2012 NBA All-Stars vs. Dream Team 1

With all the excitement about Olympic basketball and the 20th anniversary of Dream Team, I’m sick and tired of people saying that the first Dream Team is unbeatable.

It’s like everybody thinks today’s NBA players can’t even ball. I agree with Kobe, Dream Team I is completely beatable. Don’t get me wrong they were GREAT but I can put together a team of NBA players right now that would give the first Dream Team fits.

My Roster

PG: D.Rose, CP3
SG: Kobe, D.Wade
SF: Bron, Durant, Melo
PF: Bosh, KG, Love
C: Howard, Bynum

Dream Team vs. 2012 NBA All-Stars

You are not going to tell me that my roster can’t beat Dream Team I! Magic Johnson didn’t have his goatee and we all know Magic without his goatee was weak. Larry Bird was laying on the floor when he wasn’t in the game. It was over for them guys! And as soon as I see Chris Mullin and John Stockton on the floor, I would call ISO everytime.

Last question, how many NBA players were spread throughout the other countries during the 1992 Olympic Games? I rest my case. Somebone simulate this on NBA2K12 and YouTube the highlights or something!

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  • Carter

    Michael Jordan….bye.

    • Yadog

      EXACTLY… act like yall know.

      Man Upset MTV Cribs Don’t Come On No More Now that He Rich “I Bought this Big A$$ Crib & Ain’t Got Nobody to Show it To”  http://goo.gl/JymX6 …funniest thing EVER read 

  • Doug

    they did a simulation on espn of this. Sorry 2012, but the Dream Team 1 won more games.

    • http://twitter.com/bjslineoftheday b j

      not against the team he is talking about

    • Gonzo1993

      DUDE!!!! As he said, u can’t comare theese two turnaments!! In 92′ other teams were more weak! Understood?!?!

  • Tony

    According to ESPN, the Lakers are ready to acquire Dwight Howard, with or without extension insurance. 


  • Lacayopaul

    Same here MJ BYE

  • http://twitter.com/azsedans Ben Zaharie

    Dream Team 1992

  • Julio

    Lebron James, Durant, and Kobe will dominate

  • http://www.facebook.com/alberto.perez.90834776 Alberto Perez

    WOW good Roster LeBron James

  • Lestersenarlo

    Michael JoRdan is IDOL

  • Mrmurdockave187

    u got nobody for mike..and pippen will make you work harder than ever..

  • guest

    Ha yeah iso on stockton and mullin then face the double coming from Robinson, Barkley, or Malone… nice try tho

  • Starman

    lebron james….game over

  • Clam_sandwich

    Lebron James is bigger, faster, and has a much more serious vertical than Jordan. BYE!

    • Ronnell Pope


      • sims

        More Versatile?!?!?! Lebron James last year covered the Number 1 point gaurd in the League in his series against the Bulls….then went to cover Dirk in the Finals…i mean that is definition of versatility whether he won the matchup or not…

        • Themadmax93

          im with sims lebron way more versitle just mj was better closer…..2012 team all the way

          • Colts Fan 4life

            are you basing it on lebron james vs. micheal jordan??? even if you’re not the 2012 team would never ever ever ever beat the dream team 10/10 dream team would win

        • MJ23

           can lebron dunk from the freaking foul line? can he play in a game while having the FLU and still achieve EXCELLENCE

          • Guest

            NOPE HE CANNOT

          • Oregonfan

            I Believe He Can Bt He’s Nt Better Den Jordan Just Not Yet Bt He Going Down Dat Same Path

          • Colts Fan 4life


          • http://www.facebook.com/dual23 Mark Swartz

             yes, lebron can dunk from the free throw line

          • Fontainbleu52

            You guys make MJ look bad by constantly mentioning his flu game over and over. That wasn’t his only memorable performance u know…When it’s all said and done….Lebron James 9 yrs into his career would eat up Jordan 9 yrs into his career anyday.

          • Kendrickumphreys

            howard can

          • http://www.facebook.com/cavan.clymer Cavan Clymer

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwrel&NR=1&v=wV54qCZXlWw having said that you cant compare the two, lbj has more talent, but mj will always be the best cause he was first  

          • bbher

            Best Player of all time=mj23.  He prevented other top 50 players from getting rings=Payton, R. Miller, Ewing, Barkley.  Last time i checked Duncan won multiple championships while Kobe was playing.  LBJ lost a ring to Duncan.  LBJ is Minus two rings.  Kobe is minus 2 rings( to the Pistons and Celtics)  MJ23 does not lose championships and he prevents other great players from getting them.

          • cb4


          • Loubo02

            You’re telling me lebron couldn’t dunk from the foul line? Haha have you watched a game yet? and idk if you’ve ever had the flu but you’re not going out and playing a basketball game..he had flu like symptoms which could mean he had a stomach bug…you’re ignorant

          • Grantlongino

            yes lebron did jump from the foul line in game thats what we have youtube for and everyone doesnt get a flu in the finals

          • Zthoffmann

            When and against who? Vince carter did right inside with 2 feet, haven’t seen any since !

          • Eheat33

            Come on!!! Everybody knows Jordan made that up… Players do that all the time, just in case the loose.  Dirk did it! Does that mean he is as good  MJ?

          • JTXo15

            What !? Dunkin From The Freethrow line is not versatile at all ! Versatile is bein able to do many things which both mj & lj can do ! Mj was just versatile on offense bein able to play maybe 3 diff. Positions and his defense , Lebron can Play ALL 5 POSITIONS AND NOT JUST CAN DO IT HE HAS DONE IT ! Plus he has defensive game to soo … oh & I know I just praised lebron so much but the 2012 team cannot beat the Dream Team .. In My Eyes the dream team was the greatest team to ever play basketball the only team possibly better would be the ’93bbuls no question

          • Jake_93

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQLUvMNRQ-o  Yes i know it was a step ahead, but that was in game so I cant even imagine how far he could go during a dunk contest.

          • Simonshi2012

            We can not compare them with different years.Just like if  Chamberlain come to play today,can he still crash so many rebs.?

          • matt


          • Udarbe_raymond

             that is only a press release

          • mcbunz


          • DARIUS MILLER23

            he have dunk from the foul line goofy IN A GAME 

        • Jayfritzcerillo

          i love LB james but please respect MJ, the greatest player who have ever played the game of basketball..just sayin..

        • Udarbe_raymond

           don’t foget he can deffend the best player in your team… that’s LeBron at his best…

        • http://twitter.com/mclaren988 marcio carvalho

          lol it doesnt matter if he won or not really?

