The Unfortunate Story of Tony Farmer

Being that I work with kids, this is a touchy subject and hurt my heart to see it happen. As a native Clevelander, I have been hearing about Tony Farmer since he stepped on the court as a freshman star at Garfield High School in Garfield Heights, OH (A suburb of Cleveland). Tony is a 6’7 gifted wing player ranked nationally with offers from schools like Michigan, West Virginia, Illinois and other Division I schools.

One morning not too long ago, he decided to put his hands on his girlfriend. He kicked, punched, and dragged her and it was all caught on tape by her apartment complex. He was just sentenced this week to three years in prison for his actions. Tony was supposed to be starting his senior year of high school not going to prison.

I hope all you kids out here pay attention to this story and THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. One bad decision could change your life forever!

Read more about the Tony Farmer story here. You can also find out more information about domestic violence prevention and how to help victims of domestic violence at The Hotline.

What do you think should be done when people need help like this?

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  • Reuben Patino

    Thanks Lebron. We need more soldiers educated in academics institutions and not in prisons. 

  • Christopher Parbhu

    Truly sad that this happened. A man should never hit a woman.

  • Kittycford

    Well said LeBron. Young men should think before they react. The disagreement probably wasn’t that important and now his life is ruined.

  • Dani89

    i think he should go to hospitals, and mental institutions and take care of woman who had been beaten and see the real tipe of damage he can do with that. And i think its really positive for the world hearing you talk about this things.
    PD: sorry for my english im from spain.

  • Chris Sierra

    I wasn’t sure what to think when the story initially broke. After seeing the video footage, he needs to be punished. If that were my sister/mother/daughter I would have wanted to wreck the dude. What he did was uncalled for and inexcusable. I wish him the best and hope he gets the necessary help.

    • Concerned Father

      Hooray for video.  If this was not captured on video, Al Sharpton, Tom Joyner, and evryone else would be marching on this “poor boys” behalf.  He got what he deserved.

      • anthonyindy

        What Chris said. Cosigned.

  • Mattgo

    I don’t feel sory for him. You hit someone else other than in self defense you deserve to go to jail.

  • Judy Chiarelli

    Unfortunately, he didn’t show any remorse towards his acts of violence. He also didn’t abide by the courts ruling to stay away from this young lady. He needs a lesson. Hopefully, he will “think before he acts”

  • Gloverrhonda

    Terrible thing to happen!  I hope the girl recovers well and perhaps he has learned his lesson and will get another chance.  Bad things happen to people who do bad things.

  • Alesthedude

    Hitting someone proves your weakness (in my point of view).Of course, there are moments one’s not thinking and “acts before they think” (and it happens around you on daily basis and you haveno idea). I was sometimes not that fair during b-ball matches, and always flt sorry for t
    hat, but never hit anyone in private life. And that I’m proud of. Any form of violence is just sick

  • Shrt

    I think counseling and probation… His life was taken to soon I pray that there is some type of appeal to say the punishment does not match the crime. I don’t know what’s wrong with our youth but I ask that Jesus be a fence all around… This brought tears to my eyes this guy is as young as my brothers and I couldn’t imagine any of them trading school for jail. Anger Managment would be the first step but jail is not going to do anything positive for this young man. #sadden and praying

  • David

     He should definitely do his time in prison, and then when he comes out he’ll probably be a changed person. His dreams have been taken away because of is idiotic actions. Maybe he will finish and get his GED in prison, and then with good behavior (and being paroled in 1.5 years) he can try and play ball overseas or some other country. Because he obviously has no scholarship, and no one will hired a convicted felon. Its a shame, but you do the crime you pay the time!

  • Robmiami9

    I saw the video and its kinda gut wrenching, I mean yes Tony deserved some punishment and the punishment may even have been correct, but what I saw in the video was a young man seeing all his dreams come crashing down around him (and yes its his fault he deserved it, but what I saw ij the video was sadness and remorse… He knows he made the biggest mistake of his life). With any luck he will be able to get through the situation, learn from his mistake and come out of it a stronger person.

    • WisconsinIsWatching

      I hope you watched the video of Farmer assaulting his ex-girlfriend as carefully as you watched the video of Farmer collapsing.  Please note how the girlfriend cowers as soon as she sees him.  That tells me that this is NOT the first time he hit her.  And from other reports around the web, she had already broken up with him because he had assaulted her before this video-taped incident occured.

