com/J36058559 勒小J

    I‘m a Chinese!I’m your fans.我是你的粉丝!LBJ!I love you

  • Stephanie Hyde

    Hello Champ I imagined you wakeing up, saying it was not just a dream, but reality. It’s about dam time you’re finaly geting a ring. God bless you,your team & your coach. Also Congrats! on maintaining your character through it all. God knows your heart so what others think is null&void. Enjoy your Win, from a die hard fan & friend. Fans will be looking forward to seeing you & your team doing it again. The HEAT is a class act. 4 EVER A FAN / Stephanie Hyde

  • parisianalyanna

    Congratz!..the real king has come..long live LBJ.. haters can never put you down..

  • fanfan

    Huge respect for your great attitude and humility, as well as your dedication to the game.  You earned it!

  • Bill Campbell

    Congratulations LeBron on your first NBA Championship !    BILL  C.  -  St. Vincent Class of 1963.

  • Bootleg305
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1522203654 Kendra Brown Lebronsnewwife

    I love u soooo much lebron im very happy for u and all of your accomplishments keep ur head up and continue to shine my love and lets do this agian next year #teamlebron

  • Ochko

    You are best lebron i’m your fan from mongolian We Love you From Mongolians HEy Lebron I have a Questions Have you come Mongolia just think about this We Are all Open For You Mongolians !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Val14_flores

    well deserved championship! hope you get it again next year! Prove them LBJ!

  • Val14_flores

    I mean prove them wrong LBJ! *

  • http://www.facebook.com/roberto.claudioiii Roberto Luis Claudio III

    The best player in the world right now!

  • LewisThird74

    Congratulations to you on your first NBA title….one down,and many more to go.  It has been a long journey for you.  You’ve earned that title, and don’t let nobody tell you otherwise.  Play hard and GOD BLESS.

  • Charmel3128

    You see guys I have told it before when the Dallas beat Miami, Heat will return with pride and a humble team like LeBron James to meet his goal for being Champion!… I was glad that he make it! 

  • Aaron

    Been a fan for a long time Lebron. Awesome work and congratulations!

  • Charmel3128

    they are all good looking man!

  • http://www.facebook.com/octavia.davison.simon Octavia KingJames Davison

    Greatest player in the game right now!!! Keep up the good work. I’ve been a fan since your hs days and I’ll always be a fan til the end. I love you King James and hopefully we can repeat or even three peat LOL!!! Congrats, and I can’t wait til you get put in the Hall Of Fame. That championship will no longer be the best day of your life. Lol, being a part of history will. Keep up the good work man. (Octavia Davison, your #1 fan ;) )

  • Juniper

    Congratulations!   I hope you choke on the ring.  Or do you only choke in Cleveland??  LJ will never even be in the same league as MJ.   The best thing LJ could do for basketball is leave South Beach and keep going south!!  How about Haiti….no, they have suffered enough.  At least there is a BIG asterisk next to this shortened season.   

  • sean

    http://www.reverbnation.com/c/fr5/artist_352144?eid=A352144_13150058_LEBRON JAMES MVP. CONGRATS, WE ARE CHAMPIONS.

  • Irenetshims

    love you to lebron ,,,this is you’re time i made a party for you at home

  • Hayd_vill

    congratulations Lebron and the whole team of MIAMI HEAT!:-)

  • Bernard-Michael

    I am so proud of you Lebron you deserved it. We the fans Love you too. It’s always been a joy watching you play since 03. I’ve been a fan of yours since 03 and I always will be. God Bless champ

  • Papote172

    I always. Been a lebron fan since he was in Cleveland never lost faith on him yes he had his. Up and downs like everyone. Else but in the end it was worthy… Saludos from P.R.

  • http://youtube.com/dictiontv Diction

     Lebron congrats on your 1st Ring bra… you a beast on that court mayne, and a great leader a season!! I was so tired of hearing what haters had to say about you, Im glad they can finally shut their mouth and let the Kings reign !! My name is Diction, I’m a rising rap artist on the grind , and a fan of your game as   well. So I made this lil anthem for you bro. its called “Lebron James” Get at me ..H-Town to Miami stand up for them Champion Heat!!  God Bless you brother..enjoy!!  http://youtu.be/GjIuv0dBdwE

  • Slm325

    Proud of YOU and the Heat!!!! Let’s go get some Gold.

  • wals

    bro u deserved it its a slope on a hill congs

  • Tom4days

    I am a die-hard Cavs fan and miss having the greatest player in today’s game on my team.  Congratulations James.  Not everyone from cleveland has forgotten or stopped appreciating the exciting years you gave us to root for the C’s.  We still love you and are so happy for you and your family.

  • Fullyhope

    Congrats on the win!  I’m happy that you’re finally at peace.  Thank you for reminding us that regardless of what others think of you……..what counts is who you see when you look in the mirror.  Much RESPECT!!

  • bk

    Lebron, by no means does everybody in cleveland hate.most understand your move and forget “the conference” we get that too. Everybody was upset because we lost you, and that’s what we looked forward to during those Akron and Cleveland snow nights by the tv.we got to watch brilliance ever night.ya Ya Gilbert was mad for the same reason and his pocket book took a hit. However with Kyrie Andy some buddy studs and the position we are in in the next 2 drafts.come back.cleveland loves you more than you know,their just upset but would except you back as their hero once again.the pieces will be here for you to get you Jordan titles and maybe more.due what it takes to get back her next year.we will forgive and so will Dan.heres to 6 championships in Akron// cleveland.there is no way Miami can keep a team together to even guarantee one more.Cleceland can and will.congrats on you ring.i watched you develope and earn it.Bring it home my friend and you will go down as the greatest of all time.not a journey man getting a ring here and there.cavs are set to give you the surrounding talent and th FA they r looking at..You would win the hearts of the world if you came back. With a better chance.sign a 10 yr.get some ownership and you will live to be a happy old man BK from C-town

  • Kresthine

    I love you James ;) )))

  • Maricarenciso

    People may hate, rate and break you, But dont let it affect you, its how you stand up, is what makes you…kingjames forever<3<3<3

  • Djhammond20

    I have been one of your biggest critics over the years. “The Decision,” previous fails, Etc, fueled my hate talk. Lauren, a good friend of mine, is a huge fan of yours and we have had many heated discussions about you and basketball. That being said, I am a huge sports fan and love seeing greatness…and sir, what you did this year was greatness. “James does not perform when the game is on the line,” “Selfish,” “can’t hit the game winning shot,” are some of the thing I have said over the year…and boy did you prove that the above quotes to be false statements!! You really took your game to a new level, on and off the floor. You are a role model of greatness. Great job on winning the title, and silencing critics like me. #TitleOne

  • Shamari5

    Hi lebron i am big bigest fan of u i love you i cry when i see u left the nba championship i live in a little country caLl st.kitts i am so glad u get your ring and my team is the champs keep up the good work love shamari. James. Aka sha love u guys see u in 2013

  • djhannah(loveradio-gsc)

    It’s indeed a dream come true to you Lebron. God Bless you in your career. In Jeremiah 29:11 says the Lord “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future!” YOU ONCE had a DREAM, and NOW IT’S HERE… :)

  • Kinkson

    Are you going to Shanghai China on October?? I just want to take a photo with you…

  • Lori 1232

    best player in the world and here goes the first ring go go king.

  • http://twitter.com/METSmeetsChloe Michael Eumir Stein

    nice lebron….from high school to NBA finally you got it

  • JoAnn Jones

    Sending blessings from your Akron
    Family. Grandma Lanier is so proud of you. We have always been in your corner. Always put God first. We are so proud of the Man you have become. Love and God Bless you.

  • mr21

    love you bron from Philippines!!

  • Alex GTD

    Man .. I couldn’t be happier for you .. you truly are one of the greatest players of all time .. and the greatest player in The NBA now .. 

    You really deserve it .. you really do.. hard work and dedication do pay off one day .. 

    I am glad that you don’t pay attention to all the haters and you do what you do best !!

    The ring is finally yours .. you`re a CHAMPION !! 

    Keep it up and win some more 

    Peace from Romania !!

  • iyazu


  • Vinay Tewathia

    Lebron James, you are the most deserving player in the history of this game for that title you just won….Man, I’m from Toronto, supporting your movement from 8 years ago, I fought a lot of battles to a lot of haters, I just want you to know how gratifying it is to finally say your a CHAMPION. I always felt like, by the time it’s all said and done, you’ll be the greatest ever!
    Shout out to D Wade, CB and the rest of the Heat squad. Can’t wait until next season to see ya’ll do this again. Madd respect to Lebron James answering all these critics, haters and people who don’t have the slightest clue about basketball! LBJ all Day!

  • Brandonfincher13

    congrats lebron yur #1 fan brandon

  • Joe Neville

    Congrats lebron you are on top of the world and i hope you stay there forever! but we still miss you in Cleveland.

  • Hello-Akron.blogspot.com

    Hi LeBron,
    I started a blog for my family and friends in Akron/Canton area and the first posting is about you and starts with this quote:  “Son, you outgrew my lap, but never my heart.”  Author Unknown. 
    I would like to post a photo of you on the blog…that is if you approve and can send me one.  The blog address is http://www.Hello-Akron.blogspot.com.
    Gods Blessings, Debra  

  • http://www.facebook.com/mcghee57 Kris Mcghee

    these clowns are stupid…….A.H’S

  • Erikludaway

    Congrats to Lebron! Happy that the nay sayers are finally off your back. The criticism that your fans took is nothing compared to what you had to deal with but we never stopped believing! Ohio is proud and stand by the “King” 

  • Mixmastercalvin

    Congrats KingJames and the Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champs.
    Don’t watch the noise watch the sale.

  • Jjallison5

    Your not the only player on the team.

  • Mallen4

    You da man LeBron. Congrats on the championship, well earned by you and your teammates. Can’t wait for next year!

  • Seth

    I watched the game and you are my favorite player on the team!  I am eight years old and I now have one of your jerseys. I am happy that you won the championship against the Thunder.  You are my favorite team.  You are a great player and the best I know.
    You are the greatest,

  • Chariots7

    All the haters can go jump now!
    Nothing left for the king to prove.
    League MVP, Finals MVP. NBA Championship
    The 1st of many.
    Long reign King James!!!!
    Woo hoo..

  • Dominiclacour

    Congrats LBJ well deserved, the crown fits you well. YOU ARE NOW WATCHING THE THRONE!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/glass.merovingean Glass Merovingean

     i’m so proud of you L CONGRATS KEEP BEING FOCUSED I’ll do the same at virginia union this year
    hit me on facebook glass merovingean or instagram @ roxtarglass

  • Mfield1974

    I gotta say Mr. James that I am now a fan. You handled the pressure this year with humility and class. Your game did the talking all year. Congratulations on the title and I am looking forward to next year.

  • yje

    congrats LeBron you did a great job on winning the title with all that stats and with Dwayne and Chris and also with the best bench players who helped you to get the trophy.. CONGRATULATIONS MIAMI HEAT 2012 CHAMPIONS

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QVNJ3SL6VHLVMJXAKQPBIGEMBY The Bobman


    Lebron James “Going Deep”  LOL   The King has his ring…

  • Hello-Akron.blogspot.com

    “Son, you outgrew my lap, but never my heart.”  Author Unknown

  • mummilulu

    :)  KING JAMES MAN!!!!

  • Jewceetales2

    Congrats to you KING JAMES and the Entire Miami Heat Organization!   I can’t get enough of watching the game!  So exciting to see you and your team mates put on a Basketball Clinic in the final game! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QVNJ3SL6VHLVMJXAKQPBIGEMBY The Bobman

    From a Magic Fan… Well deserved Lebron! Congratulations from Orlando

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QVNJ3SL6VHLVMJXAKQPBIGEMBY The Bobman

    From a Magic Fan… Well deserved Lebron! Congratulations from Orlando

  • Pedro Fabian Diaz

    Congratualtions, Champion.  Well deserved, well fought, well earned.  Savor the moment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.c.mcnalley James C. McNalley

    Great run LeBron, best I have ever seen in my lifetime. You have finally taken away the last argument that all the haters had. If you are a true fan of the sport and respect the game of basketball then you have to respect what you have just accomplished. Congrats Go Heat

  • Kcconnorlang

    Way to go Lebron! Although I miss you in Cleveland, I’m glad you won your first championship. You are a true champion! The growth you’ve shown this last year on a personal level is what I admire the most about you, it was clear years ago what an amazing BB player you are. Congrats, get more rings and come back home to Ohio!:)

  • Arjun

    Good job Lebron your fans are always greater than your haters congrats

  • Flexvel

    Your a true champion and have always been. Im a celtics fan but know that its your time. Im happy for you and the miami heat. I remember when you first came in the league and knew that it was just a matter of time. Your a basketballl phenom and no one can ever say different. So from a true basketball fan Im happy for you and hope you win a few more. God Bless you and your family. GO KING!!!!!!!