      • http://www.facebook.com/Dani4life Phili Daniel

        but hard work beats talent…. and no b udy works as hard as kingjames, bsides money floyd mayweather :)

        • LBGay

          Are you on crack? Lebron doesnt work hard he has management purchase championships like the yankees! MJ was the ultimate workhorse/warrior! Lebron gave up in the playoffs on multiple occassions, MJ played with the flu and was unstoppable! NO ONE WILL BE BETTER THAN MJ. And the only one that comes close is Kobe. End of discussion

        • Colts Fan 4life

          you don’t know jordan then you dont know. you think he was born with the god given abilities like lebron james. when he first came in the league he wasntthe best deffender and he could shoot well. but he worked harderthan anyone who will ever play this game to become the best defender of his time winningthe defensive player of the year award to go along with his 6 MVPs and 6 Final MVPs. Lebron doesnt work harder then Jordan man

      • http://twitter.com/ElbuksTum el’buks tum

        tes malade jordan a fait son temps….. lebron n’a que 27ans et a son age jordan ne faiser pas ce lebron fait en ce moment ………alors
         coté talent ….lebron a un mot a dire…!!!!

    • Dah Focus

      Lebrons vertices is actually not higher then Jordan’s.

    • Colts Fan 4life

      Jordan’s drive to win is unmatched to anybody who has ever played or will ever play the game. If the game came close and the ball was in Lebrons hands just count it over with. but jordan would finish it quickly.

    • Blazt

      can he knockdown a shot in a crucial game?

    • Keith Irving

      Jordan would make lebron look like a highschool kid playing against an mvp! Lol has lebron jumped from the foul line ? How bout rings, we gonna talk rings now? HA! Please dont keep embarrasing yourself. Everybody knows that MJ and PIPPEN at the face of adversity, would destroy your dream team with CP3 haha u shouldnt be a dports analyst you should be a COMEDIAN! -keith Irving

    • http://twitter.com/mclaren988 marcio carvalho

      he also chokes a lot more than jordan..bye

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.goecke.1 Andrew Goecke

    michael jordan would run train on you lbj. settle your trash talking mouth and realize the greats before you were simply….greater.

  • Ethood1

    2012 Team.

  • Kitchiner408

    Nobody’s Gaurding MJ…Majic & Lebron—Wash…Lebron Scores More…Magic Boards more..Magic throws more dimes….KD is un gaurdable by anyone on that team maybe they would run zone…The big factor is that Chandler is a greta defender..but Robinson & Ewing played defense and scored you guys couldnt match up with the big men…

  • cj


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LAQEX2JACDKXF6YJHB7TNCSCGY Scrooge Sr

    I’m with LeBron on this one…too much speed and too much healthy talent!

  • john paul

    jordan was in his prime…howard has no offensive game…bosh would get killed by malone and barkley…he is more of a shooter…the front line would destroy your team…but small forward i give to lebron…durant…and melo… jordan would handle kobe… the thing about your team is you have a bunch of iso players that need the ball in their hand….

  • Mr Mitchell23456

    Look at the teams seriously n u will see that the 1992 team will kill them

  • Mo

    Different time different era different basketball…. I can’t even have that discussion cause i seen both eras ball….

  • Dream Team>

    You’re forgetting the most important aspect on the planet…Michael Jordan. End of story you stupid author scum bag.

  • Jjss64

    Dream Team 1 was a TEAM, thats the point LBJ is missing, the 2012 allstars are a great collection of Athletes, but Basketball just isnt the same!

  • Cadu1009

    pippen,stockton,david robinson,shaq and dr.J = perfect team

  • Victor De Moya

    Well, Both teams are good (:

  • Martin Jon31

    2012 team USA  by far better than the dream team,way more athletic and way more speed for the 2012 squad

  • Tom

    Lebron James all day

  • Ronnell Pope


    • Mchamp55

      You’re right cause barkley was more talented tan melo, Stockton moreso than cp3 or rose, Byrd more than Durant…mj would get his numbers but the rest would fail…they had little competition back then compared to today

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=736365673 Vince Moore

    Dream team 1 beat teams with absolutely no other NBA talent.  Any top 25 college team could’ve run the table in 1992.  the 2012 team is going up against very stiff competition.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=512507885 Kevin Si

      11 out of 12 hall of famers and 3 of the top 5 players in NBA history

  • Ratpacjfa

    Wake up.. really u guys think so… Rose from ESPN said its perfect maybe only three of u guys would make the 1992 team… Sorry. U guys are good.. but not that good….

  • Gregg

    I agree with your starting line up.  That is a dirty selection.  But lets replace stockton with isiah, chris mullin with rodman or nique and finally latner with shaq and its a tougher match up.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/Richard.A.Castro Richard Castro

    James all the way

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002211091401 Slim Gott’em

    Bosh!!!!!!!! you could have came with another pf but for the rest of the team it would be a great game

  • Arielkrishun

    I would not put anything against the competitiveness of Michael Jordan.  I would not put this Olympic team against the 97 bulls team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1764167484 Sharon Hollins

    Well…. I am going to have to go with Dream Team 1.   :)

  • Lorenzo


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LAQEX2JACDKXF6YJHB7TNCSCGY Scrooge Sr

    Man yall better google LeBron…best Forward in da game period (stats don’t lie)! Jordan is one player but him and Kobe is a great match-up and so is Durant and Pippen, but who is checking and running with LeBron? Who is checking Rose or Paul? Then the young Centers will get the old ones due to all the injuries…2012 All-Stars all the way

  • C.T.

    the only position you got them at is the pg position..pip and mj would shut lbj and kobe down. 

    • Blandon

      not the 6’11 KD though plus we take kobe out and we get D wade in MJ is not gonna guard both of em lol USA 2012 is better

  • Tre’Von Walker

    I respect that ☝

  • Jesse Dawes

    LBJ…you would still gotta deal with MJ, Charles, Malone, Robinson, Pip, Ewing, Clyde, ALL in their prime!! Good luck sir. Not even God could stop that squad

  • http://twitter.com/Just_Amen Amen Rahh

    2012 all stars would win easy Lebron, wade, kobe, durant, and howard out there would be the ALL “Universe Team”

  • Kwame Brown

    What about scalabrine and big kwame?

  • Starman

    there is no one man on this earth..future past or present that can compete or match up wit Lebron!! Kobe’s i.q is to high for any of the dream except micheal..but mj cant do it alone..theres more speed…athletics in this years team

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.hinmon Brandon BJ Hinmon

    they were called the dream team for a reason and bynum… Did somebody bring bynum into this conversation…. these r Hall of famers, people…. Andrew bynum….. Slap urself

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AOQU6FOU7COZRZUB2R7JVBYJ7M M Z

    It’s funny but…honestly, who can say who is or was better?  Dream Team 1 are retired. Sorry to say, it’s going to take another 15 years to know.