  • Shawndaris Herndon

    This is a tragic case that shows how are young men need more positive male role models. Tony was wrong for his actions,but the courts decision to give him 3 years was to harsh. I truly believe if that was a white boy that had done the same thing the outcome would of been totally different. The judge is obviously racist and eager to lock up our young black men. Tony Farmer should of gotten probation and have to receive therapy for anger management not serve 3 years in prison. Just another case of the messed up justice system we have.SMH

    • Sumkrzyguy

       Nice statement , The judge must’ve been racist huh. Do you even know the color of the judge before deciding upon this or is your own racism that helped you make the call ?

      • coby jones

        u are such a fool if u had a sister n was beating the way this young fellow did i wonder what you would have said 2 her…she deserved what she get rite

    • Someone who isn’t racist

      Shawndaris Herndon – You accusing the judge of being racist against a ‘Black Man’ with the punishment is … in itself… racist. Which makes you a hypocrite with your statement.Congrats – fuel makes the fire burn hotter…and making racist statements only drives racism.

      • Sumkrzyguy

         ”making racist statements only drives racism.”    – exactly

    • La-La Jones

      Just reading your terrible post makes me want to smh. Stop trying to represent us with your clouded and close minded view.

      “White Boy” come on its not the early 1900′s anymore.

       Also  “making racist statements only drives racism.”  couldn’t agree more.

    • Jessehbray

       so from this article……you figured out that the judge is racist all by yourself? …..damn wish i could be as smart as you. lol, no no in all seriousness, cmon! dont put that on the judge. even if the generality of the race issue is somewhat true, you cant pin it on the judge. if you were there/know the judge thatd be a different case. (im white btw)

    • Jessehbray

       haha, just realized how many people are opposed by this comment. 5 bucks says he thinks his statement is totally right still. what a skewed view on life…

    • blanketjackson

      of course you would think that way. it’s why the black community has so many problems. stop blaming everything on race and look at it for what it is. violence! screw his college career. so he doesn’t go on to the pros. that is HIS fault. not whitey. he took the decision to beat that woman. i don’t see a white man holding his hand while he beats her.

    • Concerned dad

      Shawndaris, that is ridiculous. He assualted and beat this poor girl. In my mind he did not get enough time. If it was you, your mother, sister or daughter would you say this. I think not. He is 6’7″ and 220 beating on a girl. Let’s see how he handles prison. I hate to see this young man ruin his life…but he ruined it. You don’t assualy anyone, and especially not a little girl.  Black or White he is luck he only got 3 years.

    • NCBrian

      Nonsense. Seems to me that if anything, YOU are the racist.

      You have a video of this man mercilessly beating a defenseless young woman at the place where she lives. you also know he stole her wallet and phone and tried to intimidate her AFTER the fact. and yet you STILL want to blame race?

      what is the matter with you?
      how is 3 years too harsh?

      the system definitely has problems and there are absolutely examples of poor black men getting unfair treatment because of racial inequality. but guess what, this ain’t one of them.

  • Guest101

    “The judge says she also concluded Farmer was not remorseful after his
    initial arrest, because he later attempted to intimidate by the victim
    by sending her a series of text and phone messages.”

    “Lane is literally cowering in a corner and she is trying to push him
    away from her. And ultimately, then, he, hits her in the head several
    times as she is cowered in that corner. That’s what the court witnessed
    on those videotapes”


    How can you feel sorry for this guy? Then when he gets sentenced he collapses? He can’t blame anyone but himself.

    How did this issue become about race. Regardless of his ethnicity, the man punched/hit/dragged. And after the arrest he goes and tries to intimidate the girl? And you feel sorry for him? Wonder what you would feel if that was your daughter.

    • sean

      the punishment is too severe for the crime, drunks who kill people get much less, this judge is an idiot who should be removed from her position asap before she ruins more careers, c’mon even the victim was begging for forgiveness.

      This “judge” is trailer trash and proves that you can take trailer trash out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the trailer trash.

      So this female worked hard and became a judge but still thinks like trailer trash. Like one of the comments stated she should have sent him to rehab for his issues and that would have most likely resolved the problem, but now the stupid judge is exposing this kid to hardened criminals and when he gets out he will be worse.

      For what this judge did she should be given 36 lashes and sent to prison for 3 years. 

      • Inspectorbox

         Yes I agree that drunks who kill should be sentenced far worse than scumbags that beat the crap out of cowering females. ALL violent criminals should do jail time.