  • Emma

    Everyone in that team deserve that championship, they worked very hard and I am very proud of you Lebron. You mother had raise a good man.

  • Nauticah2o

    its a sad day for all sports when taking a paycut=winning the championship

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.dowdy.16 John Dowdy

    congratuations LeBron……great job and what a difference from last year and showed how much you wanted it and how much you shared the rock to get it, that is why you are MVP and Finals MVP…..great fanastic performance….well done, Go Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Slemalu

    finally, all that drama need to take at least 25 feet back and watch him win another championship..GOOD JOB LEBRON JAMES, NOW YOU CAN TELL THEM SHUT THE HELL UP AND WATCH YOU PLAY UNTIL YOU RETIRE FROM THE GAME THAN THEY CAN TALK..PEACE OUT..TRIPPLE L..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GJSZWXQI5563R2UCEF4GJ7KGM4 Jesse

    Congrats to LeBron: been a fan since the ESPN high school game that Dickie V announced.

  • Lady Blu

    Congratulations King James! Also to your team! Prior to the play offs, I told my friends this is the Heat’s season to win the championship. Though many disagreed with your decision to play for the Miami Heat, I was glad that you made your choice and stood strong through all of the adversity. Here is what they didn’t understand, “Sometimes the vision of one man goes further than what the mind of another man’s vision can see”. Quote by : Lady Blu of New Orleans,LA./Atlanta,GA.

  • Mysticfood

    Congrats Lebron!!!!!!!! You really deserved this!!!!! You should come and visit Connecticut!!! You are my idol!! Enjoy this championship u deserved it!!!!! Lets go heat!!!!

  • Lee

    I love Lebron!!!! You are so talented. You are a champion and always will be…..

  • Doug E

    That’s how it goes Business 1st pleasure later , hard work pays off it shows. Now all of us Lebron fans can celebrate, no more arguments he earn his fans all bragging rights for this season crown the king victory is sweet     

  • Tahah

    You r awesome!!!!!! U told all those haters that u can win in Miami and u did!!! Truly amazing!!!

  • http://twitter.com/IamSage IamSage™

    “Be The Baddest Chick Rocking this HEAT Champs hat by Kel!! Go BID!!!

  • Nino Omania

    KING James! 

  • http://twitter.com/IamSage IamSage™

    Look what I found on @eBay! Kel Fashion & Design – Custom Design Miami Heat Ch http://r.ebay.com/sJovan

  • Gxxg0703

    Congrats Lebron – A championship well deserved… Looking forward to seeing your work in next season.

  • Lebronsucksballs

    Until Lebron wins a championship with his own team and not a made up dream team, Lebron will never be one of the greats!! Superstars would have won with Cleveland, and well Lebron couldn’t and never would have!! Still a bum and not a champion in the real sports world!! 

    • Doug E

      come on give the man his credit, His skills are great it takes a team to win its just been proven the cavs players never step up with him , crown King james

    • #1 Cleveland fan

      Aren’t there enough hater sites for you?!?!  Why are you sniffing up this site? On it/in it waAyy to tough!  If you were a fraction of the person Lebron is, you would be doing SOMETHING constructive.  Take your venom to someplace that cares!!!  Lame!  CONGRATS LEBRON & COMPANY!!!! You are too blessed to be stressed!  Job well done!!!

  • Bigfatpies

    I have been a fan and have had faith in Lerbon since day 1. my first time watching him was a high school game on TV back in 2002. I at that moment on loved watching him play. I am 20 now and play college ball at CSU Fullerton. I just want to say Lebron it was thanks to you that i was able to build up the confidence and the heart to play the game of basketball. You deserved this championship and you deserved that many that will come!!! You in my opinion, are one of the greatest players of all time. thank you Lebron James!!! I wish you the best and congrats

  • Raquelmrth

    I am so proud of you i am one of your die hard fan always tell kenny m to say hi tosay keep up the good work you are great

  • Raquelmrth

    “job well done

  • Chrstphrhtz

    I have been a fan since you got drafted.  I am so excited that you and the Miami Heat have won the title.  I never understood why there were so many haters; I don’t think the “decision” was even that bad.  I’m watching “LeBron’s Journey” on ESPN and I am so proud of you.  I think everyone was on you because you are so great.  Like a parent who gets disappointed at their children- they’re disappointed because they see greatness making a few mistakes.  I don’t think you made many at all, nor were they that serious.  You are a great role model for the sport on and off the court.  You could be the most cocky and arrogant athlete but you’re not.  You are an amazing player and person.  Enjoy this and be selfish and embrace this because you are the MVP. 

  • Rawool Sahu

    LeBron you’re a good person. The years have been tough for you with all the scrutiny. But more than anything you won this championship for all of us. You’re an inspiration and you showed how one can succeed with hard-work and dedication irrespective of all the hate and criticism.

  • 1212ad

    I was so impressed by Lebrons season as a whole. With his new found dominate post game and overall passing ability the debate is over. He is the unquestioned best player in the world! He can post up like a center and pass like a point guard. I’ve been following his game since high school and to finally see it all come together was simply unbelievable. We’ve never seen anyone with his abilities and we probably never will again so just sit back and enjoy KING JAMES greatness!                                        # CHAMPION

  • 1212ad

    I was so impressed by Lebrons season as a whole. With his new found dominate post game and overall passing ability the debate is over. He is the unquestioned best player in the world! He can post up like a center and pass like a point guard. I’ve been following his game since high school and to finally see it all come together was simply unbelievable. We’ve never seen anyone with his abilities and we probably never will again so just sit back and enjoy KING JAMES greatness!                                        # CHAMPION

  • darren

    King james we loving that snap-back  2012 nba champs

  • Delowitten

    my name is dangelo i been you fan sins u played in hight school even when u got traded  i was still on your side your my fav player and u are the best

  • http://www.facebook.com/boyetsalazar Esteban Salazar

    I like LeBron no matter what he is! I am a fan and I love him much for what he is doing on the basketball court… and less of what he is in person. As a fan, I would like him to be what he wants him to be as a person.

  • Blaverde5


    Keep doing what you are doing. For all the haters and doubters, whop there is

    Miami heat nba champions 2012

    There is more coming

    Go get the gold medal now





  • Frans Lius

    LeBron has changed to a better athlete and person. He deserve it! Yes please, do it again next year! Respect! 

  • Joshua Anthony Symons

    Ive been a Lebron Fan since he was in high school. ive grown up watching him. he deserves every bit of that ring, when the heat won the other day, it was a relief. i hope lebron gets to read this. i wish you more championships to come and a healthy lifestyle. im 18 years old. been a fan since i was 9. wow.. Best player in the world. -Joshua Symons

  • #1 Cleveland Fan

    I couldn’t have said it better “IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME”!  A loyal fan since your high school days!  You are posed for a whole new level!  I will continue to follow your career.  God Bless!  P.S.  All of us Buckeyes are not Nuts :D

    • Cam’Rich

      i agree with this post

  • Lebronfan

    Congrats on being on a championship team. I saw your video post. I’m a fan, but have a little criticism for you. On your video post, “IM A CHAMPION”. What about you teammates? Watch todays sportscenter. See the difference between you and Jeter. Humility. You have come so far, be mindful of what you say. There’s more than just being the best player.

  • Amelia

    congratulations to the miami heat team! i have always believed this moment will come for lebron even when he was still with cavs. i think lebron is a good person because good karma happens to good people at the right time. he may not have won that championship last season but he came off it a better person. it gave him a reason to re-assess himself. he took all embarrassment, hate and criticisms as a humbling experience and from there came a better, humble, patient and mature lebron now worthy to be called a champion. and the reward from that failure was sweeter than he imagined. he is season mvp, finals mvp, and finals champ. had they won last season, it will not be as sweet bcoz he was not the season mvp then. i am just so sorry for all those who are longing to see lebron fail bcoz they can never put a good person down.

  • Moustafamendscole

    Learn from your past enjoy the present and hope for the future. Congrats King James !!!

  • Samantha

    Congratulations LeBron, your focus, resolve and humilty even the face of sharp resentment and criticism has made me a big fan. I want to encourage you to stay focused and to build a deep relationship with Jesus. I am from the Bahamas and people all over the world was praying for you and the Miami Heat victory, God was faithful! Continue on…God Bless you and your family!

  • Pace Ap

    MVP form ALWAYS

  • Elainehbevly

    Congratulations! I am so happy you have your ring!

  • Pace Ap

    MVP  ALWAYS !!!!!

  • Yelloboy1980

    Lebron has came a long way to get where he wanted to go. Iam a huge fan of his. I was already a Heat fan (Tim Hardaway… Sickess handles the has ever seen),so when LBJ joined it was a win win. He so much deserved that title. He earned it with class and grace, characteristics of a champion

  • http://twitter.com/miketweeze79 Michael Anthony

    I stood by ya ride or die I know you would win it this year and now haters can be sileneced finally!!

  • http://twitter.com/BigYO901 douchebag

    He was right, last season when they lost..and miserable people that didn’t know him were praying for him to fail… he was right to tell them to go on back to their miserable lives…  the world is a better place without envious snakes,wishing bad things on a good person…  congratz King..  Hard Work Does Pay OFF

  • Leaningfwd

    People need to support their players and teams regardless of winning or losing.  Find what you are committed to and stick with it.  Lebron did this because his goal was to win the Championship he just did, unfortunately for the Cavaliers, they disrespected Lebron, rather than support him.  I believe Lebron would consider coming back to Ohio one day, but the way they have treated him, I don’t know.  I have always believed in Lebron and he will one day be one of the best players, he proves it statistically and he is not believed. He is a man of integrity and for his youth much maturity. The fans need to be this way as well.  If you lose, think of Grant’s words, “we will get them next time”!  What a lesson and what a plan-he stuck it out, and is showing that he can play with the best because he is one of the best.

  • Darryl

    Great Job Lebron I’m a big fan and would give anything to meet you Sir.

  • Jose luis gonzalez

    in my neighborhood in little havanna miami downtown, lebron and the miamiheat team brought out the best of the community, i was one of hundreds of fans that took out to the streets of biscayne and sorroundings and everybody was happy and cheerfull and giving hi-5′s from left to right…there was no hating…people from all countries celebrating like if it was new years jajjajajaaj and on monday its the parade….miami really needed this win to bring the joy to this city , we need as a city to come together again and unite not once…not twice..lol….see ya’@the:disqus  miami heat parade

  • sean


  • Weenoch

    What I saw in you, Lebron, was the charateristics of a True Leader.  Honestly, I don’t indulge my valuable time in you or sports until the ”meaningful ones” come along. It was worth my time to witness the big picture of your Leadership Skills during the final game of the Finals that moved me to write this comment. I believe you understand the bigger picture and will continue to utilize your skills as a means to help others, including your opponents.

  • Latricia Hillmon-mcduffie


  • Jamescrook79

    YOUR WELCOME, Ive Been With LeBron Every Since He Was With Cleveland.

  • Ty

    Been a on TeamLebron since day one I knew about u since you went to the ABCD camp O ya they better put you on one of the covers for NBA 2K13 ha Lettzzzz GoooOOO 

  • Tymetriouswalker

    And Been On my fault

  • Jeffersonmejia22

    Your Biggest Fan Jefferson Mejia….I’ve Made Plans To Attend All Home And Away Games This coming Reg. Season And Playoff’s..I Know You Guys Will Attend The Playoff’s Again…LeBron Will You Do Me The Honors Of Letting Me Keep A Jersey From You, Chalmers, Wade, Bosh & The Rookie Draymond Green. All Autographed By Their Respective Owner’s..It Would Be A Wish Come True Man..

    P.s. I’ve Seen Draymond Green’s Highlights…If You Take Him Under Your Wing I Think Miami Can Be An Even More Unstopable Force….

    P.s.s. Epic Congrats To You King James..May your Reign Be Respected, Acknowledged, Unstopable Nd Feared..

  • Herbie

    Lebron, you are an inspiration to this city.  We love you in Miami and cannot be prouder!  You have proven to be a true epic hero akin to the Greek Odysseus.  Without getting into details, you made some mistakes and you failed at the highest stage.  You fell but you got back up.  You did the very best thing anyone could ever do in a crisis when you reflected and identified the problems that led to your failures.  You then figured out the solutions and put them into practice and climbed up that mountain.  It was the hardest thing you ever did and because of it, you triumphed.  You transcended yourself and are a champion because of it!