  • Statsguy

    * most stats are from this past season except those who didn’t play much or had an abnormal year. Centers: Howard- 7.0′ 22.9 points, 14.5 rbs, 2.1blks, Bynum 7.0′ 18.7pts 11.8 rbs, 2.1 blks Dream Team- DRobinson 7.1′ 23.4 pts 11.7rbs. 4.5 blks, Ewing 7.0′ 24.0 pts, 11.2 rbs, 3.0 blks…………….This matchup is pretty neutral, its important to note the Ewing and Drob only wieghed 235 lbs each while Bynum is 285 and Howard is 240, Dream team has more basketball skill but will have trouble with the strength of Howard and bynum and wont be able to out rebound them. I call it even.  
    Pf- Love- 6’10 26.0 pts 13.3 rbs, Griffen-6’10 22.5pts 12.1 rbs, Aldridge- 6’11 21.7pts, 8.0 rbs Dream Team- Bird- 6’9 20.2 pts, 9.6rbs, 6.8 asts, Malone- 6’9 28.0 pts, 11.0 rbs, Barkley- 6’8 23.1pts 11.1 rbs ……………………… Bird was hurt, not so bad that he couldnt play but he wasnt the player that made him a HOF. Love and Griffen would have a rebounding nightmare with Barkkley and Malone but the ability to spread the floor with loves shooting and Aldriges mid range game would make it tough to defend. Griffen is clearly more athletic than anyone ever…The dream team pf’s are slow and not particularly good defenders, I give the athleticism and relative height advantage to the current players for a overall slight advantage. 
    SF James- 6’8- 27.6 pts, 8.0 rbs, 7.0 ast, KD- 6’9 28.0 pts, 8.0 rbs, Melo- 6’8 26.3pts, 7.6 rbs, Kobe- 6’7 27.9 pts, 5.4 rbs, 4.6 ast. ………Dream Team Pippen- 6’7 21.0pts, 7.7rbs, 7.0ast, Mullins- 6’7 25.6 pts, 5.6 rbs, Clyde- 6’7, 25.0 pts, 6.6 rbs, 6.7 asts, MJ- 30.1 pts, 6.4 rbs, 6.1ast………This is a great match up all around, MJ beats Kobe, but no one of the SF can guard James because of his new post game, KD beats pippen, Clyde beats Melo, mullins hurts the dream team because he is niether athletic nor a particularly good shooter. Since its not a bunch of one on one matchups you have to think the current players have better shooters with Melo and KD and better post up sf with Melo, Kobe, and James, both are ridiculously athletic and full of great defenders…idk having the greatest player of all time is hard to argue with but Kobe and James might be 2 of the top 5…
    PG- Rose- 6’3 25.0 pts, 8.0 ast, Paul 6’0- 22.8 pts, 11.0 asts, 2.8 stls, Westbrook 6’3- 23.6, 8.2 asts, 2.0stls Dream Team Magic- 6’9- 14.6 pts, 6.9 ast, Stockton- 6’1 15.8 pts, 13.7 asts, 3.0 stls. ….Ok so Magic  might be the greatest to play the position but not in ’92 (same for Bird), Stockton can not guard anyone on this list.. Isaiah should have been on the team..oh well…Its beyond obvious that the current point guards would blow by both Magic and Stockton, and out shoot them..Magic is an interesting case, he is too big to be guarded by any of the point guards and despite everything that happened to him, he has great vision, one of the SF is going to have to guard him if he goes in the post (Melo, I would think)

    • Statsguy

      Magics numbers are from the ’94-’95 season…not trying to misrepresent the man but he didnt play in ’92

    • Kitchiner408

      did you just say Mulling  couldnt shoot….shut up you know nothing your argument is invalid…You said Love would stretch the floor but left out of your argument that Bird would stretch the floor even more….

      • Statsguy

        he only shot 36% from 3 in the 92 season, he had no problem shooting other wise but as far as out side shooting goes he isnt particularly great, nor was he that bad…Bird was hurt, yes he can spread the floor but idk how much he could do if he were guarded tough with that back…if thats all I got “wrong” I still think its a good analysis 

    • Kitchiner408

      Dont get it twsited Magic woulda put up 25, 12, and 10 easy

  • eunice

    team EE.UU. Vs Lebrom James

  • http://twitter.com/Just_Amen Amen Rahh

    2012 All Stars would win you could have BRON,WADE,KOBE,DURANT,and HOWARD forget dream team that all “UNIVERSE TEAM” 

  • Stizzle5

    Exactly! This was almost the exact same line up I chose! I’m tired of people acting like the old Dream team is a team full of Supermen smh. Anyone can be beat including MJ. MJ didn’t even have shooting guard competition like there is in today’s game. People act like LBJ isn’t the greatest physical speciman the NBA has ever seen. If you go postion by position. New Dream team match ups are sick! Ya’ll better wake up and take some 5 hour energy lol!

  • Thehof13

    You act like there werent other players in the league the time of the dream team that deserved to be on it…players that were in their prime. Its pretty easy to take the leagues top 10 players today and say theyd beat a bunch of guys who volunteered to play in the olympics back then. Between magic, mj, and barkley; nobody is stopping them. And ewing and robinson would take dwight and bynum to town. Id love to see bosh kg or love try to hold ewing or barkley lol…

  • crowdpleaser

    only someone who’s born in the 90s would make this silly and pointless comparison. don’t forget to check out their other post comparing souljaboy and 2pac.

  • Neyoesmail

    the past is past and the present is present,LEBRON is the best now i believe and ever.

  • Jordan Glossop


  • http://www.facebook.com/emmanuelmccoy2 Aammanuel Rosero McCoy

    thank you

  • ballisliyfeee

    The fact of the matter is: Kobe + LeBron + Durant have more talent, athleticism and shooting than Bird, Mj and Magic did. They would destroy them offensively. Then there is D.Rose who would EAT Stockton’s food…D. Wade…Melo…just too much talent now. 

    • Colts Fan 4life

      Kobe+Lebron+Durant+Dwade+Melo<JORDAN+BIRD+MAGIC+EWING+STOCKTON+MALONE+ROBINSON+MULLIN+DREXLER+PIPPEN+BARKLEY. Come on man show some respect to the greats. you just named them cuz they play offense. everybdoy on the dream team was great offensively but better then today's players defensively

  • http://www.facebook.com/html.five Stephen James Hall

    I like your WordPress Mr. James. 

  • Editionlimited58

    Not All-Star This Year But the young Tim Duncan & Shaq on the DreamTeam with James & Kobe! U Got to pick the best players like Dreamteam1 did at there time! Best of the best Game

  • http://www.facebook.com/emmanuelmccoy2 Aammanuel Rosero McCoy

    Thank you… Saying the new school players cant beat the dream team. Is the equal of me saying the 69 camaro cant beat the 2012… Of course 2012 will win

  • Jaypurcy801

    2012 Olympic Team wins 4-3 in 7 game series. The 1992 Dream Team was great, winning each game by an average margin of 44 points. NO TEAM will ever match that margin simply because the world has caught up to USA basketball. The Dream Team’s competition back in 1992 comes NO WHERE close to the talent USA will face in London.