      • Chiefmcstuffinsb1

        your an idiot sean, you probably beat your wife too. Go to hell.

      • Gnct1234

        Sean: You were probably never told “no” as a child or held to any type of accountability.  Same thing with this kid Farmer.  I hope he gets a** pounded in the joint and comes out sounding like Boy George.

        • Fingazinc

          Hey Gnct1234, he WILL get his “a** pounded in the joint” for sure.  He has 3 years to prepare for it.  It’s going to happen for sure!

        • CJS

          Agreed on all counts except the Boy George part…we don’t need another one of those

        • the king of D

          man sound racist and sexist, yes i think you’re a girl

      • Guest

        I agree … As a victim of an abusive relationship. Those charges were bogus. He did his time. He clearly have mental problems.

      • Delo_11

        ridiculous comment. The judge is right. Farmer is not above the law because he is an athlete. You do the crime, you do the time. I hope this serves as a lesson to all kids. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!!  You cannot beat someone and get away with it, no matter who you are period.

        • boom chaka laka laka

          “You cannot beat someone and get away with it, no matter who you are period”..Yeah. Unless you’re Chris Brown, Charley Sheen, or anyone who is famous enough and has enough money to pay off the judge.

        • the king of D

          How about those bullies in school

      • Concerned father

        Sean, you are ridiculous.  He assualted and beat this poor girl.  In my mind he did not get enough time.  If it was your mother, sister or daughter would you day this.  I think not.  He is 6’7″ and 220 beating on a girl.  Let’s see how he handles prison.  I hate to see this young man ruin his life…but he ruined it.  You don’t assualy anyone, and especially not a little girl. 

        • the king of D

          man you’re sexist, if it was my 20 year old brother it would’ve been a different sentence, the girl and my brother are both citizens, if you refer to her as “a girl” you’re completeley diminishing the thought of equality between boys and girls, man the stories this country is driving into is whack

      • Fingazinc

        Sean, are you serious?  You actually think the punishment was “too severe” and think that he should’ve just got off?  And you called the Judge an “idiot” when they got him on VIDEO!!!!?  Wow dude, SAY NO TO DRUGS and get a clue.

        • gooooo

          If u watched the video then u clearly see that he only hits her one time

          • mike

            He punched her one time and kicked her bout 5 times in the head….smh

          • Nick

            You do realise that’s not the full video…

          • the king of D

            actually was the only vid caught by those cameras

          • NCBrian

            first of all that’s clearly not true, second that wasn’t the entire video and finally even if that were true, so what?

          • the king of D

            man you don’t understand anything

          • NCBrian

            how do you figure?

          • the king of D


        • the king of D

          man alex rodriguez has less of a sentence

      • brutus50

        Considering it wasn’t legal to contact the victim let alone threaten her before his trial, he got off pretty easy with just 3 years.

      • CJ

        Sean, you sound ridiculous.  Farmer is lucky he only got three years.

      • Guest93

        “The punishment was too severe” have you looked at the video evidence of 6’7″ 250 lb sober adult Farmer repeatedly assaulting the 5’4″ woman?! From her initial reaction to his presence it’s obvious he has assaulted her in the past.  The judge was absolutely correct when she stated that Farmer showed no remorse for his actions; he threatened her via voicemail and text messages in violation of a restraining order. Most victims of domestic violence plead for forgiveness and leniency when it comes time to punish their abusers, that’s nothing new and only contributes to perpetuating the cycle of violence.  The judge’s decision wasn’t trailer trash but too light. The judge wasn’t present when Farmer brutalized his ex girlfriend blaming her for his thuggish decisions are asinine. Farmer has expressed regret that he will be punished for his crime not for vicious his attack on his ex. He deserves the 36 lashes. I’d never claim the system is fair and equitable to all that’s why it’s best not put yourself in position to be at it’s discretion.  Most importantly IT IS WRONG TO REPEATEDLY ASSAULT A WOMAN! Yes Sean I caps locked because all of those who feel he should be dealt with leniently lose sight of the vicious crimes an adult committed. 