    Not only this, but you were a class act in all of it: calming down Chalmy when he immaturely and prematurely starting celebrating, not once after winning did you address the haters.  You are like the effing Buddha reaching Nirvana.  You realized (as true to the definition as possible) your destiny.  I even love the meditation you’ve been incorporating!  Beautiful!  You looked the only place you needed to: INWARD. 

    It is giving me chills to write this. Enjoy all of this.  You deserve it all. 

    We love you in Miami!  Retire here!


  • Tonya “LeBron4Lyfe” Ridley

    A man that has walked through fire deserves to be called King of the Heat!! Alot of nobodies and celebrities slick hated and still are. Nothing have, can or will stop what God has on store for this man, LEBRON JAMES!!! SO KEEP RUNNIN’YA MOUTH! Because we’re on to the next one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001361498665 Keenan Teasley


  • Nena James

    God Bless you….You are a champion in every sense of the word. congrats!

  • AJ

    haters gonna hate; while lebron rise and rise to the hall of fame!!!


    its #LakerNation 

  • William B A Culp Jr

    I was amazed at your ability to stay focused throughout the playoffs!  As a former basketball player I know the stress and the physical effort required just to run up and down the court.  You are the man!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats from a fan far away who watched every moment and was there to see you win the championship!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for the thrills and the chills!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/KingYJBron Jason Reymone

    LeBron Jamessssssssssssssssssss

  • Jocelyn nono

    You have always been OUR CHAMPION!  

  • Cheri

    I read this great article (http://profesorbaker.com/2012/06/23/how-lebron-james-focused-for-games-reading-books-tell-the-kids/) and would like to ask you to please post a reading list for kids… books you have read or are reading… maybe one a week or one a month. What are your thoughts?

  • brian

    wow lebron james showed he is a real champion and a team player by taking down kevin durant and russal westbrook. yur a real camp lebronand yur proud

  • George S

    I’m an avid basketball fan, and an avid Heat fan. I’m the type of guy that doesn’t get caught up in the personal life of the players and I’ve never rooted for players, only the Miami Heat and rooted for excellent basketball. I remember like it was yesterday when Wade missed the two free throws in game 6 of the 06 Finals, only for Terry to then miss that last shot and me jump up and down for joy in my house.

    I’ve been lucky enough to attend the 97′ World Series, 03′ World Series, and I was up “Up-Town” for game 3 of the 06 NBA Finals. 

    But six years later, this championship means so much more. It’s so much sweeter. I was more nervous and more anxious than ever before and I couldn’t really tell why. But then I realized: for the first time in my life, I wasn’t just rooting for my Miami Heat or a South Florida sports  team, I was rooting for an individual player; LeBron James. 

    This championship will be the most cherished I ever experience with any South Florida sports team. No matter what happens, I am fully aware that nothing related to sports will ever top this. 

    This championship isn’t just the city of Miami and the Miami Heat. This championship vindicates LeBron and his decision. It’s a justification of all the hard work he’s put into his game, beginning with him working with Hakeem this offseason and later on adjusting his game to what the team needed. He dealt with the most amount of criticism of any athlete in recent memory, and perhaps ever. So many doubted. So many hated. So many rooted against. So many people were blinded by hate; failed to understand the greatness they were witnessing.

    Congratulations to the Miami Heat, and congratulations to LeBron James. As an individual, he was able to cement his legacy as a champion and an all-time great player. He was strong enough to hit rock-bottom and then work harder than ever and get even better. 

    I will forever be a LeBron James fan. He will be the only player I ever actively root for, regardless of past, present, and future decisions. Congratulations again LeBron, you are truly one of a kind, both as a person and a player. 

    Now is time to enjoy this title. Soon enough, it’s time to start getting back to work, get greedy, and start the quest to defend that title. Let’s not get satisfied. 

    Let’s go Heat! Let’s go LBJ! 

  • audrey cunningham


  • Frnkcarr

    Congrats to the Heat and Lebron James! God will always reward those that do for others. I wish you many championships to come!

  • Adam Weiner
  • http://twitter.com/wildoum Wilfrid DOUMBIA

    GOD saves the King James!
    Congratulation my bro!!!
    I’m so happy for your NBA champion ring and I hope you get AT LEAST three NBA titles

  • Omarlbj23

    lebron ur my favorite player never left u when u left cleveland because ur the only reason i liked cleveland and now u finally achieved ur goal and u are a champion!! 

  • orlando collins

    Appreciate the humbleness and acknowledegement of us fans lebron you have worked hard to refine your game and boy did it show big time this year!!! congrats to you d wade c bosh and the heat family well deserved title lets repeat next year and we all know you are truely back!!!!!!

  • Greg Pro 23

    you are a disgrace, you do not deserve to be a MVP, this year was a joke. a trophy should not have even been rewarded. lebron you are a selfish player and you do not know the meaning of being a team player, you never follow any of your shots. the only thing that i can give you credit is your high flying ability. i can go on and on but i feel that my point has been made  p.s    kevin durant is 10x the player and person you will ever be 

    • JSWINGA2002


    • #1 Cleveland fan

      Huh?!  Pro?! 23?!  Not hardly!!! The time you spent here being miserable, you could have spent being positive ,,, maybe on Durant’s page ya think!?  Try to become MVP of your own life!  Get a grip!

  • currensy23

    I been a LeBron fan since he was in high school I also like all the haters who hate on LeBron congrats to LeBron I said the same thing he said its about Damn time now let’s c what the haters gonna say now since he got a ring.sorry cleveland owner it don’t look like ur getting a ring before king James Lmao prepare the throne u looking at the chairman.

  • T67HT

    Lebron CONGRATULATIONS from CLEVELAND.  You gave your blood, sweat and tears for 7 years!  You deserve it!  Some still love you. 

  • Jjdavid34

    congrats lebron.  you deserved it.  hard work pays off.  greatest point forward ever. redefining the game and position as we speak.  potential GOAT

  • Hartense

    I defended you since your decision to leave the Cavaliers. You had every right too choose where you wanted to play. You are young and even if you were older we sometimes do things in a way that if given a chance would do in a differnt way.I’m so Happy for you and your team. Everyone stepped up and won in the fight for victory. Take care and play ball!!!

  • LB

    congrads happy for you

  • Sherlyamel

    Lebron have been my inspiration these past weeks, he had been judge but those judgements didn’t stop him from winning the game!!
    Congratulations!!! you’re the best player I ever saw :)
     - Love, Sherly Familia

  • Tyler

    God Bless You Lebron

  • http://twitter.com/Aboriginalman Aboriginal man

    The Resurrection/Erection of LeBron is in transformation so stand back and watch! 

    The so-called Resurrection of Christ was an Erection of Heru!…might be to deep for some…so I just assigned you some homework!

  • Kai_rocky19

    your the best…my greatest dream is to meet you….congratulation and welcome back!!!your the man and the king!!!godbless you always…

  • Cherry

    Congratulation from your fans in Danville Va 

    We love you & U are the # 1 man 

  • Dylan

    I know you’ve made a couple poor decisions LeBron but I don’t believe you deserve all the scrutiny you get. I’ve been with ya since you got drafted out of high school. So happy for you winning your first ring. They’re will be many more to come! Congratulations on the MVP, the ring, and the finals MVP.

  • http://twitter.com/SMILES_E Elizabeth

    I am soooooooooooooo happy for him and Miami Heat, now all the HATERS can just shut the hell u.  Go ahead and enjoy this moment, you worked so hard and sacrificed so much to reach this goal.  To all the HATERlet the King be and enjoy his throne!

  • Carmen

    Lebron, we are so proud of you and the Miami Heat team.  It was about damn time”…. Prayed so much during the playoffs & finals for the team, but specially for YOU.  I really wanted you to have this Championship.  May God continue to bless you & your family. Carmen 

  • Jassee T

    “It’s about dam time” :) . Your words and the thoughts of many. However, I truly believe that God’s timing is perfect. Congrats and I wish you many more championships. So happy for you and Team Heat. Keep your heads and thoughts high above the haters and negativity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001342878364 Jeo Goggles Prakash


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Lu/100003958105641 Tony Lu

    James, you are the king

  • Natedrajones

    I am a truefan!!! I am with you regardless!!! Love you!! I am on my way to south beach tomorrow

  • http://www.facebook.com/nickgggg Nick Graber

    Keep the negative out of your life……u are the best !! From the 330 w/luv!!!

  • Steffie

    I’m so happy for Lebron. I have always believed in him. I knew Miami would eventually win, they just needed some time to learn how to play together. I totally commend Wade and Bosh for allowing Lebron to take the lead, because they are both SUPER STARS! Hopefully all the haters will kickback and shut the f##k up. Continue to be the wonderful player,teammate, father and devoted companion you are!

  • Sheynejem

    congrats ..

  • Klynn

    Love you much, I am so proud of you and your family. Keep up the good work and NEVER listen to the haters.

  • HEAT all the WAY


  • adaim’z

    you’re the man king james!!! you truly deserve that championship!!!! we still got a lot of championships to win man!!! LETS GO HEAT!

  • KingZaiah06

    Congrats LeBron. You deserved every bit of it. 

  • http://twitter.com/yiyuanfm0411 Ritchie-TMac

    加油 皇帝  我爱你

  • http://twitter.com/yiyuanfm0411 Ritchie-TMac

    我是来自中国的皇帝球迷,我们每一位喜欢皇帝的中国球迷都见证皇帝的夺冠之路,我们都很开心,为皇帝加油,为皇帝高兴,希望他八月份可以来中国,我们等着你,love you kingjames welcome to china

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EQKG7PGJGV5SVBV5QIRYTAYIQY James

    LeBron the is James Terry first of all congrats on winning the championship i just want to say you are a role model to me and many other your greatness on the court is like no other i always will have your back and dont listen to all the outside stuff because at the and of the day you are a champion! PS hope to meet you soon god bless you LeBron James

  • Bangenie hooker

    thats the best player love you lebron from san andres island colombia

  • Beverleybloch

    i think you did a great job in your 9 years in the nba. im a big fan of yours.i have all your shoes shirts. i will always support what you do off the court and on the court. im really a big fan of yours.i think people dont have a life so they love to talk trash about a furture hof basket ball player. from your big fan david bloch can write at beverleybloch@att.net

  • Fabre80

    I hope we can do it again next year Bron !!! 

  • Marilen_centillas

    yes!you are a champion,you are a champion.im very happy for you and to your teammates too.i love you……

  • http://twitter.com/RBdimaano05 RB Dimaano

    you are really my idol, my inspiration, stay as you are , congrats…

  • Juniper

    Lebron is a LeJerk!   And, I’m not even from Cleveland!  My heart goes out to the real fans of basketball.   Not just banwagoners that encourage these jackoffs to sell their souls.  At least this wasn’t a real season.  He proved nothing but what a colossal a-hole he still is.

    • #1 Cleveland fan

      JuniperJerk, it must be hard to be you.  What have you done lately, real or imagined?

  • Ravio999

    I think your fiancee deserve ring also ……. 
    I think your fiancee deserve ring also …….

  • Bodenzel ****

    Shine on Champ!!!! all hail the king has been Crowned”” much lov LB.J .. U didit man !!!  It was a total team effort!!! great game, so proud to be” Heat fan”  bruh been ballin since high school, stop da hate…  ” He did it like it was suppose to be done Son” LMAO  ….  HEAT LIKE WHAT!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Kantor

    I am still on a high from the Heat’s win and most importantly Lebron has finally won the big one! It was heart breaking when the Heat lost last year, Lebron needed to win a championship to not only cement his amazing legacy but shut up all the critics. Sometimes things happen for a reason and this year the setting was different. Bron dominated and made me proud to have stood behind him through thick and thin through out the years. Congrats Lebron, we are all very happy for you and am thankful to have witnessed your best year yet. Continue to dominate man.

  • Kristle

    I Love you Leby! you’re the man! hope to watch more finals of you and see you in person! God bless you and your family! take care :)

  • abuja19

    Congrats LeBron on winning your first NBA title! You are vindicated!!! You’ve secured every important piece of hardware in your career while leading the Heat through thick and thin to another title. Well done!

  • http://www.facebook.com/luswata01 Shafee Katongole

    May Allah bless u with more championships in the years to come….Thanx for the team work!!

  • Monique

    Congratulations Champ!

  • Newton King

    I always believed you.
    Congratulations from New Zealand.