  • http://www.facebook.com/html.five Stephen James Hall

    BTW, DT1, sry.

  • Sims

    Its a joke! Bron on Magic would give him the worst day of his life…i grant you jordan ups kobe but not by much and in every other matchup the nba 2012 allstar takes it easily….John Stockton and Chris Mullen wouldnt make the league today…Get real people this conversation shouldnt even exist old people are just stuck in the past.

    • Sims

      Ill grant you Larry Bird in his prime takes the PForward Matchup most of the time however he wasnt in his prime at the same time as jordan and these guys are all in their prime…besides Durant and russel and a couple others

    • Colts Fan 4life

      Son are you really gonna sit here and disrepsect the greats of the past. now adays this league is soft and protects the good playes. back in the day it was hard fouls left and right and those with talent had to be physical. nobody execpt for kevin garnett is physical on the 2012 team. just look at the rings for a second. jordan has 6, scottie has 6, robinson has 2, drexler has 2, magic has 5, bird has 3. plus everybody except for laetner has either won or played in a championship game on that team. too much greatness. john stockton and chris mullen could shoot better than anybody on the 2012 team. plus they have better PG then the current 2012 team they have better overal defense except in the PG category then the 2012 team. better rebounders better onffense except in the SF position. they even had a better college player as well. your right we shouldnt have this conversation because there is no way the 2012 team is better

      • Eric Worden

         Haha you can’t judge by rings at all that makes no sense. You just said yourself you’re talking about two different leagues. Nobody’s disrespecting the ’92 team but the truth is that basketball has expanded as a sport and the best players in the world today are better then the best players in the world 20 years ago. The same is true of any other major sport. Guys like Howard are physical freaks, they would look totally out of place playing back in ’92. I don’t think the ’92 team would have any hope of stopping a lineup with Kobe, Lebron, Durant, Wade, Rose, and a bunch of incredible big men. Take the NFL all stars from ’92 and put them up against today’s Pro Bowl teams, no competition. Athletes just continue to get bigger, stronger, and faster. That’s the way it is. The 2032 Olympic Team will be able to crush this one. Refereeing doesn’t matter, these guys are the best players in the world, you really wanna tell them they can’t play physical? Please. Nobody who actually knows the game of basketball believes that Dream Team I would win. It’s just natural to romanticize the past.

  • http://twitter.com/JMBreezy23 Jose Manuel Brito

    Basketball played today is a lot different from back in the day. There’s not a single athlete like Lebron or Durant on the Dream Team. A scorer and defender like Kobe can at least give Jordan a run for his money + a Lebron James and + a Durant? I dunno.

  • Themadmax93

    i just wanted to say to finish the game mj hands down but to all around play it meaning scoring, rebounding, assist, and defense id choose lebron hands down. and besides 2012 has closer in kobe or durant….this year has dream team beat easy

  • Nbk_wakshzz

    MJ all day

  • inyamouf

    2012 NBA All-Stars would have a tough time with the 84′ USA team!!!

  • ballislife14

    2012 usa ream all day. they are more athletic, versatile and skilled than most of the players on the first dream team. The only players that could be a threat were mj, magic, and bird. 

  • Chadrenicker98

    Lebrons team would smash and destroy 92 team hands down 330 all the way

  • Malikjihad

    The Dream Team was a better team than the USA team and come on guys there will never be a better Magic or Jordan there will only be one lebron so stop comparing him to Jordan but 2012 will get beat by 92 it would be a close game but 2012 could have been a way better team if the stars who really should’ve been on the team was on it so come on guys just end this

  • http://www.facebook.com/tj.florence1 Tj Florence

    Dream team was getting old except for jordan and a couple of other players ………… Our point guards would run right by them …….. our defense would be unstoppable, you’ll have lebron ,howard, wade, d rose, cp3, and bynum , those are defensive players that can also put the ball in the basket ………. Those players I name can score and pass the ball…… I am 13 and I know basketball

    • Colts Fan 4life

      your 13 young gun they were before your time. as i recall drexler, scottie, jordan, robinson went on to win championships after the dream in 92. and every body else played in one after 1992 execept for laetner. so they were all getting old but yet they all played in championships after that year? your defense unstoppable no son. Jordan is really all i need to say but i’ll say more. nobody on the 2012 team is a 3pt shooter. the dream team had 3 bird, mullen, and stockton. nobody on the current team could pass better then magic no to mention stockton who oh by the way leads in assist. plus they had more size as well and smarter players on offense. you had jordan who averages more then anybody who ever played the game of basketball. next on defense the dream team would kill and murder and completely shut down today’s team. jordan, pippen, stockton the best perameter defenders ever. jordan and pippen shut down anybody  and i mean anybody. stockton leds the league in steals. and if by some miracle somebody got past them then ewing or robinson or malone would completely shut down the paint area. no disrespect but kid leave the discussion to those who know basketball. the 1992 dream would win


    look NO ONE EVER is going to going to even come close to beating the dream team that was when basketball was an actual sport not a money Wh*ring sport. MICHAEL JORDAN. LARRY BIRD. Lebron is amazing but he cannot even come close to mj. Sorry lebron i love you and your game ur an amazing person but the dream team will never ever be challenged.

  • Carter4024

    Agree with Lebron

  • http://twitter.com/Yo_itsAaron Aaron


  • michael

    2012 team would murder

    • Colts Fan 4life

      who? not the dream team man

  • Dina_naki

    I think you all have to understand that this is a different time for being a basketball player, it is much harder now to have a success in career as a player, it is not just a talent that you need, you need everything. And the competition is much bigger. So i vote for new ones :)  

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.hall.58 Joshua Hall

    2012 all day.

    • Colts Fan 4life

      yea 2012 all day but 1992 forever man

  • http://www.facebook.com/picsimpson George E Simpson

    clearly this is an attempt to keep the ole heads in the discussion!

  • real fan

    Lol how quickly they forget. Yall ither young or very dumb. I am from miami I Cheer for wade n bron and I tell you, yall must of never saw these old guys in action. Bosh kg n love are no way near malone n sir charles. Cp3 n rose to little for magic he can hook all night long. Pg, stockton was constant from three not that 4-19 we see today. Shooting guard lolololol need I say more. Sf bron is the best then durant, pippen then bird then mullin then mello. Center, no competition.Ewing n robinson ftw.

    Ps. Jordan was way better than lb

  • http://www.facebook.com/skarapanos Sotiris Karapanos

    ti egine? to gataki evgale glwssa?