        • the king of D

          she’s is his ex-girlfriend you idiot

      • Jereny Rivera

        I’m not sure where you got the idea that “drunks” get less of a sentencing for killing another human being but you’re completely wrong. 
        First off, that’s a broad and meaningless statement. 
        Second of all, I personally know someone who’s father was drunk and got into an accident that resulted in the death of the 2 people that were in the car with him and he was sentenced a MINIMUM of 8 years IF he had good behavior but faced life in prison.
        Third off, for mercilessly and vigorously beating his girlfriend over trying to break up with him and then threatening her life and harassing for her to not press charges should definitely result in a much higher sentencing than three years.
        Not sure what part of the south you come from, but beating women is definitely NOT OK no matter what social status you have.
        This isn’t even covering the fact that he was not remorseful. He was sad that he got caught.

      • ROKnoxx

        its ohio….people get life sentences for armed robbery out there at 18. they dont play around

      • the truth

        He did the crime so he got sentenced proper. It matters not that he possibly had a basketball career. Truth be told, who said he has a spot in the NBA at all. Bottom line is just because you are a so called star doesnt mean you get a pass. What if that was your daughter he did that to. Could he get a pass because you like how he hoops? Ask yourself that question. God has funny way of redirecting your attention to him at all times. So of these highschoolers that are so called greats in the making are only focused on what they see in the media. Money, Cars, Clothes, shoes, houses and all that have their minds so cloudy that they forget they are just another human with a GOD given talent. If he wants it back because of abuse he will take it or make you suffer by locking you away while everone else uses their talents and reap the benefits

      • Dbcooper1969

        These comments come from an obviously, uneduacated source.  He beat the crap out of a much smaller (female) person.  And you don’t think he should be punished for it.  Agg Assult!  That is what it is.  He is luck he didn’t get worse.  And that is not to say that any one of those blows to the head could have killed her.  (It doesn’t take a very strong blow to the temple to kill someone)  If he had killed her would you still say that his issued could have been solved by “rehab”.  He is getting all he “rehab” he needs.  Once he is released, he will be “rehabilitated”  He is exactly where he should be.  BTW, there are some of us in the “know” that are aware of some of the actions of Mr. Lebron James while he was in High School.  The only difference is LJ never got caught….

      • Wil

        Ruins careers?

        The judge did not “ruin” this guy’s career.

        Tony Farmer ruined Tony Farmer.

        Oh and going to college on a basketball scholarship is NOT a career. 

        There is no proof he was definitely going to go to the NBA.  There have been MANY school boys getting D-1 scholarships who flamed out and never made it.

        So there is zero proof that Tony Farmer was going to be a pro ball player. 

        He was going to college for free to play basketball and he ruined his chances at a free education and a POSSIBLE hoops career. 

        Tony did that.

        Not a judge. 

        Tony Farmer.  

        • D M

          Thank you for telling the truth.
          There are so many bleeding hearts here we could hold a blood donation drive.

          • the king of D

            man we’re talking about a kid who plays basketball

        • NCBrian

          YES – clearly. it’s unbelievable that anything you wrote even needed to be said. nice to see i’m not taking crazy pills.

      • Freeborn55

        This guy terrorized that girl and got what he deserved. When you also consider the fact that he tried to intimidate her after the fact, I think the judge was right. It’s unfortunate that his future has been drastically changed but that young lady will never forget the brutality that she was subject to. It’s true that he needs anger management counseling but guess what, she has been scared by something that totally unwarranted.

      • Vik

        Sean people like you make me sad and it’s people like you that make the world a really horrible place at times.

        • NCBrian

          people like him don’t generally get very far so i wouldn’t worry too much.

      • BD5 DAVE

        sentence is so severe because judge knew this will be in news and didnt want to look soft. sentence too long. i know people done worse and got 18 months.

        • NCBrian

          did those people who “done worse” do it on video?

      • Inquizative

        It’s a shame, I wonder if he was a son of a single mother.

        • Iam Donald

          He’s most definitely from a single parent family… Single parenthood is extremely difficult and is an epidemic in the US that needs serious attention NOW..!!

      • TNT

        Your an absolute idiot. This piece of garbage should have gotten the full 7 years.What a coward to beat on a woman. I hope he gets punked out in prison

      • Ron Vargas

        Sean, what does it feel like to be a moron?

      • Michael Hart

        give her 50 lashes for good measure

      • WeaselClubber

        Sean, it is you that is trailer park trash. You’re an enabler and probably get off reading about stories of abused women.

      • NCBrian

        yikes, what a load of nonsense!

        The court does not work for people like Mr. Farmer. Their mission is not to do whatever they can to help him “most likely resolve his issues” but to do justice.

        you clearly have some weird issue with women but what if that victim were your daughter? Would you applaud the court taking the stance that rehab is the best thing for him?