  • Rizamie Roco

    ..hi lebron..congratualation to you ..your the best MVP..im your # 1 fan..keep up the good work..hope i can see you in personal…godbless..>3

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.g.ramo Mark Gabriel Ramos


  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.g.ramo Mark Gabriel Ramos

    keep going and stay strong king lebron 

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.g.ramo Mark Gabriel Ramos


  • Rizamie Roco

    lebron james for-ever…

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.g.ramo Mark Gabriel Ramos

    i hope to see you king lebron 

  • Rzlcobrado

    Honestly, I don’t like Lebron, but I don’t hate him either. But I’m a huge fan of Miami Heat. But what he did winning that game with class along with his team mates, he really did mature. Lebron earned my respect. I always say this to my post pertaining to Lebron: Indeed many don’t like you and hated you. But, man, you are better than their judgements and stronger than their hatred :)

  • Ivanyung318507

    You are the TRUE KING!!!!!!! COnGRATS LEBRON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/mrHo Jack

    The best ever,! Congrats, love ya! Winner!


    bron ure the best ure the man 

  • Serdan_maryann

    congrats Lebs, I hope You visit here in thne Philippines

  • Cervantesmaricar

     hi lebron james.congratulations to the miami heats………

  • Jay

    It is well deserved…

  • Hello-Akron.blogspot.com

    “Son, you outgrew my lap, but never my heart.”  Author Unknown
    Akron…show the love you have for your son!

    • Hello-Akron.blogspot.com

      Hello Akron…embrace your son…hold a parade in his honor.  Name a street after him, a building, a park, or at the very least a sandwich!

      “You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons.  And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it is in your own eyes.”  Walter M. Scherra, Sr.


  • Michael


  • Gamanaa

    Lebron is the best,,,,Gogogo miame!!!

  • ESTHER_0620



  • http://twitter.com/alexander262 alexander26

    Go Lebrun,,I’m happy for you,,1 ring start for more rings!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Jon_AkA_Shiva Jonathan Orieux

    Congrat’s Lebron! U totally deserve it, u and the Miami Heat for all the hard work u’ve been putting, all u’ve been through!! 

  • Lj2003 Cool

    I  love  you!LBJ~~~~  A  BIG  FAN   FROM   CHINA!!!  2012 NBA Finals Champion!詹皇威武!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.mason.169 Jerry Mason

    Way to go Lebron, you showed that you could take “IT” on the chin but at the end still be the last man standing. Now you can’t let the hunger die. As Coach K said there are two types of men that reach this plateau.  In the first type the championship feels like water dousing a fire. However in the second the championship is like fuel to the same fire.  Let this championship fuel your hunger as you continue to pave the path to your Legacy. Always remember as long as you are Hungry and Humble up is the only direction you can possibly go.  Continue to be a warrior…..congrats.

  • Cassandra

    Where can I buy earned not given t shirt that Labron James wore on espen Sunday conversation?

  • Bigfreezy

    Big freezy Team lebron aka king james

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.paige.35 William Paige

    that whatup my negga Lebron won the championship

  • Venice Washington

    Congrads LaBron. I knew you would prove all the nay sayers wrong. Go and enjoy your family and your championship. You played like a man on a mission. Thanks for all that you do for basketball. I had stopped watching basketball, but because of you, it is again one of my favorite sports.

  • Bigfreezy

    Big freezy team lebron aka king james

  • Robin

    Where can I get that shirt?

  • Efladmo1

    Congrats lebron. You are truly a blessed, gifted, and dedicated individual who knowingly or unknowingly provide me and others with constant joy, excitement, motivation, and entertainment whenever you take the floor. You are a great role model for children as well as adults. To watch you is to vicariously be you. I will root for you and D3 and CB and the rest of the heat in years to come. Enjoy your day!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001603994312 Bethania Ortiz

    I never liked BB before till I saw you playing….im your fan #1
    My husband was always your fan

  • Jereid57

    Lebron we are so proud of you….thank you for shutting the haters up and for show that steven dude that you are “the king on the bball floor…and now that you have accomplished your mission in Miami…..you can come home now… J in Columbus Ohio..

  • Teresa

    Lebron, this is what happens when you run your life with your heart and gut. You can never let others step in to take over what we feel is right. You made your decision for the right reasons. If Cleveland would have really cared about you, they would have invested in the team. And for many years, they did not. You are the best…. And deserve this win so bad….. GO LEBRON!!! May you get 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so many more.


  • Lwoodside2

    Finally the world now sees that you are the best.  Maybe now the world will stop judging you and just let you rise to the top without scrutinizing your every move along the ride.  Don’t listen to the haters.  There are millions of us who are cheering you on.  We love you and we support you.  Stay focused and keep up the good work.

  • Kfhctvhv

    I hate you lebron!!!!

    • Cam’Rich

      You Mad!!!!!!

    • Musgroveadam04

      u are a retard

      • #1 Cleveland fan

        jealous hater

  • Al Johnson

    My Name is Al Johnson or AJ, I am a big fan of Lebron James going back to his High School days. I seen him play his last H S game in Columbus<Ohio. I  always believed that one day he would win a champtionship. I was glad to him win after all hiss hard work. Hopefully one day soon I wiil be able to meet Lebron James in person, MY web add is aljay781@yahoo.com. Keep doing what you are doing Lebron James and take care of yourself.       

  • Lucinew

    LeBron, I must be old enough to be your grandmother, but I have supported you from the time I heard you were becoming a member of the Heat.  God really answers prayers, as I have prayed for your success in the face of all the naysayers.  Congratulations on your success and may God continue to bless you and those you love!!!

  • Arw826

    Lebron don’t apologize for not tweeting your performance said it all. you are amazing and humbled keep it up. You are the man!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HQ7QNALKXIZXJSNE6KIBNBB2XE Mike

    Is Labron going to wear his bling on his thing?

  • Fillmore

    congratulations on your fantastic championship run.

    Fan for life (Fillmore P)

  • Godinezjd

    God Bless Lebron. You’re a great man, and congratulations!

  • PJ

    im from south florida, been a heat fan for a long time, pretty much grew up with them, but I am and have been a huge fan of yours man, you inspire me in so much in life, teach me to stay focused, surround yourself with great people, and keep your focus under pressure, nothin but love homie, keep doin what your doin, YOU ARE A CHAMPION

  • Cam’Rich

    Kiss The Ring………………..

  • Philip Gentry

    my boy has his ring!!!!!!!!!! you deserve to celebrate like a king. Remember: Be you dont try to please everybody cause at the end of the day somebody will always hate you. Ive been wit you from day 1 and i will continue to be. Thanks for the ride!!!!!!!!!!

  • BILL

    He is my idol and I am glad he won. Thank God for him to complete the dream.

  • mike bezee

    so happy to see u as king!! contrages Lebron now u can move on and win some more and by the way tell D wade mike bezee said whats up…

  • aaron

    When all the hate was full blast after lebron left cleveland, my girlfriend and i dedicated our art site to the idea of standing up for what you believe in regardless of the hate- we called it istilllikelebron.com

  • Lexireyneayala23

    Been with you since I was seven.. Great guy, great player. Words can’t explain how happy. Am for you!

  • Fae7

    I thank you for your honesty, integrity and the werewithall to look at yourself and make the change which brought you and the Heat to this great result of a championship. I am a sixty-three old veteran (female), who has followed you since your senior year in high school until now, youngman. I take this time to salute you and the Heat on a job well done. Thank you! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jose.Antonio.Torres2012 Jose Torres Antonio

    Yo lebron congrats my dude I hope you enjoy the parade tomorrow to the fullest. You truly deserve it I am proud fan of yours. I’ll be watching from the tv smiling for ear to ear for u

  • Machinmiguel

    Cant wait to see Lebron tomorrow at the Miami Heat Parade and i wish i brought my wall sized poster of him and he inspires me and all his fans it say(” Be Unstoppable Lighter,Stronger,Bigger expectations”)

  • Rickyrozzaytheboss

    hey bron bron send me a image of your shirt

  • Rickyrozzaytheboss

    Hey lebron im the biggest fan of yours in the philippines, hope you reply in my message, i have all the song saying your name like rick ross, nicki minaj and many more, i saw in party heart – rickross video

  • Marta

    I’m your Italian fan. I follow you from Italy. I’ve seen all your games and I want to thank you for all the emotions that you have given me. I can only imagine all the work you’ve done this year ‘. you give the strength to believe in themselves, every day, in everything. I hope you’ll always be happy, peaceful, and I hope you win again. I’m sure you’ll do with your team. You deserve it. I think you’re a wonderful person. I dream to see you play one day. Do not stop to fascinate me and the world.
    thanks, Lebron

  • Malicksmom

    LBJ The King is a CHAMPION! I never doubted that this day will come I just knew that citics will make us stronger as a fan base and that you will NEVER dissapoint us! As a single mother I look up to you as just more as a role model for my son, I look up to you as an inspiration, a source of strength and the TRUE meaning of believe in yourself no matter WHAT? I am so proud to have WITNESS this day. Blessings always and may this be the first of many more GREAT achievements in your life King James….Sometimes You must taste failures to appreciate a Win….You DID IT! Congratulations

  • Mary(BR)

    LeBron is the reason why I first started watching NBA, he is blessed person and a rare example of hard working, kindness and loyalty to his believes. Congrats, Bron. Love from Brazil.

  • Eljr1 9

     thank lebron . im very happy for the firt ring you win … att andyjr

  • Anandnirup

    you are truly  “king” James

  • Catwork7

    tell pat riley bring in Greg Oden so we will have a big man next year.  To all da Lebron hataz we will see u in June

  • Vick_manalili

    your the champ lebron no more critiques for you! im a die hard fan lebron! heat yeah!!

  • Ddiggs

    lebron i am happy that you finally got your championship. Forget what people are saying and live your life. Play basketball and win more championships with wade and bosh.

  • Musgroveadam04

    Everything here is true you are the best in the nba almost as close to magic and MJ in about 4 or less years he’ll be like…better

    • adam

      show those haters they are wrong u are the best in all basketballs u know what i mean

  • http://twitter.com/yammy_143 yammzy yams

    i really like lebron james because he inspires a lot of people because of his great passion for basketball.What he did during the series were awesome still he continues to be humble. I salute lebron for that you are one of the greatest person i am looking up to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PjdaDj Adam Musgrove

    People were saying refs cheated for you to win but i dont beileive it you are the best and you deserved it congrats


    It would have been SWEETER in CLEVELAND!!!!!


    MIAMI is for Vacationing…CLEVELAND is for LIVING!!!!  


    Did it in the Wrong CITY!  CLEVELAND is a SPORTS TOWN and MIAMI is a Beach Town!  Did it in the Wrong CITY!   

  • Levi

    LeBron has really grown into a man. As Paul said below me, he has been judged quite a bit but that’s just the nature of being so good at what you do. LeBron, you truly deserve this championship and all the accolades that came along with it. You went through this season and won with class, dignity, humbleness, and I feel you have shown the world what a great athlete, family man, friend, and in general what a great person you are. I wish you the best for the summer and the upcoming seasons. 

  • Joel Goode

    Please watch the minutes LeBron plays.Please don’t overdo it OR RISK injury.42 minutes a game is more than enough.Thank you LeBron for a great transcendental experience.GOD Bless LeBron James and his family.

  • http://twitter.com/dj_shue35 shuebaby

    No thank you Bron!!!! You are a champion!!!! Heat!!!! 2012 NBA champs!!!!!

  • Rojohn32

    Lebron, Iam 69 years old. I did not care anything about basketball until you came  along. I watch your last year in High school and has been your fan ever since. Love you man , like a son. Roosevelt doe belly Johnson

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000094419939 Prinsesa Teresa Obsioma

    We are very proud of you Bron-bron.. ignore the haters! They hate you because you’re the king! You’re a good athlete.. Haters gonna hate.. you still have millions of fans who trully love you.. Keep it up LBJ! Make your haters hate you the most every year when you have another championship ring again! we love you! Enjoy your moment now.. Godbless!

  • dylan118halo4beast

    man, i was by your side the whole time. during the playoffs,regular season,and even during that time you as the “villian” of the nba

  • http://www.facebook.com/jMir6231 JMrk Marquez Mirandilla

    You really deserve it man!

  • Rik Lee

    LeBron,I`m your fan from CHINA.You are my hero !!!

  • Deep_lloyd17

    the best KING JAMES!!! ^_^V

  • Lex Sharp

    The mindset Lebron had this year showed from the start he was on a mission! Soooooo glad he completed that mission for THIS YEAR!! Keep up the work King James and congrats to you and the rest of the team!!! WILL keep supportin you!!  #HeatNation

  • Icay

    Hi LeBron! You know I’m so happy that you won the Championship and had your ring. Congratulations!!! Thank you for being so humble inspite of everything… Love you and more power to Heat… :-)

  • FloRin

    We love you LeBron! You are the greatest! You are my idol!

  • Sailvare000

    lbj is the best


     Never had any doubts you`ll get the ring… good job working on your post moves! im your number 0 fan, first from number ! :D MORE RINGS FOR THE KING!