    • Colts Fan 4life

      i agree with you all the way to the new and improved part you took it a little far there. improved no never. the basketball back then was way much better then basketball today. come on man

  • sCuT-

     Todays Team is much more alhletic and Kobe+Bron… Hell YEAH

    • Colts Fan 4life

      you must not know anybody on the dream. they had more athletic centers, power forwards and Shooting guards. had better passing point guards and better defending Small forwards. you’re done man

  • Miltonlee9

    I think Dream team 1 would beat this team , their big men had post moves & great defense , unlike todays so called big men who can only dunk ( besides & old K.G & Duncan) . Players today look to score 1st & try to be fancy & lack consistent defense the exact opposite of the dream team.

  • kerlytops

    i remembered when kobe is against jordan in nba all star, before jordan retires as bulls.. and look back there, jordan is showing kobe what a real star in nba is capable of doing.

  • Guest

    Lebron really must want his fans to turn against him and non fans to really hate him. Keep saying stuff like this and thats what will happen. Lebron went through enough critism the past 2 years, does he want more? I love Lebron but this rubs me the wrong way and I’m not rollin with him anymore if he keeps it up.

    • Steve

      rollin with him? i bet you’ve never talked to the guy in your life

  • http://www.facebook.com/seabern.hill Seabern Hill

    Man you one.the real DreamTteam with Mike, Majic, Bird had 11 that’s right count them 11 HALL OF FAMERS. Besides Kobe, Bron, Durant, and maybe Melo and that’s a maybe wouldn’t stand a chance your head is getting bigger everyday.

    Bosh , Bynum, are you serious and D. Rose and CP3 over Stockton and Miajic 

    Man your funny.

  • UtahJazzFan

    It’s not Stocktons scoring you need to worry about, it’s his ability to pass the ball to pass the ball, and rack up those assists. No doubt Rose and CP3 would stop him from scoring. But he could shred through the 2012 teams defense with his passing. Also, his ability to steal the ball and create fast breaks. His the all time leader of assist an steals. Don’t count him out.

  • Supercolt

    Jordan’s drive to win is unmatched to anybody who has ever played or will ever play the game. If the game came close and the ball was in Lebrons hands just count it over with. but jordan would finish it quickly. plus the dream team has better shooters in mullin and stockton. they had better shooting guards in jordan and  drexler. better defensive small forward in scottie pippen. Carl Malone would kill kevin love or kg he was too fast and quick and could run the floor better. David Robinson and Patrick Ewing would take dwight howard and andrew bynum to school. plus it’s an insult to even think andrew bynum could match patrick or david robinson. the only thing this current olympic team has is quicker PG and the SFs are more offensively gifted. show some respect to these legends of the game 11 hall of famers blew teams out by 50 and 40 almost every game. no way in the world this team could beat the dream team. even the college player is better i mean i’ll take christian laetner who beat the fab five 5 and bested shaq in a head to head game plus he was clutch i’ll take him over some unibrow college player anyday  

  • Bk Jordan

    Here’s an idea, lets start counting rings.  Yeah there’s a lot of good talent on the 2012 team, but the 92 team had that untouchable killer instinct throughout their entire careers.  Majority of the 92 team went to war with each other and sincerely hated each other and any other opponent they faced.  This is a fun comparison but lets be honest withourselves…  extremely hard to bet on a team with Jordan in his prime, then you add in a team full of hall of famers… no contest.  There’s 3 players out of 12 on the 2012 team that would actually make the 92 team… Kobe, Lebron, and Durant.

  • http://www.facebook.com/seabern.hill Seabern Hill

    Man you must be on one. The real Dream Team had 11 that’s right 11 HOF  and Rings up the butt. This so called Dream Team has how many HOF and how rings combined ?

    Not to mention they blew teams out the gym, MJ, Magic,Bird,Barkley, Ewing, Malone is and will always be the Dream Team.

  • Jayfritzcerillo

    the 2012 dream team can beat the 1st dream team but hands down to the greatest players of dream team 1..respect! we love all the dream teams!.. peace ^_^

  • Mfenderbass


    • Colts Fan 4life

      My friend they are a Junior Dream team. if the dream team players found the fountain of youth and came back to the league and played against these guys. the current players would never win another NBA championship or MVP because the old players would dominate the game. Jordan would average at least, at least 40pts a game and may even break 100 points int today’s league. too much defense man too much defense and not to mention offense

  • jetlife

    this shouldnt be an argument the drean team had the mailman, chuck, pat, david in the paint there isnt one big man on the 2012 team that can hang with anyone player on this team..An lebum isnt better then mj u are out your mind if u think so one thing that doesnt lie is stats an champships …..there is 23 rings on the dream team thats were the dream team comes about.

  • Miguelgamillo

    Not even a discussion, MJ, PIPPEN, MALONE, ROBINSON, EWING, BARKLEY AND DREXLER were all in there PRIME! Kobe vs Jordan or Pippen would have been eatin up alive, Magic, Pippen and Stockton would have killed CP3 and Westbook. Both Magic and Stockton were a lot more smarter. + All the Size the the Dream Team Had would had lead to lots of block shots and rebounds that would had given them tons of fast break points or easy points in the paint. If it wen’t down to crunch time, we all know that Jordan would had closed out the game and him and Pippen would had locked down any of the gaurds or wing players that they had on the court. In a 7 Game Series it would have been 4 Games to 1 for the Dream Team EASY! #Factsdontlie

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/LAQEX2JACDKXF6YJHB7TNCSCGY Scrooge Sr

      U must be talking about when they were healthy because during the olympics most of them went in with injuries…stockton didn’t even start or play that much and one on one with either of the two he would get abused and magic wouldn’t be able to contain their speed! What most of yall fail to relize Barkley was the top scoring player on the team NOT Jordan or anybody else! Ur centers legs were bad so blocked shots would be at a minium…U might want to think about those match-ups again…(Paul, Kobe, LeBron, Durant) whose checking who? U might get two good match ups with kobe vs jordan and durant vs pippen anyone else is a lost cause

  • Mortond12

    The only things Jordan has over LeBron is the rings and Jordan could make a jump shot from anywhere on the court on a consistent basis. LeBron can make shots, but when he’s off, he can’t hit the broad side of a barn. He’s still young and in his prime and can improve his jump shot greatly. Once he does that, then we can bring him into the discussion with Michael. He’s definitely got a better inside game than Jordan did. He can dominate 7 foot guys with no problem so once his jump shots start falling, I can see him being better. Another guy I can see being close to Jordan’s level is D-Rose. He can do anything on the court. Injuries are going to keep him back though. I could definitely see LeBron winning a couple more MVP’s before he’s 30. I’ll say 3 more and probably a couple more rings.

