The Nike Lebron X

During the final basketball game of the 2012 Olympics in London, the world got to see the official debut of the Nike LeBron X. The tenth signature shoe from LeBron and Nike’s long standing partnership. The LeBron X was worn on the final matchup against Spain where Team USA won and took home the gold.

The LeBron X is the first signature basketball shoe featuring Nike+ Basketball technology where your performance can be measured and tracked in conjunction with the Nike+ app.

Stay tuned for more details on the release of the Nike LeBron X. In the meanwhile check out the first official photos by clicking below…

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  • Zenaidapangolima

    very nice  i  like  it

  • Du Everton

    top muito lindo

  • Mandy Baldwin

    These kicks just keep getting better and better.  I could never actually wear a pair of LeBrons – too nice – just buy ‘em to collect and look at.

  • Demetrice London

    My_opinon_is_that_I the_Lebron_9′s_look_better_than_the_lebron_10….

  • caroline

     these are so styling…. i love them!

  • Helenciapage

    I want these sooo Badd

  • Chrissy J.


  • Michael W. H town

     Lebron u getting these shoes noticed is really great, these some I would get

  • Mld0911

    just ican say wow

  • Tlssmitty

    P.I.M.P Bro i like these, hope that your finacially deprived Super FANS can afford these. Keep it up my kids love seeing pics of you and how cool you seem around your kids & fam. Keep being a cool cat…Smitty from TN & Family

  • Andrea Suave Robinson

    The gold adds a really nice touch to the shoe. Good look!

    • Mthomefinder

      Andrea, the shoe is beautiful, no doubt.  The machine behind the shoe is evil.  Don’t buy them until they’re reduced to less than $50.00.  Seriously.  Think about it.  Nike and LeBron are feeding off of poor people.  $300 per pair?  Made in China?  LeBron needs more money?  YOU need more money, not LeBron.

  • I think i found HER

    The kick is awesome man, love ur determination and i watch “more than a game” anytime i need inspiration, gonna be like u someday, maybe bestest….

  • Joey

    congratulation my idol LEBRON JAMES! to you and all the players of team USA! you are really great! … one thing also about your new lebron x! it really looks nice hope to hav it for my son in philippines Jasper who is a varsity player in his school, he idolized you also… keep it up for the next season of NBA hope you win and be the champion AGAIN!!! From JOEY PH.

  • Djmoneyrath

    It doesn’t look that light

  • Cmac

    when are they released?

  • Jr

    Beuatiful. I’m definetly getting this shoe

  • Jamie

    I love the sneaker.  My son wears a size 3 youth and he is dying to have a pair for school.  I can’t find any of your sneakers in his size.  I will pay for them, but I need help finding them.  A Mom in need..Thanks Jamie

  • Jaleel Trotter

    He’s a great basketball player. I look up to him as one of my idols due to his maturity, and skill level on the court. To me, this shoe reminds me of him. Its unque in different ways.

  • Cristian J. Brito

    eso es mierdad, jordan es jordan….

  • Cristian J. Brito

    eso es mierdad Jordan es Jordan….

  • Akil Smith

    Although Im a huge Lebron fan, It trips me out that these athletes seem to forget where they come from.  Most of the top tier ballers in the league come from the “hood ” and grew up without much and should remember what it felt like as a youngster to not be able to afford the very shoe made for the person whom they looked up to.  Now I know many will mention the corporation behind these prices, but  these athletes names, is what sell the shoe.   Many of these athletes who came from the so-called inner city seem to forget about their old neighborhoods that helped mold them to who they are. Unfortunatetly, and its not the fault of these players, many in the inner city are victims of crimes/deaths behind shoes such as these.  No doubt that is not the problem of these players, and corporations, but for once I would like to see a athlete agree to put something out that their fans, especially the youth can afford and feel proud to be aprt of. Most of these athletes have so much money, their set for life, so Lebron, think about the hood bro, remember what it felt like when you couldnt get those Jordans as a child.  I know todays athlete could care less about where they came from.  I just would like to see one of these big name athletes really put out a good product that the majority of people can afford.

    • Luigi Del Rosario

      I think an exception to what you said is KD. He has a contract with Nike to never jack up his sneaker prices to more than $100 because, like you said, growing up he remembers the feeling of not being able to afford sneakers no matter how much he wanted them. Talk about a humble kid.

      • Mthomefinder

        True?  I have a new NBA idol.  Thanks for the info.  KD rules.