  • Tinaouweihua

    Hi, champ.  Congrats.  Your humbleness and extraordinary skill are the main reason to win our hearts BACK TO YOU AGAIN…..

  • Djmoul

    Shouts out to Lebron and the Heat, loved going to work and hearing haters say, “Congrats!,” lol!

  • Jisaaclunas17

    congrats idol.. your the best!! your my #1 idol,

  • http://www.facebook.com/melody.jucar Melody Munar Jucar

    criticisms are just part of success lebron..always be humble dude!!! keep it up!!! don’t mind them!! do what you love 

  • Jorge

    I was one of those LeBron haters a year ago. I didn’t like his ego, I didn’t like the way he felt out of touch with reality, I felt he was childish in his act, just a punk kid with too much money basically.

    Today I actually feel happy for him. He seems to have matured so much as a person, really got his act together and became someone to respect. Needless to say I was rooting for the Thunder in the finals, but man, LeBron just earned it, and it was so beautiful to watch. Congratulations, it didn’t seem like just a professional turnaround, but a massive character turnaround, too, which is an even greater feat, one witnessed extremely seldom in professional sports.

    Stay humble and keep on working, great things will continue to come your way.

  • Millypantojas


  • GG

    I m so happy to see winn the NBA, I’m waiting for you to winn many more brother! I being fitting for you everyday to keep tell people you going to winn, the dream come true.

  • Randy

    Actions speaks louder than any words you could say. Lebron you have overshadowed the critics with your actions man. Stay focused and in the zone you’ve been in since April 27th!(my birthday). The sky is not even the limit for what’s in store for you, bruh! Much Respect!


    LeBron I love you! The Greatest Player ever! Can’t wait to come watch you play! LBJ Fan for life!!!! 

  • Michelle

    U r welcome LeBron. I love you and not just now…from your Cleveland days. U didnt have to prove to me that u r a champion…a fighter. All I wanted was, for your sake, you get that damn ring..cos like u said “it’s about damn time”. Ring or no ring I wud still be ur fan, though. Love you and CONGRATS…YEAH!!!!!!!!

  • Sameolj

    Congrats fam u deserve it…#its tha king!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tracey.white.31586 Tracey White

    Great job I knew you could do it.  Awesome much love and prayers to you!

  • Griffin241

    Even if u didnt win the 201-2012 championship ur girl would still be a die hard fan…U are the best player in the league so inspite what the haaters say U  proved it to the world…Lebron to the WORLD!!!!

  • Jeanbell80

    LeBron James is a young man of good character and very unselfish.  I am glad his team won the championship, because he has been mudered by the press and the city of Cleveland. If any of the sports writers had a chance to improve their status like LeBron did, they would do it in a heartbeat. So congrats to you LeBron.

  • Tondra1

    Thank you LeBron James for giving me, your dedicated fan exactly what I wanted!!!!! No matter what all the haters say, you are and forever will be My Champion!!!!

  • Gadiel_Reinoso

    leBron eres lo mejor dios cuide y bendiga todos tus dones de super atleta.! he aqui la verdadera inspiracion de cualquier deportista, con pasion, responsabilidad, entrega y muchos factores mas que influyen en ti.. te conviertes en un espejo para personas que quieran ser como tu en un futuro. desde aqui se te saluda y mil bendiciones. aunque quisiera conocerte algun dia, y ese dia va a llegar asi como tu te propusistes a ganar la final… mi objetivo sera conocerte asi estes viejito pero yo te conocere..! tengo 20 años, mi nombre es gadiel reinoso – estudio contaduria publica.! y mi correo electronico es : gadiel_1992@hotmail.com. saludos lebron, suerte campeon. king james,king james ,king james… leBron por siempre..!

  • Aerowbx2u

    Hope the media is now silenced!!!!



  • Annie Rivera

    A lot of haters out there but how can you hate the handwork and talent that he showed during the Championship?!
    Enjoy and keep your motivation of being a great player, role model and champion!

  • 601Djheat

    Job Well done LBJ……now come back to jackson, MS and make it right for all the kids…

  • Ahmed98-rocks

    Lebron James is a real man. He’s judged even by his own fans. He’s the best out there and kept his head up through all the hate. That’s what a real champion would do. He deserved that ring and the MVP. No one should hate the heat. I respect this man for he is one of my favorite players. Good Job Lebron!

  • Still Fill

    My name is Still Fill from facebook and I am so proud to finally see Lebron James win a championship.  I have been following Lebron since he was in high school in Akron on the west side in 2002.  He was scoring 50 points a game when he was in high school.  At the time, I was living on the east side of Akron, Ohio by the Good Year plant on Kelly Avenue.  I always knew that Lebron was gonna be a professional, a person who I think is fair, decent, and respectful.  Now win 9 more championships in a row Lebron, and shut all these people up that’s been hating on you, LOL.

  • Adriano330


  • Eddie C

    Lebron has to be the best basketball player in the world for many reasons. One. He came through and won a championship even through all the bs that people say. Two. He is always modest in interviews. Never cocky even though he has all the right to be. And third. He just can’t be stopped anywhere on the court. He is my favorite player and should be everyones because he simply is the best. And all the haters should start actually watching basketball to see that he truly is the chosen one. Lebron is a beast and will be one of if not the greatest to ever live. I just am disappointed ive never met him ha. But i wanna say i love lebron and he truly is the best.

  • Sandra18acevedo

    Bravo!! Bravo!!! Bravo!!
    My son & I are Lebron fans!! :)
    Not many here in our small town (pharr tx) lol
    But I was the loudest!! GO HEAT! #6
    I enjoy seeing you play with your team!! Awesome awesome!!
    I miss seeing basketball!! :( but like you said!! ” you’re a CHAMPION” so we have to wait.
    Enjoy this victory, enjoy your family <3
    GOD bless THE MIAMI HEAT! #6
    it would be great to hear from you :) lol

  • Dima

    LeBron, i believed in you throughout all your seasons, I knew you would win. Long Live LeBron 

  • Jenniferclmn

    Congrats Labron, you did it!  God Bless you and continued success.  Thanks for all of the great plays that made me smile. 

  • http://twitter.com/mut3d_3motionz B*Day~ 6*26

    Good Job homie. I always had faith that you would get the ring.. 

  • Sarawat1207

    LeBron – we live in Cuyahoga Falls and you went to St.V-M with my son.  He has followed your career (as have we) and he lives in Italy.  We just want to congratulate you on following your heart and dreams.  I am so sorry for the negative comments from Ohio.  I hope you have many more years of championship.  Congratulations to you.  Sara

  • Ronny

    go lebron! number 1 in the world. dont listen to the haters man. dont let ppl bring you down. theres a reason they hate. do your thing and keep playing good basketball. LETS GO HEAT!!!

  • tony lafirm banza

    vous etes genial les miami je n est jamais vue une equipe aussi puissante que vous franchement vous assurez i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! jmes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Thanks for all the hard work and bringing the championship to Miami!! Yo’ure the best LeBron we all love and support you 100% see you next season!!

  • Christopher Obiukwu

    I want congratulate you “SPECIALLY” for your first title.  You worked very hard for it.
    You have gone through a lot from the media & public and to see you very happy makes my day because you are a very nice person.
    Long live the CHAMP, LEBRON and more good luck to dear you my brother.
    I love you so very much, Lebron. God will continue to bless you abundantly.

  • Nathan

    Hey Lebron, I am from Cleveland and when I was 5 years old my dad told me that before you were in the NBA that you dropped one of his friends off at my house in your hummer. The house was on muriel ave by CVS. I have always been a huge fan of you and I feel so good that you won a championship

  • Elvis

    Lebron i am so happy for you and the fact that you won the championship will give the Haters the chance to shut the Hell up, you re a true Star and wonderful person , Enjoy your RING and many more to Come . Like you said a job well done. TEAM LEBRON all the way . 

  • Perrise Chapman

    Congtratulations…  make your mother proud!

  • Lebronjames1fan33

    yes you are back you are on your way to being the best just keep what your doing man i’m here for ya good job 

  • Rose

    I am from Ohio and hated to see Lebron leave but you have to look out for yourself and I believe he did not have the backup he needed in Cleveland.  I was very happy to see the Heat win and more so was very happy for Labron.  He apologized for his mistakes.  Lebron has grown a lot since he joined the Heat and again very pleased they won, may not have been if Lebron wasn’t on the team.  Way to go Lebron..

  • Jrkbizreview

    Congrats Lebron James…you’re a very special player

  • Hannah

    LBJ the king of bball

  • Javon Mcalister

    great job man keep it up



  • Ron A

    Lebron! just wanna let you know I wasn’t really a fan of yours when you were still in Cleveland..I never really like you until you came to Miami. I was on your side when the Heat battled the Mavs for the NBA championship last year..And was so disappointed you lost to them..

    But now I’m so happy for you and the HEAT. I stood by as a HEAT fan though my friends and colleagues ridiculed. So I’m very happy you guys won the ring!

    Hope you guys can start a HEAT dynasty soon. Will be cheering for you you guys!!
    …Ron A from the Philippines

  • Lori197999

    This is my sons Xaviers haircut he got He luvs  him some Labron James

  • Pwlena

    LEBRROONNN>..he is THE ONE….Yep I am a big fan, is now and ALWAYS have been.

  • Andrea

    Lebron James 2012 NBA FINALS CHAMPIONNNNNN  
     # LETS GOOO   H.E.A.T.N.A.T.I.O.N <3

  • Jeddanny

    I’m proud of you LeBron you finally got an NBA Championship, and the MVP all in one season.  
    Christine in Vermont

  • al

    what everybody forgets about  le bonehead is that he waited to the very last day to tell cleveland he was leaving. they had lotsa money to spend but couldn’t because he waited so long.all the free agents were gone. once a jerk–always a jerk. enjoy your chumpionship(sac) freak. worst luck next year.

  • Karen

    LeBron James is the greatest basketball player in the world! Yes, a true Champion! Akron, Ohio (our home town) loves you! Florida does too!

  • Alvaro RIvera


  • gilberto Franco

    G.franco   james you went from  a Buckeye to a florida native , big change i never gave up on you because you are getting better every time you play and your with a best team we love you reach your dream to the end. GO MIAMI HEAT see you next year .

  • Fiveswordskenpoman

    Good job young man,

    I am happy you got that ring.

    check this out, you will be getting many more.

  • John

    We love you LeBron.

  • Tomeka

    I am so happy for u and the Heat team…u truly deserve it.  God Bless!!!!! 

  • b_cook11

    MVP!!!!! first ones for the haters healtes

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/c/fr5/artist_352144?eid=A352144_13150058_ Heat Fan For Life
  • bleebleflurb

    Congradulations you brought a championship to a city that already had one.Instead of making history your just another piece of history.When the going gets tough the tough get going.You are certainly a lesson to my kids of not how to run from a challenge .

    • MoparKing

      Why are you crying over another man’s success?

  • bleebleflurb

    I’m posting this again.Seems Le king doesn’t let you post anything that doesn’t kiss his ass.You had a chance to make history,insteead your just a small piece of history.congradulations on bringing a title to a city that already had one.When the going gets tough,the weak get going.Thank you for the lesson to my kids on how to not run from a challenge.

    • MoparKing


  • Califangels

    OK, LeBron, now you got your ring,  But, when you look down at it and it says MIAMI HEAT don’t tell me for a minute you won’t have a hollow feeling.  The feeling would have been so much more satisfying if it said CLEVELAND CAVALIERS!!  But, even though you promised Cleveland a championship, you QUIT on the city and that pursuit.  That’ll never change, my friend!

    • MoparKing

      He didnt owe cleveland a thing. Its say Miami Heat. That is a team. cleveland never had a team. They just had Lebron. Did you not see how the bench helped him in the finals in Miami? Everybody in Miami stepped up. Lebron needed that support just like jordan had support.

  • Nathan

    i use to LOVE lebron. im a bulls fan, and dude was my favorite player. i still remember watching that pistons game 5 like it was yesterday. but when he made “the decision”, i didnt like lebron . i used to think he betrayed his fans. i used to think he took the easy way out. but when he won that title, it got me to thinking. why did he really leave? it was his hometown, and he couldn’t have just left like that for no reason. but when i think about it, the most help he was given in cleveland was a run-down shaq. they had boozer, but let him go to the jazz (thats another story). now that i think about how little he was given, ALTHOUGH IM A BULLS FAN, im pissed at myself. when i saw him acting so happily when they were minutes from winning it, hugging the trophy like it was a lost toy, and just in complete joy, i couldn’t believe myself. im sorry lebron, i was a fool 

  • Riyap1928Peacelover1

    you’re the best NBA player I’ve ever SEEN!