        Keep your hands to yourself. If you beat the crap out of someone smaller than you, steal her stuff, kidnap her and then try and send her intimidating text messages after the fact you better believe you are going to have your “career ruined” when you go to jail…especially if you are stupid enough to get caught on video.

      • asd

        what drung murders someone and get less than 3 years….

      • the king of D

        your right and plus the victim asked to remove the charges, that is possible

    • Trotter_jaleel

      It’s true on so many levels, but he had so much talent & it all went to waste. Scholarship & all. Smh.

    • Shawn Murphy

      I’am a Black man i think he got what he deserves that was animalistic what he did to that girl. He was clearly bigger and stronger than that girl would ever be.

      • NCBrian

        i don’t think so. She is bigger and stronger for being able to move past this while he sits and feels sorry for himself in prison.

        that being said your point is well taken.

  • Joshua Anderson

    the video is this guy attacked her… it was not like she was being a crazy female attacking him and he tried to restrain her or whatever, this was an obvious physical assault on a small female. this guy screwed up and he lost his rights because you simply don’t do that. Noone is perfect and just because he is a basketball player means nothing. He physically attacked her and it looks like it could have been significantly worse off. I mean we could all be debating him killing her because that’s what it looked like. It was also not his first time hitting her. You saw her hide and run quick. Pathetic. Attacking a female like that is pathetic. 3 years for that is fair those kind of actions.

  • Kikie Williams

     Growing up in Cleveland neighborhoods boy I tell its something, it takes a strong person to make it and not be influence by their peer or keep a positive mental approach on life , I change my life and became a nurse. I would say someone can and should reach out and help this young man because Lords knows we here in Cleveland, Ohio have seen so any of our black youth end up in a dead end street. He needs a second chance in his life.  Kikie Williams LPN

  • jennifer Hurt

    I think he should have got more. if that was one of yall daughter, yall would not be saying the judge was wrong. he did it to his self. and the judge had text messages he sent her. glad he didn’t kill her. then the topic would be different.

  • gina

    Thank you for sharing this, I pray for this talented young man & his family unfortunately life’s hardest lessons are learned when something is taken away from you. I don’t believe he should have recieved jail time at least not that much. I feel that his time would have been better served having to spend a year in a woman’s victim of domestic violence program as a volunteer to see woman who are hurt by there partners day in and day out. I would like to believe that race had nothing to do with the sentence.

  • NicoleinFl

    Sorry, the judge is not racist! She discussed in detail why she sentenced him so harshly. He got what he deserved! Hopefully, this sends a message to the other “poor excuses for men” that like to abuse women!

  • AshleyR

    As a woman that has had a similar experience with a man I dated, I can honestly say he got what he deserved. It’s time to make an example out of this man that it is not okay to put hands on a woman. Thankful to the God I serve I was able to move on and forgive him, but I will never forget. Regardless, women of all colors go through this daily, it is heart wrenching and could ruin a woman’s life forever. I am relieved that this young man is in jail, I could care less about his talent. I sincerely hopes he learns his lesson in all of this. He acted like a coward, a complete and utter disgrace. Although, I do not want to see any young person go to jail, this is a great lesson for those men who think it is okay!

    • NCBrian

      Great post – but I would argue that no, what he deserved was a beating and to feel the terror that this poor 18 year old woman had to feel.

      what he got was fair. and he’s lucky we live in a country where the system is based on justice before fairness.

  • Susannelson68

    Finally a Judge that takes this seriously! There should be no difference between domestic violence and assult. assult is assult it does matter who you assult. Unfortunatley because by law there is a difference they give more relaxed sentences if you assult your wife than if you assulted a stranger or friend. Some states are getting wise to this and changing the law to just assult.

  • Lelind98

    I really feel that his actions displayed discipline was slack in his life.   He was too comfortable beating on his girlfriend as if there was no reprisal for his actions.  I often wonder did he think he could get away with it because he felt above the law because of who he was.  Or, had he perform this act before but did not get caught.  Anyway you look at it, if he had made it to a division I college, his actions proved he would not have finished.  It was a matter of time and he would have been kicked out for some behavior problem. After watching the video I refuse to believe this was the only time in his life he lashed out in anger.  I feel jail will make him bitter against the wrong people.  He has to face himself and realize he is his own worse enemy.    

  • Andre

    He needs mental help jail will make him worse … He father died … Who knows his struggles… I don’t agree with abuse but jail won’t help him.