    • Colts Fan 4life

      Did you really just say d-rose even has the chance of being close to as great as Jordan? i pray you don’t talk like that in chicago. he’s not even better than scottie pippen man. and even if lebron could shoot his clutch factor and his heart to win would never ever ever match jordan’s. come on man you made some good points about lebron but he’s not even better than kobe man. let him be the best in his time first

  • Iamtne

    Your roster in invalid because Bosh, Howard, and rose are out so therefore dream team wins and dream team were never down during a game. If the current team didn’t have LeBron they wouldn’t have won that game against brasil. The team has no size to compete against the dream team as well.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/LAQEX2JACDKXF6YJHB7TNCSCGY Scrooge Sr

      He is saying if he could take the best talent of today and put it against what said to be the best talent of then (minus Shaq of course) that the 2012 All-Star team of his would beat the 92 Dream Team!

  • http://twitter.com/MandyBaldwin82 Mandy Baldwin

    If the 2012 NBA All-Star team was ENTIRELY HEALTHY – they could beat the Dream Team today I believe.  The thing is they aren’t and the Dream Team’s centers (Ewing, Robinson) were bigger and more dominant than the 2012 team’s are today.  But yeah – we gotta see a showdown between the 1992 & 2012 teams…even if it’s only through a video game rather than an actual one.  Luckily I was alive – unlike many of these kids that weren’t even born at the time – to actually see the Dream Team play back in the day.  Good times…and good games.

  • Iamtne

    Espn has already run over 10,000 simulations and dream team wins true story bro

  • bbher

    MeeltheDJ.  Your starting roster is soft.  I can see them complaining when they the dreamteam is defending them with nba 1991 rules.  I can see the dream team with a lot of success with the new rules of today’s nba.  Not only is the dreamteam tougher, but smarter and more skilled.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/LAQEX2JACDKXF6YJHB7TNCSCGY Scrooge Sr

      cut it out jordan did just as much crying about getting touched as Kobe does now! 1992 team can’t match up and contain against the 2012 All-Star team LeBron put together or the 2012 USA team thats actually in place

  • Colts Fan 4life

    i swear some of these dudes who say the dream team would lose do not know basketball. they need to take a look back the greats and show some repsect.

  • Irvingkei23

    No doubt Lebron is great, but MJ will always be the best. The day lebron gets 6 rings and breaks MJ’s records, then you will have a valid argument. Until then, good luck team USA this year. Lets get the GOLD!!!!

  • Colts Fan 4life

    He disrepsected Magic Johnson he should be slapped all up and down. he wins one ring and his head gets extra big. magic won his first ring in his rookie season. his rookie season man. come on now 11 hall of famers to maybe 5 on your current team shut up dude

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1251747800 Courtney Crawford

    No way is this dream team in comparison. I mean 2012 is nice. L breezy you got that chip.the other young boys are nice. But if yah had to play dream team one in there prime……they wouldbust yah down like a Dutch master. Sorry…

  • dude

    but if you let them play against each other with every player on the prime of there careers, that would be a fair comparison and i think the dream team would that match

    • dude


  • http://www.facebook.com/omarr.roach1 Omarr Roach

    Whoever wrote this article is on some serious crack!!!!  Yes there is ‘talent’ on 2012 but may I remind the author of this article that on the 92 squad, there are winners (Jordan,Bird, Magic), that scored when needed, but always put TEAM first, and just with those 3 which combined they have a total of 11 championships not including David Robinsons 1 I think there is no discussion on which team would win because 2012 only has 6!!! Team beats out individual all the time!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/LAQEX2JACDKXF6YJHB7TNCSCGY Scrooge Sr

      with the team he put together with Howard and Bynum Ur honestly gonna say that they couldn’t match up with Ewing and Robinson…Stop playing U cannot be serious? Ok and on his team he said (himself, Kobe, Wade) they will run them dudes into the ground, Jordan was da only one with good legs out of the 3 U named and they have 8 rings between them so thats not really a major factor…and since U are going off the 2012 team and not da All-Star team in which he referenced (LeBron, Kobe, Durant) would kill (Jordan, Magic, Bird) if it was just based on them and their stats!

      • Colts Fan 4life

        due between jordan and magic alone they surpass the number of rings kobe wade and lebron have. the dream team as a whole had 23 rings in all soo yea. um please believe me patrick and robinson would destroy dwight and bynum. Come on man andrew bynum really andrew bynum. both of those centers are big over grown babies man. ewing and robinson were men

  • Mmchilling

    you’re completely right!

    but in powerforward we have a problem with bosh!you should send melo or durant(he’s big enough) as powerforward!

    • Colts Fan 4life

      you’re completely wrong the dream team has the 2012 team beat in every category except SF

  • Clavigne48

    not sayin you guys cant ball and lebron your one of my faves in the game but there is NO WAY you guys coulda beat the ’92 team. MAYBE JUS MAYBE if you guys had someone to guard david robinson or pat ewing, and every single one of those guys could rain from all over the place!!! no offense……. if u guys had better shooters and bigger guys then a BIG MAYBE

  • Girlblue57

    No disrespect but this shouldn’t even be a question. Dream team 1 hands down. IM a big James fan but cant nobody else on team 2 compare to any on team 1 real talk

  • Eheat33

    I think 2012 only have a chance, if they come to play their game!!!  I can’t see The Dream Team keeping up with all that speed.

  • Claricepatjames

    A Libron James we a. Say seen

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcus.moore.3511 Marcus Moore

     2012 allstars would win

  • Zthoffmann

    Jordan was a killer ! Nobody on the 2012 Olympic team can guard Kyrie Irving! The Dream Team was never down in a game! 2012 team won by 11 with lebron having 30, it’s a team not about lebron !

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/LAQEX2JACDKXF6YJHB7TNCSCGY Scrooge Sr

      so Ur saying someone on the 92 Dream Team could guard Kyrie Irving…Stop it! Like LeBron said they are playing against other NBA players, the 92 team didn’t

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002392448373 Sasha Virchyk

    Seems like we’ll see soon the scene like in the film “Rocky”, but basketball instead of boxing !!!
    And I think we all need this !!!

  • Chona Tagalog

    LeBron James is the best all around player I’ever seen in my life.

  • Amoncay

    There is no point who wins because they played different eras & primes. So IF some say 1992 Dream Team is unbeatable- IS VERY CORRECT. And IF others say 2012 Dream Team is an equal match (Le Bron’s Roster size to size)-IS also VERY CORRECT. The debate is who wins??? EASY answer- “THE DREAMERS”.