  • http://twitter.com/Tunacat1 Tunacat

    Lebron brozo you showed amazing feats and awareness to yourself. Wow what a great way to prosper and prevail nay sayers with self perception. Just to return the love of the game to yourself and, show to others what amazing role model should look like. Congrats on the big gold your a true champion and teammate these are reasons why people love you my friend. Let’s get another for South Florida Baby!

  • http://twitter.com/PrincessBantok Princess Bantok

    well it was very great play from miami heat.. and it was a big achievement to lebron james that they got the championship and he is the mvp of the finals..  :)

  • Spidermandh

    ONE ring. MANY headbands

  • 136lover

    Congrats! I love you and the rest of the Miami heat. You guys deserve this, savor the moment!

  • Zu/Brazil:)

    He’s the best ever…..,…………,…….;))

  • Sandra18acevedo

    Bravo!! Bravo!!
    Way to GO HEAT!! #6
    What a game!!
    Enjoy your Victory & Family <3
    Can't wait for next season :)
    God bless you

  • http://www.facebook.com/sesame.step Sesame Step
  • Raghavkhetarpal

    Congratulations to the heat nd specially 2 Lebron , man u r the greatest
    nd u answered all ur critics man u rock
    - from ur biggest Indian fan

  • MaT

    Félicitations, c’est amplement mérité !
    A l’année prochaine à 3h du mat’ pour les finales 2013 !

  • Eric Daughtry Jr

    He is a champ!!! It was gr8 playoff run by OKC but Lebron nd Miami are tru Champ… #LetGoHeat
    FMOT @Young_EricJr215 Lebron

  • Serdan_maryann

    Congrats Lebs….I hope you can visit the Philippines,,,

  • Lovexinjunwei

    I love forever !!!

  • http://twitter.com/TigerLovesLeo ^liz^

    You are my basketball superstar, hey KING you are the reason why I watched NBA Finals these days.

  • Cmnova17

    im yo biggest fan i almost cried in tears of joy win i saw u wit championship

  • 1312401659

    LBJ   是一個勇敢的戰士  他承擔的一切  幾乎沒人能懂···當然也不需要別人懂··他只是活著自己的生活·····加油·······7冠

  • Canda_joshua

    LET’s go again next season ! :D

  • MoparKing

    Lets Go Lebron. Miami Heat. Lets get 10 more rings.

  • MoparKing

    The look and Lebron’s face when he got the trophy was priceless. He was so happy.

  • Jerry

    Congrats bro!!  Keep doing your thang, the haters gonna hate regardless!  GO LBJ & THE MIAMI HEAT!!!

  • Krislindaruca

    yesss!!! you’re a champ! i love you too Lebron. i never doubted you. i’m quite sure there are more rings to come. i’m happy that you’re happy. enjoy your summer and i wish you can come here to the Philippines. i really wanna see you in person.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XPKHUE5MODLS7QNTNVJ3S4AOME Roland

    Congratulations LJ.God bless you.Keep praying God and you will have with the Heat more rings.Jean Roland Abellard.My email is abellardjr@yahoo.com

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XPKHUE5MODLS7QNTNVJ3S4AOME Roland

    Congratulations.I was happy to see you praying before  you start every game, keep it up and God will bring more rings to you and the Heat.Please remenber to pray before you start every game in your life.God bless you and the Heat.

  • LeBron Rules!!!!

    LEBRON IS THE KING! He is one of the nicest athletes and a great person. Everyone is just jealous that he is not on their team. All the haters in NY where I live would have PRAISED HIM if he came to the Knicks, just goes to show you how fake people are. Appreciate the greatness that is Lebron James, the most amazing athlete in HISTORY. I love watching him, my family and I always look forward to it and support him. Lebron – You are a great player and person and I am truly happy for you that you won a championship. Don’t ever listen to the haters, they are all just jealous and you are better and above that. Get number 2 next year!

  • Faith Brown

    Lebron is the #1 mann ! been a miami heat fan for the longest, since i was born and raised there (: Congrats Lebron on getting your ring this year , you didn’t just ” get it ” to get it , YOU EARNED IT ! 

  • Faith Brown

    Lebron is the #1 mann ! been a miami heat fan for the longest, since i was born and raised there (: Congrats Lebron on getting your ring this year , you didn’t just ” get it ” to get it , YOU EARNED IT ! 

  • Ajgarland38

    LeBron is a Champion no matter how many he wins he is still right up there with Jordan because he was the face of a franchise took it from obscurity right to the top single handedly and he’s a Champion too so its a wrap for me.

  • Johannes

    Congrats to the title, LeBron!
    It means a lot to us here in Berlin. We watched all these playoff games late in the night. And it was worth it!
    I don’t like how the media treated you the last couple years, but you finally silenced them. These outstanding performances gave us the chills!
    No matter how long my day at university was, how early I had to get up next morning, we did not miss a single minute of any game! Since life could have gone better these days, this Championship really gave me hope to fight for my goals! It just gave me so much energy!

    Much appreatiation and love from Berlin!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/c/fr5/artist_352144?eid=A352144_13150058_ Heat Fan For Life
  • Donnell Clark

    Well I have to say Lebron James your the best you respect people thats the great think about Lebron and you came down to us to win this finals and every time we see him he prays before plays the game so you rock Lebron James your my number 1 biggest fan and all the players for the heats.

  • Sylvana

    i love lebron james



  • Matac_rob

    U give me so much inspiration! you deserve it…so proud of you…the best player ever!!keep it up going and godbless you.

  • Dionis

    Lebron and the Heat Congratulation on winning the Championship go do it again next season best wishes

  • Misou

    Congrats man, you finally reach your goal and we so happy for you. And for us too, because for us in France, we lost a lot of nights of sleep just to watch them matches. And we so happy that we didn’t lose all those wink of sleep for nothing, lol…
    Congrats again, and enjoy these moments!!!!

  • YoungGDAllDay619

    Lebron is the best. People really think he is a thug or some sort but he really is a solid dude off the court. Judgmental people rule the world.

  • Kristopher Ambros

    My name is Kristopher Ambros I am a volunteer in Miami Children Hospital. After watching you win the campionship I was hoping if you can visit the hospital. Some of children did not have the privilage of going to the game or even the parade. so i hope you take these in consideration. Your boss may get a call from Miami Children Hospital Public Relation.

  • Kristopher Ambros

    My name is Kristopher Ambros I am a volunteer in Miami Children Hospital. After watching you win the campionship I was hoping if you can visit the hospital. Some of children did not have the privilage of going to the game or even the parade. so i hope you take these in consideration. Your boss may get a call from Miami Children Hospital Public Relation.

  • Bobby

    I am so happy for you LeBron, you deserve it! Like your shirt said, YOU earned it!

    I am so proud to be a south Florida native & always loyal Heat fan! Eff the haters,
    they make me laugh sometimes. 

  • Marahjhane

    may GOD continue to bless you and your family,

  • Bandidomark

    congrats…….. mr.mvp…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000575898056 Elaine Cyr

    LeBron, I’m a native South Floridian. I love you and the Miami Heat. Have fun enjoying your championship and be safe! ❤

  • Toddyoung

    Best Player in the league this guy has been a role model on and off the court.  No matter how busy he is he always finds time to give back and make a big impact on peoples lives.

  • Regine Gonzales Pastor

    i love you so much lebron james! your the reason why i join our basketball accountancy elite! my number is #6! so inspired and so addicted to you! :D :* <3

  • Candace

    You are a gentleman of the first class, Bron. I will always love you and what you represent.

  • Nancy

    I am soooo proud of you LeBron!!! You do deserve the best as you have worked hard. I have followed your career since your high school days.
    Shame on my city Cleveland for bad-mouthing you. You NEVER did anything against the city or the fans. Cleveland should remember all the years you gave them the best.
    Enjoy your ring and spending time with your family.
                                             Nancy Mascarenhas

  • Terri

    thanks lebron one of your number one fans we the ppl of miami love you GO LEBRON ……….

  • Robinsonsmithr

    Awesome job Mr. Lebron James.  You came to work and did above and beyond to get the job done.  You are truly one of the best athletes in your game.  Congratulations!!!!!! Keep doing what you do.  In spite of all the negative comments, nobody can take away the talent you’ve got. I’m so proud to be a Floridian.  Much love to you, your family and the HEAT.  Keep it moving.

  • http://twitter.com/joshfli Joshua Esteban Arcon

    Hi there KLJ, keep your skills and be humble, and for sure many of us will love you more…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4F3YTKIW3EZPRTDIFEDDXQRJGU Lily

    You are the best player in the world !!!!!!!!!!!! Miami love you!!!!!!! :) god bless you !!!!!!!

  • Swagg2freshforyall

    Lebron is one of the best in league I hate when people try say things about him that is trying to bring them down but it didnt work cuz my boy lebron got his ring

  • 2lovely2

    U r so right. As if LeBron is the only person everr made prick comments. (Although I believe him making those “prick” comments are 2nd to the main reason..they threw so much hatred on him.)

  • Sharon Williams

    Lebron I would love my son to meet you in person.. He plays AAU basketball and his jersey number is 6 he just idlelizes you and the HEAT!!!!!!!! If all ever possible just pls contact me message via facebook. Sharon Duggs Williams. It would mean so much to him we live in Clermont,Fl

  • Losangelesallen

    Congrats Lebron!  Please join my Facebook group, where we talk about sports/music: http://www.facebook.com/groups/kingsofsmack/

  • Austin

    LeBron I’m a huge fan and you have many fans out here in Kemmerer, Wyoming and i hope you don’t forget about us cause we’ve been there rooting for you through the thick and thin… please make a visit to this little town of Kemmerer…. it would make alot of kids in this towns dreams.. great win and lets go get a back to back with another finals MVP.

  • http://www.facebook.com/IamMegaVon Von Dutch

    The Hottest Video to Be Played on LebronJames.com http://youtu.be/rymXEF9oCHw

  • Aburi20

    I think LeBron has  been doing great and you know that was a good and a hard decision to leave ur town lebron james 1 of the greatest respect in the league 

  • MEG

    HEY JAMES, this message is for YOU ONLY and not your staff or boyz. I have not ever done this before. The reason why you lead this amazing team to victory, is due to the fact that you are a strong dude. Never forget that there are many people behind you and they all give positive energy, Thank your people to the fullest and all the best will come.

  • Glenn f. manglicmot

    nice shirt bron!

  • MEG

    JAMES, successful people tend to have dreams where they think the whole world is starring at you but then they wake up and no one is there… ENJOY THIS like you never had enjoyed basketball before, the hunger will come naturally, you the only one.

     FLY SOLO.

  • lolo

    Who’s gonna get at a young man for choosing Miami over Cleveland? You can’t tell a guy to live in one place his whole life haha  And I’m not mad at Lebron for those comments he made when he lossed…dang I’m a sore loser and I think most Americans are sore losers…that’s just how we are…it’s easy to be nice when you’re winning…anyways…You made a fan out of me, Lebron during 2012 playoffs….I don’t care about the clutch gene…I’d rather see the domination gene…

  • SpookyFace

    Congrats, Lebron!! Time to dominate now and have fun while ur doing it … Domination > Clutch

  • Gian

    LEBRON is the best player in NBA today..he respect all the players that he encounter..even though some people out there judge him he stay the same..But in the court basketball I.Q, power, discipline, respect, unstoppable, LOVE.. he love to play basketball.. keep up the good work LEBRON.. Big fan from philippines.. mistakes is always there just enjoy the game more mistakes more greatness to come…

  • Linda

    Amazing player you are great job so happy for you god bless!

  • jameldanielsny

    Worth The Wait! Can’t Say No/Champion

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002697270788 Cory Hoffman

    bron is the best him and wade are the perfect team. when i go into the nba and james is in the nba hall of fame i will be the new lebron james. :)   bron you are the best

  • Rob Pauley

    Congrats Lebron. As I said here before, I witnessed it all. It was great. Keep working on your craft, and many more rings will follow. Just remember that with fame, scrutinity (albeit based on jelousy) will closely follow. Go to that good place and stay focused on the things that make you better overall.

  • Nat_alie

    Love you, LeBron! You deserve ALL the BEST and MORE! You’re truly and amazing person. I really love watching all the haters having to swallow their words! PRICELESS! We know for a fact that this won’t be your last ring. Maybe you’ll get more than Michael in your whole career, then all the haters will really have to shut up! God definitely blessed you and he was definitely by your side through out the season! No one deserved it as much as you, and no team deserved it as much as the Heat! I’m just beyond grateful I was able to experience this, cause you’re basically the MJ of my generation! Tomorrow will make a week, and I still am not over it! i’m sure you’re not either. Can’t wait till next season already!