  • Taylorcastar

    I am making my sons read this right now.

  • coby jones

    Well for me i think he deserved what he got this is no issue of been a racist he did what wrong and he got his punishment…thoug it must have gone 2 far 2 sentence him for 2year.

  • jereme

    man i guess people don
    ‘t learn from their mistakes well i guess another one bites the dust ‘ you live and you learn’..

  • Flbplone

    I dont believe this was based on racism.  I believe the severity was needed in that there was no remorse and honestly he was looking for a slap on th wrist so he could still goo play basketball somewhere.  There is no excuse.

  • Mrhiggs11

    I want to kick this off by saying I’m BLACK!!!! This has NOTHING to do with race this all has to do with STUPIDITY …. This is a case of a young man who thought he was untouchable because he could put a ball in a hoop …SMH there is so many youth living like this … This isn’t the first time something like this has happened this is just being shown on a national level …. Go and google the likes of Bo Wade …Pierre Pierce …Greg Brown ( mr basketball state of WI) similar story of Tony Farmer… Not only was he stupid and I’m not trying to be mean I’m stating facts his family and supporters are ignorant as well . I will use th word ignorant instead of stupid… On of the charges the minnium I repeat the minnium amout of time for the crime was 3years so how and the hell did you not know you was going to jail??? Really dude??? So like said he and his circle was ignorant from the start… And I hate to be like this those in the crowd who was crying would have told him NO from time to time and make him be a normal child and not worship the ground he walks on because he can play ball this would not have ever happen… I see it to often parents stop being parents uncles stop bein uncles etc. when they think that person about to make it to the NBA or NFL … It is important that we humble the youth otherwise they walk around like they are untouchable and we all seen in the video that’s farrrrrr from the truth.. Remember you can be touched and not and not touched and feel the pain just ask Tony Farmer…. I’m laughing at him because he a clown #FAN

    • vrob57

      Ohio was one of the most racist states besides Alabama that I had visited.. Born on my Grandma’s kitchen table because the white hospital around the corner did not accept blacks.. throughout my 58yrs I have learned a few things.. If that was a Black girl he would have received probation with anger management (check court records)..If it was a white guy beating up his white or black girlfriend he would have gotten the same for his first offense but this is a white girl from the burbs and a promising black basketball star.. Look at all the black sport stars who date White women and have been accused and tried nationally before the case goes to court.. Didn’t OJ and Kobe teach you guy’s anything.. I agree that this guy should be punished..but punishment as well as the law should not be bias,and this jail term is very bias and should be appealed

      • anthonyindy

        Actually you don’t see well in your 58 years, the victim his “ex girlfriend” was mixed. This kid was a temper tantrum throwing idiot. He should goto the joint for a bit and get some humble pie. He is another youth that thinks he can do what he wants because he plays sports. And don’t play that bs racecard crap with me dude. The old white guy that shot the little black boy in front of his mom? He got life in prison not that long ago on a capital murder charge. Explain that? also explain why so many american blacks are so racist against white people that had nothing to do with slavery? People like you perpetuate hate and segregation without even knowing you are doing it, with your whole the white man is trying to bring us down ignorance. So many young blacks are raised that white people hate them by old dudes like you. Then they think its ok to be some racist like you are, thinking every white person is out to get you. I come from a long line of poor people back in the day and a long line of cherokee indians when slavery was a reality and not one of my family owned black slaves yet I avoid black parts of town because there is so much black on white racism here in Indianapolis and people like you are the ignorant types that spead your hate and garbage ruining peoples minds. This kid is not some innocent victim that deserves the benefit of the doubt. He is caught on video committing multiple a felony as he is a bully on some little mixed girl. You are sticking up for this guy. What does that have to say about you?

      • NCBrian


      • Forbes

        Very well said.

  • sean

    I’m not condoning what Tony did but the judge was too harsh, people get much shorter sentences for more serious crimes.

    If you examine the judge’s eyes she looks like trailer trash so even though she is educated and has a good job she is unable to reason out her decision.

    Especially since she is destroying a young career and even the victim is pleading for mercy!!