  • Dave

    lebron need to make sure his 3 points shot goes . Other than that he know everything. what, when n how

  • Tonisha

    This is Nisha from Ga. Doesn’t really require argument. Michael was good in his day and now it’s Lebron’s turn. I think they both have certain zeal that makes Lebron , Lebron and Michael who who is. No need to compare or knock either one. But Hata’s will always hate that’s what they do. And for record Lebron appeared to be hurting through the duration of the last game but still managed to pull it off. They both are wonderful guys with rings to show that they both are talented. I myself take my hat off to both. Anyone that God has blessed with exceptional talent is commendable. More people seem critical of Lebron  and everything he does, but I myself am a definite Lebron James fan no matter what team he represent..God bless

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Sims/100000735156785 Charles Sims

    Im not gonna get into the LeBron/Jordan fight because thats a debate in itself. Plus me being from WEST AKRON OHIO Im definitely biased on the subject. Just look at the line up on the real & u see that 2012 got it. You can scream Jordan Pippen all day but really? LeBron,Kobe,Durant,Carmelo,Chris Paul, Deron Williams…You think that the Dream Team is gonna just win? You must be out yo mufuccin mind!!! Excuse my french. 

  • Gromelii

    Dream Team I is unbeatable! surely indeed they prove it! in the level of supremacy of their carer, Dream Team I no one can stop at that time… 2012 NBA ALL STARS  Vs. Dream Team I? I don’t think so… ’cause Dream Team I are all in retiring age Vs. the young one’s.. its impossible! but only I can say the records will speak itself my friend LeBron… in comes who’s the best Basketball generation is?!? but guys don’t worry you are in a right track to become one of them… 4-pit is not bad if you can….

  • Debow

    All I have to say is Dream Team #2 win a gold medal first before you become unbeatable.  Nothing say anything about a champion until you have the medal.  Let’s not get over our head.

    • Debow.

      I mean Nothing says you are really good or a champion until you have the gold medal in your hand.

  • Michaelhvo

    Talk to me when team usa 2012 beat all other teams by 40points +.. get it??? lol  #1992over2012

  • Josh

    It’s very hard to compare… People keep saying how the dream team never trailed in any game… This is true but the competition back then was at a college level at best. College players of the US dominated the Olympics back then. It’s just not the same lol

  • Uddinnyc94

    dream team was freaking great but jordan taking it to his head that he is a legend. His dream team can be beat nothing is impossible

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Sims/100000735156785 Charles Sims

    Im not gonna get into the LeBron/Jordan fight because thats a debate in itself. Plus me being from WEST AKRON OHIO Im definitely biased on the subject. Just look at the line up on the real & u see that 2012 got it. You can scream Jordan Pippen all day but really? LeBron,Kobe,Durant,Carmelo,Chris Paul, Deron Williams…You think that the Dream Team is gonna just win? You must be out yo mufuccin mind!!! Excuse my french. 

    • Colts Fan 4life

      you’re out your mind man. you said all those current players. look at the roster of the dream team. jordan hall of famer, pippen hall of famer, malone hall of famer, stockton hall of famer, mullen hall of famer, barkley hall of famer, robinson hall of famer, ewing hall of famer, magic hall of famer, bird hall of famer, drexler hall of famer. dude show some repsect to the legends of the game and let’s not insult them with these little boys here. these were men who played the game now we got soft lebron james and fragile derrick rose and all these little babies who would be bench riders in the game back then except for kobe, lebron, kg, melo and durant.

  • Unit49edsall

    Dream team 1 NO DOUBT! MJ,BARKLEY,EWING,PIPPEN,BIRD…etc too many hall of famers

  • Theclaw45

    they have a hard time with the weak brazil with the lineup of nene and varejao. I don’t know how they can deal with robinson and ewing. and no one can stop MJ and sir charles. I will also call an iso with magic posting paul, williams and other little guards with weak side spotup of bird and mullin.all dream team 1 games averages 40+ lead points per game. I don’t know why they can’t do it right now. If the world did improve. The NBA don’t!!!!!

    • Chuck Taylor

       Are you serious? They averaged 40+ win average because they were playing against international teams where basketball had barely been introduced as a sport. There were few if any NBA players spread amongst the other NBA teams. Today you’ve got foreign teams with really credible NBA talent that play better as a team then the All-Stars and that are hungry for an upset. That combination can be dangerous. It’s almost scary to think of how much the 2012 team would beat the foreign teams from ’92 by. Probably by a lot more then 40 points per game.

  • Theclaw45

    question about defense?how many all defensive player of the year and defensive team member did michael have? Guest the question  is answered who is a great defender.

  • Timtebow15 Kv

    The dream team has no chance against the 2012 Olympic usa basketball team roster. Lebron james is way to versitle, no one can cover him. Kobe, bynum, durant, and D. rose are way to talented on offense that the defensive talent of the dream team would get demolished.
    And then when they sit out, who is going to stop Dwayne wade, chris bosh, and chris Paul. NOBODY! The defensive talent of the Olympic roster is way to good Lebron, howard, and rose, are to good on defense that whoever they cover whould get stopped in their tracks. When shaq goes for a dunk or a layup just foul him he shot 50% from the free through line, well only if shaq
    doesn’t get stuffed by howard at the hoop first.

    • Colts Fan 4life

      you just proved you didnt know basketball my friend shaq wasnt on the dream team dude you dont know basketball. please get your knowledge up before you disrespect the dream team. they had two of the top 5PG who will ever play the game in stockton and magic. do you even know who jordan and pippen are? they were the best defensive tandom ever man they shut down anybody? next Ewing is better defensivly then dwight howard and andrew bynum and david robinson is better. stockton is the all time leader in steals man. and 11 out of 12 players are in the hall of fame. shut th heck up man with your crazy talk. plus on offense name a better shooter then chris mullen or john stockton. a better scorer then Jordan. A better passer then Magic. a better mid range shooter then Bird. A better power forward then Malone or Barkley on this current team. rose is not better then stockton on defense. come on man so somerepsect to the greats. if you seen them play in the olympics then you’ll know the dream team would kill other teams by 30 40 50 points every game.

  • Zach 123

    lebron will blow them all


  • http://twitter.com/ElbuksTum el’buks tum

    je suis totalement d’accord avec toi la ” dream team ” est battable et pas seleument sur un  match comme kobe l’a dit…. je pense que c’est juste un complexe d’infériorité qui pousse les gens a les prendre pour des imbattable

  • aussie

    2012 all stars win this one, it will be tough but i think they might edge it out over 7 games and could win and 1 game winner takes all. there obviously isn’t just one reason its many of reasons.

  • vince

    In my opinion, I think the original dream team can beat the 2012 meme team in 7 games… and this new players doesn’t even know how to pay respect to the Legends of the basketball world. Yes their great players but if you gonna diss the legends, it’s more likely your dissing where you came from.. they haven’t even accomplished yet what the dream team players did in their careers and they are already comparing themselves to them.. they have to prove something first in their careers to earn legit respect.. #freedomofspeech.