    • Mthomefinder

      Akil, thanks for your comment, I am with you.  However, I think you’re letting these athletes off the hook too easily.  When you have a name like LeBron James, Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan you can control what the Nike’s of the world do with your shoe.  You can start by saying “no” when they say they’ll charge $300 a pair when you know from first-hand experience that will put a burden on parents who can’t afford them,  kids who will sell drugs and, worse, kill one another to get a pair!  Could you do it?  Seriously, it CAN’T be about the money can it?  When is enough enough?   I’m shocked and very disappointed in LeBron James.  This tells me he doesn’t give a damn about these young kids who idolize him.

    • 18andupMiami

      I can agree to some extent about the price of the shoes, ($300 is ridiculous), but you are letting the parents who will buy their kids these expensive things off the hook. No child should be wearing $300 dollar anything. One of the main problems in the African American community is wanting things that you can’t afford that you don’t really need. Parents shouldn’t allow their children to have such things and adults who buy these kind of items have to take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that follow. I think maybe Lebron should think about a much less expensive version for kids, but adults who have the money and want to spend it on these shoes should pay whatever the cost. As for the kids who’s parents can’t afford these shoes, they probably have more things to be concerned about than the hottest new shoes anyway. I think it is unfair to demonize Lebron for selling his shoes at whatever price, when you’re not so quick to criticize other brands like Apple for having high priced items that poor kids might want too. The real issue is teaching our children that you can’t have and don’t need everything that you want. Parents need to do their job as parents and put these things into perspective. As an African American male, Lebron should take some responsibility for African American youth, because so many look to him as their greatest role model. The responsibility isn’t Lebron’s alone though, most of the responsibility for our youth belongs to the parents. 

    • Mikedrogalis

      How can you say LeBron doesn’t care about where he came from? He raises money all over the place and does plenty of his own charity work outside of areas set up by the NBA. He never forgot where he came from, just because he is well paid (yet underpaid by NBA salary standards) doesn’t mean he should say no to the endorsement deals because shoes cost money. a regular pair of basketball shoes from Kohl’s can hit 80 or 90 dollars without an NBA star featuring it. This amount of money he makes is a testament to his hard work not only on the court, but off the court to maximize his money making potential and become a world renowned athlete that he now is.

      • Mthomefinder

        Sorry Mike, you’ve bought in to the idea that an image of an athlete is worth a 300% markup on a shoe.  That’s exploitation of the athlete and the consumer who is pressured to buy the product, the perfect corporate scheme.  It’s greed pure and simple and the first person to stand up to it will become a folk legend.

      • Druone

         You are wrong.  This shoe is a testament to greed.

    • Druone

       Thank you!  I just had a long discussion with my son regarding the price of these shoes and i feel exactly as you.  I am so ashamed of Lebron.  This is total unethical and he should feel ashamed to associate his name with this product. 

    • Hun-doe

      Lebron does not make/set the price. His name is simply on the shoe. He had little to no input on the actual design of the shoe. You guys make it seem like Lebron is the driving force behind all of this. Why don’t you ask Marbury and Shaq about their shoe endorsements when they’re teams tried to make a shoe affordable for all. IT DOES NOT WORK.

  • SarahConnor

    How many Black kids will kill or be killed for these shoes? This is disgusting –LaBron should come out and denounce this –make Nike have a 50.00 shoe with his name on it!

    • thecowboyway

      Sarah you are right on.  LeBron could come away as the sports hero of the century if he’d do what you suggest.  Muhammad Ali stood up to the powers that wanted to control him and his legacy is etched in stone, not just because he was The Greatest boxer, but because he stood for something bigger than himself.  Come on LeBron, what will your legacy be?

    • Jasonherron

       every one buy knock offs so lebron dont get money

  • Mthomefinder

    $300 a pair?  How many of your young black brothers will be shot dead WWNLX?  While Wearing Nike’s Lebron X?  Think about it fool, you’re already rich as a king!  Sell ‘em for $20 and be the hero of the century.  I’d vote for you in every poll on the planet!  Come on champ, act like a real king. 

  • thecowboyway

    Lebron, you’ve let Nike become your master.  I can’t believe you’d tempt young people with a $300 shoe and let Nike claim material prices like (from the Wall Street journal) “cotton” and labor prices in China (where the shoe is made) have made it necessary to charge this monstrous amount for a pair of shoes.  You’re a sell out if you go along with this.  You’re killing young blacks who idolize you, enriching the Chinese who hate you and letting Nike do this to you.  And for what?  You need more money?  Wow.

  • BrandonBumgarner

    omg ppl Nike set the price on the shoes not Jebron James!!!