    • CRH

      R u crazy?!?  I bet if that was your daughter, sister or mother who was kicked in the head, punched and dragged by the hair, you would’ve wanted much more than just three years!  You just showed how truly IGNORANT you are by your absolutely racist comment about “examining the judge’s eyes, she looks like trailer trash”.  I have never heard anything more idiotic in my life!!  The judge is not “destroying a young career”, Tony Farmer did that when he waited for the victim and attacked her.  He is a coward and deserves the punishment he was given even though the “victim was pleading for mercy”, as most victims of domestic violence do.  If other judges have given “much shorter sentences for more serious crimes”, then those judges are at fault.  Are you suggesting we use that standard to sentence criminals?  How ’bout you do your part and vote out judges who give a slap on the wrist to violent criminals and not accuse the judges that are doing their jobs of being trailer trash?!?


    if tony farmer did to my sister or daughter what he did to this young girl. you wouldn’t need a judge I would deal with his a$$ myself. 3 years he’s lucky. this crybaby now has the opportunity to kick and beat up real men let’s see how that works out for him: coward.

  • Shan

    Um…Tony Farmer did think before he did what he did. The video above didn’t show how after he had her cornered near the front door of the apartment building – he walked out of the building and THEN CAME BACK and kicked her four times.

    This obviously wasn’t even the first time. This wasn’t some one-time impulsive act of passion.

  • Djwhodat

    This is not a black or white issue, this is a person that watched someone else do it and he’s thinking it’s o.k., when you are around that type of stuff and it’s happening around you constantly eventually you’ll think it’s alright to do that, that young man got exactly what he deserved and I’m a black male myself, my saying has always been ” If I gotta beat ya, I Don’t need ya!!!!!! “.

  • Kwende Idrissa Madu

    The people who say he got “exactly what he deserved” are fools. Does any one honestly believe that had this young man been white that this incident would have ever seen the the light of day? 

    • NicoleinFl

      Dear Speaker of Truth..why are you trying to turn this into a race thing? Mr Farmer acted like a violent thug and was sentenced as such! It had nothing to do with being black or white! The wise judge felt his actions deserved the harshest sentence and that’s what she gave him! Many support her! Instead of calling the race card, how about teaching our kids to be responsible for THEIR ACTIONS! Where you upset when OJ was set free? Probably not! Bet you weren’t playing the race card then I bet! Justice isn’t always equal for all..Some white kids do get a slap on the wrist AND so do some blacks! You can’t cry foul when it doesn’t go your way! In this case, the sentence was deserved! Watch the video again and imagine it was YOUR mom being kicked around! Still think he should be walking the streets??

      • Kwende Idrissa Madu

        Caucasians have played the “race card” for 400 years and gotten away it. Yet you expect black people to suffer in silence? The Amerikan justice system is uniformly corrupt and racist and should be abolished. I don’t know what provoked this violent outburst but had it been a female relative of mine. I would be the one standing before the judge not Mr Farmer.

        • NicoleinFl

          Our justice system isn’t perfect and never will be. Who are these black people that are suffering in silence?? Certainly not Mr Farmer! His ex girlfriend is the one that is suffering. He committed the crime, now he is doing the time! I see nothing wrong with the sentence he got!

          • Kwende Idrissa Madu

            I will repeat myself because obviously you didn’t read my original statement had Mr Farmer been white the case would have never been brought to trial. People like yourself would have no cause to celebrate this tragedy. 

  • Alvaro KR

    I think is a fair sentence, the fact he had a future as an athlete its irrelevant and shouldnt even be discussed because no one should receive special treatment. I mean is bad enough he punched her like he was punching a man but than he goes on further and kicks her on the head? Cmon man! For all those who feel this was a harsh sentence, my question to you is, would you like someone to kick your daughter, girlfriend or mother in the head?

  • Aw

    He needs mental help… Jail will not rehab him. This is sad for both families. He snapped and nothing should have made him do this. Robbery was harsh … Domestic violence would be better. He’s immature and have mental issues … A bad mx. I’m a therapist and am white. Jail is not gonna help.

    • NicoleinFl

      Dear therapist, the jail sentence is the punitive part of his sentence! When he gets released and is on probation, then he can get the “help” everyone thinks he needs! I am pretty sure Mr Farmer has had anger issues for a while. I am also pretty sure he has hit his girlfriend before! He should have sought help before it progressed this far!

  • Loss

    This isn’t unfortunate. He isn’t a good man and when he gets out. He will just go right back. Kidnapping a woman? Sick, he deserves every hour of his crime.

  • Alvin Clark#5 Straightway Suns

    I know Tony, Its crazy how you can have something going for yourself and that just fast it could all go away because of one bad mistake. With me being a high school athlete, this is a good lesson. A life lesson for me, for any High School, College, and Professional athlete. Like LeBron said, Real Men Don’t Hit!!!