  • http://www.mymusictalk.com/ Melvin Llord

    Congratulations on a well deserved win. There are so many talented people in this world, but very few are committed to work hard to achieve their ultimate goals. It takes sacrifice and hard work. You my friend have done it with hard work. Starting next season I will have to become a Brooklyn Nets fan, but LJ will continue to be my favorite player in the world. Keep it up!







  • Melodie Abiad

    You’re the best lebron,.i hope i’ll meet u personaly,.

  • Sandraaacevedo

    Way to GO HEAT!! #6
    Can’t wait to see the “THE THREE AMIGOS” on OWN
    GOD IS GOOD <3

  • Atrain6

    I have defending him for 2 years now it seems like on a daily basis.  I grew up watching Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kobe, and Shaq but none of them are even close to as enjoyable to watch as Lebron is.  So glad everyone has to finally shut there ignorant mouth’s. Congrats Lebron.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andre.thibault Andre Thibault

    Ive stuck with Lebron from day one, before he was even drafted to cleveland. Knew you’d be somethin special dude.  Serious ups on the ring, you deserve it more than anyone in the world right now.  Hard work and dedication pays off kids lol

  • Felicia

    Iam a Lebron fan still and I am from Cleveland Congrats he earned it

  • Donnell Clark

    You rock

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002123962881 Bridget Jocelyn Betancourt

    You earned it. Every bit of gratitude. I’m proud of you and the team. <3
    Continue to excel and progress. I wish you the best. -#1FanOf#6-
    *iLoveYouRdougie. :D

  • #1 Miami Heat Fan

    Your welcome lebron. In the Bahamas he is the most hated athlete, and all he does is go on the court and play ball exceptionally well. You done well on this championship run Lebron. May God let you see many, many more championship rings….
    # You finally did it Lebron James

  • Jody

    I’m not getting tired of seeing that smile after the win!  I’m so, so happy for you. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.  It is so deserved.

  • Oliver_rigor

    i really like and appreciate this lebron james my IDOL since he’s in cavaliers  and now he’s miami heat and got a champion…. am so happy of hes achievement … hahahahahaha 

  • Sharon

    So very proud of you and the Heat team, Lebron!!! You and everyone else deserved the victory!! You played hard even through the pain and in the end the reward was grrrreat!! Congrats on the championship, bruh! Keep bringing it, especially for all the haters,,,smh!!! GO HEEEEEATTTT!!! :)

  • DAvid


  • David

    we love lebron

  • Ongom Atwii Stephen

    king James version of the game is the ultimate one, maybe some people may think otherwise and try to find faults about his game but this season we have witnessed a living legend in action doing his thing and very close to being the best there is the best there was ans the best that there will ever be, keep it up king James, i have been waiting 9 years and it was as you said about damn time, i can now talk to those who were doubting and they are slowly accepting what i had told them all these years

    Stephen, Uganda the Pearl of Africa

  • Mehmet Can Mülver

    Sen yeterki iste LeBron abi biz hep sana destek çıkarız KingJames..


    Lebron’s an amazing guy and he and the guys pulled it out in the end. Sure he ran his mouth a little promising things before delivering but hes one of the best players to ever play basketball so getting a little cocky is gonna come with the talent. Cleaveland had 7 years to prove how bad they wanted to help him. How many finals did they reach before Lebron? They tried but it was never enough. But I kinda hope when he’s done in miami he might consider going back. Giving it one last run for Cleaveland’s sake. Then they’d be forced to shut up and quit crying!

  • 395254307

    i am a chinese girl!!have been sorppt  you for 6 years,and now you got it!加油

  • Michael Alvarez Casanova

    you really deserve your championship, you show the world that you really do love basketball more than anythingelse. congratulations to your mom and family and friends bc they did a excellent job in helping you to get back in track. KEEP IT UP kids and even adults look up to you, be modest but be a King by example ……


    YOUR THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2lovely2

    Hi Zimmy, Love ur post. Like u, I do believe prior to this season..u ran his mouth off too much last season. For me,that not 1, not 2, not 3, not4, comment was just “caught up in the whole celebration moment comments”. I am not gonna hold him to that, though I would love Miami to win more rings. I guess only Cleveland & LeBron know why Cavs never place stronger support around him. I also hope everybody ‘mend fences” as time passes, and LeBron retires in a Cavs uniform, if not he retires in a HEAT uniform. .

  • pchm

    Congrats on the championship game.  LeBron, I am 55 years.  I want to move to NC and be with my mom.  Can you help me financially.  I am a veteran of the U. S. Coast Guard.  I have a college education.  I’ve worked for the department of coorection for 23 years at a county jail.  I’m tired.  My mother just turn 77 years old on June 25th.Her wish was for mehome.  I want to go home.  But, I can’t afford it.  Will you help me?  I thought I would ask.

  • Phil330

    I posted a comment here congratulating Lebron after winning his first championship stating that those back home still love our King. 

    Now I’d like to comment on our champion’s class. Being raised in Akron is an upbringing that provides limited expectations. We’re a proud people that wake up early each morning and go to work where we work long and hard each and every day. We don’t go out of our way to say things that we don’t mean, and if we say it out loud we have to ensure that it is done, because in Akron a man’s word is all that he has. 

    Lebron’s success, keeping in mind that it is his and his alone, allows us a brief moment in time to be proud of not only our favorite son but the community we were raised in. I fully believe that Lebron is a product of the community he was brought up in. The same community I was brought up in. It’s nice seeing a champion with a humble demeanor. Someone that enjoys the fruits of his labor but worked hard to get where he is. 

    I left Akron 10 years ago because I couldn’t make a living for my family as an unskilled laborer. I worked long and hard and now serve as Director of Sales for my organization. I was raised in a better part of Akron than Lebron and he is a NBA Basketball Player, past Rookie of the Year, 3 time league MVP, NBA Finals Champion and NBA Finals MVP.   

    While I do not know Lebron personally; I “know” Lebron because I know where he comes from. Lebron is a class act. A good man and the example that every future champion should try to emulate. 

    We, the 330 (past and present), are very proud of you Bron.

  • Johnerz

    Lebron this is the first step towards greatness. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you in Manchester, UK playing for team USA against Team GB.
    Can’t wait!

  • Aunt Cheryl

    Congrats to the Miami Heat Family. Lebron congrats from my 7 yr old newphew Dawson. I’m 52 and when play ball. He is playing you and I’m magic. Lol!. God is good!

  • BiggestKingJamesFan

    LeBron, you deserve to be a champion, and I hope you win many more in your career with D-Wade and Bosh!

  • DoJo57

    I am so glad for you, your team and your family.  Makes no difference what team you play for. I will tune in to see you play. Greatness can not be contained….

  • Charlotte

    Lebron, I am so happy for you on getting your first ring and I know you will get  many more.  You have a good heart and it’s many people who love you as a player and as a prson.  Yet, I have never been able to attend any of your games I am one of your number one fans and I hope God bless you many more in your career.

  • BiggestKingJamesFan

    Congrats to my man LJ from Nebraska, you got fans out here too!  I like what David Letterman said about you going back to Cleveland now that you got a ring….But stick to what you said, not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7… I think you can really do it if you keep playing like this

  • MrCrocket

    i am back?
    how are you back? you never went away
    youve always been the king
    go lbj
    not 1…not 2…not 3…

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonya.sampson Sonya Prayuntilsumthinghappens

    I’ve always been a believer, Lebron, my peeps were hatn cuz I’m from Houston, needless to say they are all eatn crow now, guess thatz why I haven’t heard from any of them since June 21st…lol.  I knew when yall got game 2 it was a done deal, and proclaimed to everyone, thanks for making me look smart…Much respect for you Lebron, on and off the court, congrats not only do you deserve this Championship/MVP, you earned it.  Luv Ya…continue to walk into your seasons putting God in front…I remember what you said after losing in last year’s finals. God Bless You and your family!

  • Sandman44

    You handled yourself with Class throughout……For The Haters and Disbelievers,everyone of us has said or done something that was a mistake. You are a Champion on the Court BUT more important what you give back and a role model for Kids…I wonder if the People of South Florida realize how lucky they are to have LeBron and D Wade here as Citizens of our Community….As the Gentleman says in the Commerical…Le Bron Well Played!!!!

  • Dimtirije

    Congrats LeBron!

  • Jec Bi

    GO LeBron you will win again for sure next year keep up be the MVP be the best :D

  • LJ Gipson

    My husband and I have been fans for a long time and I pray for you, your team and your family. I hope that you remain true to yourself. Congrats and God Bless You!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-D-Jackson/100003830945465 James D. Jackson

    Lebron makes us all know what it means to dig deep and force the best to come out. Thanks for winning the Championship! You have inspired all of us to work as hard as we can to be successful at all of our endeavors! Even if you never when another championship, you will always be a winner in my book. Keep up the good work!

  • Ms.White2U

    As a Youngstown native, I can truly say that Cleveland misses you terribly. I was so sad to see you leave, but I understand why you did. Congratulations on your championship win and MVP!! I know that the journey has been long and hard, but I know it’s worth it. You carried the Cavs for the entire time you were there. The fact that the fans turned against you sickens me. I want you to know that we will always love and miss you. Congrats on your engagement!!! So happy for you, God bless you and yours.

  • Andy

    Lebron. I had almost no exposure to basketball 4 years ago. It’s not the major sport here in Perth, Australia. After seeing a local competition I was intrigued enough to go on youtube and check out some NBA highlights. You were the first player I came across. It’s because of you that I have a passion for basketball. It’s because of you I joined up and became a member of the  Australian leagues local team. It’s because of you that I strive to get better everyday. You are a great role model (for people of all ages) and from all reports, a great person. Thank you for your contributions to both the basketball world and the community. It was great to see your turn around this season, getting back to doing what you love. I couldn’t be happier for your success. Enjoy the offseason!

  • luis

    quem curte o james deem uma olhada numa pagina que dediquei a ele 

  • http://www.facebook.com/jolinda.newsome Jolinda Newsome

    i have always been a fan of james. no i did not like how he made his announcement to leave cleveland but, i was with him 100%. i was so happy he won his crown this year. he stayed focus. he shut skip bayless mouth up from all the negative comments about him. congrats. stay humble and true to yourself and family.

  • The HEAT Nation

    LIKE —-> ” The HEAT Nation “ Page On FB 

  • Alisia Brown

    Labron, it is so nice to see you live great on and off the court. A lot men that make to NBA forget that strong black women who stood behind him thru gossip and more to come. I think you and Savannah are a great couple. Keep up the positive image. Remember our BABIES are watching you.

  • MIAMIFAN23116

    GO LBJ GO!

    James is the best sport ever!

  • Johnsonjim7

    Don’t let up on your hard work from this last season, Some of us have been there & we All know its going to be even HARDER next year,  so partys over hit the gym tomorrow. this time get the rest of the team to jion you!!!!!!!! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IAYWXCDPMZ4MIWSTGNRDBQDKLA Bibe

    your the best . . .i’m happy for you and the heat team.more wins in the future.God bless l…

  • vampiredude

    now you gotta go on SNL and do something funny…u should wear more vampire stuff…vampires are cool and you would bring in a different crowd to basketball…and dont ever listen or take to heart what espn reporters say…they are garbage and espn has not changed their culture, style, and interface in decades…nbatv is cool and tnt is cool ….

  • R. Pick


    Facing defeat at the hands of his grizzled sworn enemy the warrior
    prince looked around the battlefield and surveyed the scene.  His enemy, the mighty Celtics, had taken all
    three of the previous battles.  One more
    victory by that veteran team and the young prince and his team of warriors would
    lose the war.  What the warrior prince
    saw inspired him.  Although they had just
    been beaten, the young warriors were still hungry for battle.  But they faced an almost unwinnable task.  They had to defeat the powerful Celtics in
    their land on their almost magical parquet floor.  It is a place where the Celtics have been
    almost invincible for more then 50 years.


    It was time.


    The young prince never wanted to be the lone hero.  He always sought to make his teammates
    better, but now it was time for him to fulfill his destiny.  When the team arrived in the land of Boston the warrior prince gathered team
    around him and simply said, “I am your leader and today I will lead!”


    The mighty Celtics and sage leader had no idea that the
    warrior prince had suddenly become a Warrior King.

  • Msmith627

    Just wanted to add my two cents.  I’ve been watching you over your career and listening to all the critics.  It’s very rare that a young man your age can handle all of it with such poise and grace.  Congratulations.  You deserve it.  I’m a Knicks fan so I’m still going to have to boo you at the Garden but I’m proud of you.