    • Purplevision86

      That’s were the problem starts.  BIG COMPANIES have no regard toward the potential consumers.  I say no JIM SHOE, SNEAKER should cost over $300… Lebron has a responsibilty.  It’s his name unless he sold the rights to his name.  Instead of asking for Millions of dollars … Request Millions of dollars in stock in NIKE and other companies… BOYCOTT the LBX shoe… DO NOT BUY this over price shoe… put together with cheap overseas labor and with glue from the dollar store.

  • Valerie Keyton Barlow

    those are hot as hell also 

  • julio

    these are nice af imma get them when they come out

  • *!BARBARA!*

    dem shoes are so fresh reallyh have to get those for christmas ASAP

  • Johnportorreal

    they look fresh 

  • Demetrius Pass

    Lebron’s sneakers keep getting better and better…..I love it!

  • Shai King

    shai from israel!
    lebron is my favorite player in the world !!!!!!

  • Jaleel Trotter

    Thats a nice shoe. I know what ill be looking forward to getting when it comes out.

  • Jasonherron

    did they already come out

  • albert n. Davis

    All I gota say is lebron is ths best nba basketball player ever and if if u dont like him u a strait up hater

  • Steadyballin

    The Lebrons with the motion sensors cost $300 and the regulars ones are about $180 all you have to do is save up #SMH 

  • sDogg2

    you guys are stupid why does this even matter answer that?

  • Carlos

    woww dude

    • Tishawn Daniels

      these are nice man best shoes i’ve wver seen

  • Noranalaudin

    do you have size 11?? and how much cost in BAHRAIN MONEY??

  • Justin

    The shoes look live buddy

  • Keepinittril2181

    where can i buy a pair of the ones on very top they are very nice I want them bad,I need them 

  • tricky herndon


  • Professionalinaz

    Each superstar athlete could put out a fundraiser shoe through whomever they represent for one month out of each year as a special sale of some sorts for the youth. Wouldn’t you all agree this would be viable to both the players and corps?

  • ‘Slam-Dunk’ Grandma!

    I’ve never been on this site before but what led me to it was searching for my grandsons birthday gift. Not easy to surprise kids today w/ something you can be sure they’ll appreciate and value so I decided to look up his fav athlete to see what is offered. Lebron is ‘the man’ according to my ‘g’! LJ is a driving influence behind my ‘g’s dream to be the first deaf NBA bb player and a reason he spends every avaible moment at the Y, the community bb court, his school gym or my driveway, lol!! All that to say, in my search I came across LJ signature bb shoes and actually am impressed with the quality and appeal in design. Like many, I’m a single gma currently seeking work following a corporate lay off so I value every penny I spend, now more than ever. But when I saw the prices of the shoes that I myself think are the ‘coolest’… seriously, I’ve never paid anything close for myself. And hopefully no offense, but when I search discount, most of the shoes don’t have the same appeal in my opinion. Keep in mind, I’m looking for a surprise bday gift, not a specific item my ‘g’ has asked for. But I’m one of six and I know what it’s like to only get third hand recycles, but every kid dreams of having that one special item to wear that just makes you feel extra special and someone such as LJ provides those special items, and although it’s a shame that the cost factor makes them unattainable to many of these kids w/o a parent going broke, into cc debt or compromise a car payment! But after reading all the comments below… I realize that this search has given me a better idea for a gift. One that will keep me on budget but that I know will hold alot more meaning in the end. I’m going to make a little photo album of all the cool things I’ve come across that I know he would love and has never received. Then on the last page I’m going to tuck a note (probably in poetry form… that’s what I do!), expressing how much I would love to give him any and all the most sought after items a guy come want, but that one of the greatest things I love and appreciate about him, is that he has never asked for anything because so-n-so had it or he had to have the latest thing. But instead, he always said, ‘mom/gma, I know I’ll love whatever you get me!’ and he truely has. And never, has he ever made us feel like he was missing out or we were’nt doing or giving enough. He has always appreciated the smallest things as if they were $300 ticket items! Because he’s always had this attitude for 17, (soon to be 18) years, it was this journey that showed me the real ‘gift’ that has much greater value than any big ticket item. And in the envelope as well, I’ll put a few movie tickets and snack cash so he can treat a couple of of his friends as well. So thank you for all the varying comments that have helped me to end my gift search successfully. My ol’ heart feels warm b/c I know he’s absolutely going to love it! So be on the lookout…when you see the first deaf NBA bb player… his name is Dante!!