  • Cil mariaca

    I completely agree with you that the dream team of today would most definitely beat the original dream team.  Don’t know why it is such a hard pill to swallow for so many.  No one is taking anything away from the Dream team.  They were the best for that era and set the pace for those to follow.  Today players are faster, stronger and smarter…so why is that so hard to accept.  If we accept that the best engineers, scientist and doctors were the best twenty years ago there would be no progression in society today.  Your team is the best today and for many more years to come and then there will be more Durants, Lebrons etc.  Those that are living in the past and not accepting the greatness of the present are just plain delusional. Just saying. : )

  • Atlanticvoltage

    its all lebron

  • Denz

    Dream Team 1 is still the best! You can compare Lebron with Pippen but not to MJ! :)

    • Jake_93

      What about durant Who in the hell is going to guard him on the 1992 team.

      • Colts Fan 4life

        Pippen would shut him down

  • yul

    lebron number 1 of everytime

  • Calvin Kei Espiritu

    they’re too old to play with you young guns now :)

  • Jake_93

    Lebron is taller, stronger, better passer, better rebounder, better defender, and better at driving to the hoop. The only reason people say Jordan is so much better is because he came first. If Lebron was born when Michael was there would be a Lebron statue outside of Chicago. Just saying. Dont let your Hatred get in the way of recognizing greatness.

  • Rosalind7704

    I know that’s Bron

  • Rosalind7704

    I know that’s right Bron

  • Raffy_cruz23

    Where is Tim Duncan (Is Kevin Love better than Tim Duncan?)

  • Babestommy

    KD + LeBron + Kobe = RAWW 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jean-Francois/100000746838378 Jean Francois

    MJ is the leader and lebron is the follower…MJ build the stairs that lebron is using now…so maybe he will reach the top and be the next MJ IN LEBRON VERSION…

  • Natanqs1

    LeBron is better than Jordan

    • Colts Fan 4life

      you dont know basketball

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1566445511 Burak Öztop

    Real dream team.

  • TStill

    First of all it’s go Heat or go home.
    1. Old school ref’s and rules? or soft rules and overprotective(superstar) ref’s of today. Think about that. I know players play. drop the refs and look at the dogs they have on the team 4real. Your not beating these guys in a open gym. it was kind of like the ref’s did not take over the game then. but now I think the ref’s have a big part in the games today sad to say.

  • raemund21

    LeBron is everything… monster on offense and killer and deffensive end…

  • Trubba T 413


  • Anthony mic

    People are saying to many hall of famers to name in the dream team , the 2012 team is going to be the same when they all retire all of those players will go straight to hall of fame especially kobe and James . Yes mj has more rings then lebron but lebron is still playing he has time to get more rings he might not get as many but he personally will dominate but basketball is a team sport . Mj will be the greatest of his time lebron James greatest of his time . In my personal opinion lebron is better based on his versatility in attack and his great defense he may only have 1 ring but that’s just for now wait a few years and see if he’s got more

  • S Kilgallen

    the game is DIFFERENT than it was 10 years ago..

    Lebrons physical attributes dont even compare too jordan none the less anyone else.

    the skill level is completely different now a days, as well as body type and athleticism.. Lebron is the best athlete to EVER play the game, and is QUICKLY becoming the best player to ever step foot on a nba court..

  • Bobbyantee

    Magic, Michael, charles, carl, Patrick vs any five and win by 30!

  • Jacob Howard

    total agree

  • Nikko_04jauvy_04

    what your position in roster??

  • Nikko_04jauvy_04

     i think w/o lebron the roster cant beat a dream team..if you want beat a dream team your line up will be change and put the name of lebron on your line up to become more powerful and strength your roster team

  • Patricia

    I think you are correct on this. I agree totally! Patricia Rounds

  • David

    That roster you see when you scroll up cant be messed with. I respect the original Dream Team. But our Dream Team would win. No one would keep up with D Rose in 92, and when they see Lebron they would be like WTF he’s not human and would be getting double teamed every play allowing the likes of KD DW Melo etc to get open shots ALL DAY. 

    Oh BTW have you seen these guys play defense??? LMAO, are you kidding me? Lebron and Howard would be devouring shots from behind. 

    Heres the icing for you Jordan fans, which i saw playing growing up. 6’6 190lbs? And coming here and just mentioning Jordan and like its over? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Heres one for you. 
    6’8 250lbs faster and stronger. WTF is wrong with these silly humans. LOL

    Its like putting Sugar Ray against Evander Holyfield. Or Reggie Bush against Bo Jackson. Jordan was the man for his time. But evolution takes place and Lebron now exist. All of you coming to LEBRONS WEBSITE just sit back and watch greatness. Compare all you want reality is whats before us not what you would like to believe.

  • http://twitter.com/mclaren988 marcio carvalho

    lebron does not have a defensive game…he is very athletic and makes chase down blocks….because he happens to be the tallest player in the line up at times, it does not mean he plays or is capable of playing center…on that not no player should ever be compared to jordan, go check his accolades and then u will see jordan and bron should never be compared to eachother…lbj has done nothing yet…

  • http://twitter.com/mclaren988 marcio carvalho

    lol…dwight howard would foul out, bynum would be shut down by robinson…i wanna see d rose guardin magic, and who poor job would it be to guard jordan…lebron? lol…pippen could keep up with bron, kd and melo…also u should know that basketball is more than that strength and athleticism right?? or maybe not…

  • Fuckyoulabron

    Show some respect man.  Those men and that team is the reason the NBA exists today.  They didn’t have to form “super-teams” like you and your constituents do today.

    Bring back the gold, then we can even begin a conversation about the best team.  You just had your hands full with Argentina for crying out loud.

  • jesushgmx

    Dream team 1 way better than 2k12 all stars..  

  • Patricia

    With time more is demanded from these players. That is why the basketball season is so much fun to watch. Especially Mr. Lebron James

  • Guerrerobenjie

    players of today is more talented than yesterday cause yesterday is unforgettable but today’s player’s is furious..aside from that humans of now is like a technology more innovative more of use more options in one gadget like the player of today

  • Trinika

    Sorry….Dream Team 1 is the best…

  • Ck1553423

    number 1 …we dont have to get larry mullin n stockton on the floor …were replacing the college player with rodman…so we own the boards and have a guy who can “truly” gaurd all % positions…lebrons is not quick laterally kobe is old…so who is stopping mjs first step with no hand checking? pippen in his prime is someone who lebron has and will never see as a defender…david robinson is athletically as good as howard and more fundimental…lebron has no post game and a streaky shot so his perimeter game does nothing…robinson rodman scottie mj and itdontmatter who is the 5th man defensively….this team is stronger..smarter…quicker..craftier…more tenacious on one on one d n team d and rebounding..who has lebron n wade and kobe ever “locked” down…yea they play d here n there but never as tenascious as mj pippen rodman n robinson…them 4 aint argentina on d…n the 2012 team just won by 6….nuff said

  • Dreamteamalltheway

    Dream team is better you fags just can’t seem to understand that