  • Itsme3111

    Pure-Absolute-Uncensored-Young Talent! Do Ya Thang “Bron-Bron”

  • http://www.facebook.com/kingkean Jinky Lee

    no matter what happen. . .LEBRON  still the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!Stay humble . . .love you mwahuuuuuggggggggggggggsssssssssssss…………..

  • Henry

    LeBron: let the floodgates open and push yourself to further greatness

  • TruHeatFan

    You were a champion long before this, but I couldn’t be prouder! Thank you for being an incredible person & athlete. I promise to support you as long as you’re in a Heat jersey. You didn’t crown yourself “King”‘ but you are giving us everything we could ask for & we love you for it.

  • stephanie


  • http://www.facebook.com/lebronwaters.coteat Lebron Waters Coteat


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3A4PHT7LYXYGWEGCKIG6HRXBPM OLIVER

    Hey Lebron,

    Congrats on the win! You made me the happiest fan from the TDOT. I was going nuts! Check this out. Someone made a balloon scupture of you. Sick! http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/lebron-james-balloon-sculpture-real-kind-terrifying-thing-132927965–nba.html

  • Kobekartikjames

    all the best leb ! 

  • Sapayne91

    great god my prays were answered congrats Heaters

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/c/fr5/artist_352144?eid=A352144_13150058_ Heat Fan For Life

    http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_8277028FREE DOWNLOAD LEBRON JAMES MVP AND MIAMI HEAT ANTHEM

  • Debbie

    Lebron, you are truly an inspiration. You have overcome so many obstacles. You have never been in trouble with the law. You have uplifted so many people. I know that people tried to label you as a villain. But you just do not know how many people out there are pulling for you and always have been. Down in NC, some of us were so nervous we could barely watch the playoff games. You really came through and show a lot of character. When you walked off the court and hugged the first player in game 5 of the finals, I cried. No doubt there were times when you questioned your decision with all of the media talk and criticism but you kept the faith. Great job and I hope you continue to be an inspiration to young people everywhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlie.t.f ChaRlie Taz F

    dont worry about the haters do you!!! nd keep winning games and championships !!!!!!!!!!

  • Deo

    I can’t do sports, I can’t sing, I can’t even dance. But who cares, who knows that I exist, the most people who negatively criticize are some…, they are good at nothing, at lest I am a good a father and husband. let’em talk because that is the only thing they can do since they enjoy talking about what they can’t do, I think Lebron is one of the greatest basketball player ever, and he is a good father and a community su
    pport, what else do we need from him?

  • E L. Knight

    Lebron,  God has truly gifted you with great talent. Continue to be humble and God will continue  to exalt you. Give God the honor and praise while you can.  Be blessed Bro…  Bro. E. Knight

  • Angel Quintero


  • Angel Quintero


  • Benjie Pareja

    Wassup Champ! I just finished painting this great image of yours. I’m from the Bay area and a fan of yours. My passion in art makes me create beautiful portraits of people. I hope you’ll have the time to check this out coz i put my heart and soul in creating this painting … to make sure when you see it it will give you the great moment , a feeling of a true champion. I saw this image on TV while watching the finals and i fall in love by the beauty of this shot so i took a snap shot of it from my cell. This is like a Hall Of Fame picture. All my friends in FB are amazed and some of them wants to buy it but i said nope… let me show it to  King James first and see what he says.Thanks for your time and i hope to hear back from you. I hope you do it again next year.

  • jeritt

    Thats to all the haters

  • Charlessisson82

    i am so glad that you won your first nba championship good luck next year to keep up the good work and achieve more success in the future. keep your your head up and dont feed back in negativity.

  • Dtgreen9911

    U are beast

  • Jayde D

    True iz that u are an awsome bball player of Miami Heat!!!! Everyone says Do u play bball cuzz im 6.1 yaaa thats tall lol and that would be sweet if I could be like u one day on WNBA!!!!! I want to meet u hopefully!!! :) Im your #1 fan!!!!! <3 love ya once again!!

  • Moyalatasha

    Latasha M
    i have been with you from the beginning, so proud of you Lebron. I do believe your the greastest player on the planet. I was on your side from the beginning and I will alwayz be a fan. I am a young women who loves the game on bball. Man, look at how powerful you are, your son spoke Ray Allen to the Heat!! Your fruit is great. Much Love to you so happy for you More to come

  • me

     kb24 steve nash gasol bynum big 4 > than big 3 simple math

  • Stephen helmer

    Lebron, Wow, you have grown and matured into an amazing person, family man and one of the greatest athletes to ever play professional sports…Keep doing what your doing, it’s working and the haters will find someone else to bash like they did before you were even in the spotlight…

    Like Michael Jordan, you won from within! when the going got tough. Very, very impressive…One of the greatest playoff stats and comebacks ever.. My family and I are looking forward to seeing you play in the Olympics and next season for the Heat.

    Steve from Ramona Calif. 

  • brad goetz

    my daughter and I live in north dakota. we have been your #1 fans since your first day in the league. we never missed 1 playoff game, and when you got your championship we were close to tears of joy.. we are coming to vegas to watch the olympic game on the 12th and we are so excited. your the best lebron. love brad and mariah goetz

  • Hurronda Holland

    Congrats on your championship Lebron. I admire your dedication, honesty, and loyalty to yourself which makes you a person of excellence. In my book, you were always a “champion” with or without a ring. But because it’s what you desired and thus, worked so hard for, I’m glad you obtained it. When you said it was the happiest day of your life, I celebrated with you and cried (real talk) tears of joy for your happiness, tears of relief because of your haters, but most importantly tears of honor for the LEBRON brand because you showed our youth what it takes to set and accomplish a goal. There is no easy way in or out. It takes hard work, no short cuts. I love you Lebron. You are a great role model. I’m glad God gifted you and has allowed you to use your gift and bless others with it. I’m proud to be your fan! Love always, Ronda in Atlanta!

  • Jwboston4

    I need a huge favor. It’s for scholarship money I really need for the fall. I need to schedule some appointments for my job and I wondering if you know any people that would help me out or might be interested in CUTCO. But they don’t have to buy anything if they don’t want to. I get paid for just doing the appointment. And it goes towards my scholarship for the fall. You can hit me up on twitter @jbswagg4 direct message

  • Cuttiechekoy

    your team deserves to win.

  • Ladyshuler1

    Congratulations Lebron on receiving Ray Allen as apart of the Heat Nation. The Heat is a 1st class organization and Allen is a 1st class athlete. I am definitely looking forward to the 2012-13 season and another championship!!!!!!!!

  • Morenna

    Enough said: 2012 NBA MIAMI HEAT CHAMPIONS!!!!! Yes I’m still celebrating a much deserve victory. Love you Lebron!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Big.Ron420 Ron Edwards

    I knew you could do it man. D Wade has been my guy in the NBA since i watched his 1st playoffs against the Pacers..he was awesome and then the BEST player comes and teams up with him. EPIC!!!. Dont let all the negative talk get ya down.keep it up man and show why you 2 are the best duo to play the game..God luck in the future

  • Malisha123

    Congratulations! I’m an Ohioan, but wish you the best. I hope to one day see you back this way again. Maybe 2013-14 free agency doesn’t sound so bad? I know it’s a long shot now, but you are still loved in Ohio by many. Congrats to you and the Heat! 

  • Jalesabatton

    I can tell that he is more relaxed now, and less stress, but at the end of the day there are going to be haters. My boy finally got one, im relieved too. Hes a family man, and has a wonderful attitude, seems to be a great friend,,,he has learned from his mistake, Acting like a role model always….

  • Austinnance

    lebron james u r a true champion and maybe the best player of all time!!!!! u r the best player in the nba and in the world, best of luck in the future

  • http://www.hypeupyourday.com/ N-Unit

    lebron, that was a clutch way to step it up in the finals. Everyone judges, but no one sees the inside.

    http://www.hypeupyourday.com – The motivation to keep your life moving forward.

  • Eric_flowe

    Lebron ima a huge fan…. curious to see if if coach k would consider this starting five:
    1.lbj 2.kobe 3.kd 4melo 5 chandler
    bench:cp3 dwill harden blake and love

  • Eric_flowe

    I just dont understand why evryone is hating on you when you are the best player in the league and has been for a while now.

  • Jerome Criado

    Lebron; How do the International rules change the way you and your team approach the game? Does playing in the Olympics require many adjustments from the NBA type game??
      Thanx and good luck!!

  • Barnaby Watts

    LeBron u r da man! I think it is so unfair that the media pick on you when u moved coz u had a better chance of winning a championship. Who doesn’t want 2 win? U r an amazing player and will always b my idol! Go the Miami Heat!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.rodriguez.395 Dawn Rodriguez

    if you ever get to fort worth texas you need to come meet one of your biggest fans at western hills high school.  Nathan l Davis.  He works out all the time and if not thinking about what he could do next time to be better.  Thank you sir for being a great role model on and off the court.  this mom right here is very impressed

  • Tombay

    Good Job Lebron, a lot of high paid athletes get in trouble with the law like Michael vick, and Tiger Woods  but u stayed clean all throughout ur fame. Great Work I always Believed in you when everyone in school doubted you. I always supported you and defended you. I my self love basketball (freshmen in senior team) !. But anyways Im a big fan of yours and WIN MORE RINGS!

  • Tovchinsuren Yondonjamts

    Concratulation for Lebron James of NBA From Monolian a men.

  • Lawrencewestmorelans

    u was born to get that  years ago now our dream became a reality keep working hard
    enjoy ur time with family and sometimes flash that trophy around to show u are a legend

  • Guest

    matured man,congrats!

  • http://twitter.com/SuperAlvher ALVHER TABANAO


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001688140521 Therese Jammelyn Ducado Rañada

    i salute you so much Lebron . you’re so humble . keep it up and ignore those people who judge you w/o knowing your character ! i did a right move to support you :) )

  • Razel_rapsing

    his good athlete…i like him for being a serious guy..

  • Liz Rosa

    Welcome back King James!  Can’t wait to see you on the courts again defending your title.  You are the king of our time.

  • Lebronjames

    LeBron James is an idiot. He’s so selfish, and is a jerk. I love Kyrie Irving.

  • Sharmaine J.

    Well, since im Mrz.Biggest fan..guess i will comment lol:) LBJ ur my roll model mann. i really look up 2 u and i really hope you go far in life..nd yeap i do plan on meetin u 1 of dese ole days but only tym can tell..so yeah take care mann!!

  • kenneth reynolds


  • Naples341

    Love you man!!!
    hope you my best wishes.

  • 草帽三


  • Onashinda yungi ibrahim

    hello mr lebron
    my sollicito corresponding lebron contact relaships contact .your give address email contacting

  • Debonaire

    king you is the best

  • http://www.facebook.com/bernardmichael.hicks Bernard-Michael Hicks

    Once again congrats. This coming from a Fan of yours since 03. I will stick with you all ways through the good and bad . When you left the Cavs I stuck with you. You are an inspiration to me and too all the other True Lebron Fans that Love U. God Bless Champ

  • Randall

    ur da best lebron ur my favorite player best player in da nba by far do u think u cud come to my skool dat wud be awesome lebron

  • O C M Mylive

    great Team  lebron  go win in 2013 The Ring is You  haa   and your team  … saludos a todos desde Puerto Rico  heyyy wade good game  2012  …. go heat go

  • Moneyman

    lebron james didnt earn this championship….there will always be a star by it by most who watched because he took the easy road out and the referees literally gave the heat the series, the only game they earned was game 5(but really lost the first 4)….so not a true championship….like when the lakers won the conspiracy series against the sacramento kings in 2002(kings actually won 6 games to 1, with the lakers winning game 1 only and losing games 2-7 realistically, with referees rigging the series just like the heat-thunder in 2012)…..so lebron still hasnt won an nba championship…..just a cheaters championship, which is an F on his report card if he ever goes to college…..not a true championship like the 2002 sacramento kings and 2012 oklahoma city thunder, not to mention classy coaches rick adelman and scott brooks for not exposing david stern and the nba more for not taking back those championship tropies and rings and giving it to the true champions 2002 kings and 2012 thunder……lebron james, the nba and david stern are all flat out classless…..it is a terrible message for society and the government should shut down the nba for their lack of integrity of the sport on society

  • YOUSUF2510

    lebron is a 3 time mvp he is a nba champion he just has6 moretogo to beat m jordons record he plays great with wade and bosh now allen i am a 11 yearold kid who has met mj he taught me some drills i told him i want to be the next lebron he said u will be becaUSE U CAN HIT 3 POINTERS I AM GOING TO BE AN MVP AND NBA PLAYER AND WIN THENBA TITLE 7TIMES.

  • Janc

    Illuminati satan worshiper all the way. Keep throwing those signs when your souls burning man.