  • DCguest

    All he got was 3 years???!!!



  • Jay_weezy69

    Tony got what he deserves he needs to pay for what he did to her he don’t even express that he was sorry for what he did

  • xmd

    No grown man of normal stature has any right to lay hands on a woman, this guy is huge….th eres no way i feel sorry for him. And race?? Who cares!!! if he didnt lay his hands on her his fait wouldnt have been in the hands of the legal system. He gambled with his future and lost. No ones fault but his.

  • Darkgable08

    A man should never lay his hands on a woman. If it had been my sister……I would have definitely wanted to kick his a$$. However….while he deserves punishment for his egregious actions….the penalty she meted out was WAY to severe according to the Ohio Legal System. 

  • Johnjohns

    this dude is a coward.. smh

    Rapper Yung Berg Robs Himself Just to See Why People Like Doing It So Much – <<funniest thing i read all day.. 

  • Nathansalyers

    thats bullshit thats not him

  • Fingazinc

    Man enough to put your hands on a woman, AND KICK HER 4 TIMES IN THE HEAD then you DESERVE to get what you got.  Did you “collapse” when you dragged her BY HER HAIR and beat her?  I think not!  Be a man and deal with it.  If I met you face to face I would tell you the same thing.  You should be LUCKY Tony (woman beater) FARMER that all you got was 3-years!  I’m just glad it wasn’t my daughter that you put your hands on.  Anyone who has sympathy for this IDIOT is an IDIOT themselves!  THIS IS JUST PLAIN SICK!!!!!!!

  • Margwills

    Based on the girlfriend’s quick response, “she’s ducked and dodged attacks from him before”. I hope she learns from this too!
    A loss of Freedom is Farmer’s punishment and the legal system did it’s job.
    I hope the girlfriend gets help!

  • Margwills

    To the women that were in abusive relationships but who sympathize with Farmer,
    Good to hear that you’ve moved on and forgotten what it was like to get your head bashed in and dragged.
    Too bad for you that your beating wasn’t caught on tape and posted on YouTube and t.v. to be replayed for the rest of your life, maybe it would have given you empathy and perspective (helped you recover)!

  • Kemetjustice

    Judge is a racist, I don’t care what anybody says white or black. Sentence to three years in prison without given a chance to fix his problem. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if Farmer was white he would have never got sentenced to three years, or if he didn’t have a promising future he would have got a lighter sentence.  If was wrong what he did, but he should have never got three years for that. That’s harsh, he’s only eighteen years old. Still a baby.

    • Disappointed

      If he didn’t have a promising career, we wouldn’t be talking. Is there racism in the world? Yes! Did he put himself in a position to be screwed? Yes! This is not racist America’s fault, this is Tony Farmer’s fault. I pray that he grows and learns from his mistakes.

  • Wam642004

    I by no means condemn what he did ,however even the girl stated he shouldnt have gotten three years. I do believe he should have received some type of punishment  but not three years.This is coming from a father who has a daughter. 

  • Faveastro

    He got what he deserved. And as far as having an AMAZING career he was going to be a basketball player. Last time I checked the only person his career would have benefited would have been himself. When was the last time that kid went out and did something for someone else. By beating his ex girlfriend he just showed everyone how selfish and thoughtless he really was. I’m glad he got 3 years and I hope those three years are hard and troubling for him. This society needs to stop letting athletes and celebrities off with a slap on the wrist and really start showing them reality. We live in a culture of “me me me me me” that man (or child) just proves that. The judge is stopping this cycle and saying “WE” think this is wrong and “WE” will sentence you for your “me me me” attitude. Great Job Judge! (And for anyone that pulls the race card, try using another card because although racism does still exist, he lost all rights (black or white) when he beat that poor women)

  • Topnole

    I have no sympathy for someone who beats on a female.  Have fun playing street ball in prison!

  • Jaleel Trotter

    Thats so sad and tragic. he had his whole life ahead of him and he let it slip away because of a stupid mistake he made. I hope he sees to it that he wont do it again because that wasnt right at all.

  • Brad Lyons

    Isn’t it ironic that we are taking GOD and BIBLES out of schools today….. however those that go to Prison they can have a free BIBLE, have a Chaplain, and have many CHRISTIAN organizations involved.  Look at what our kids are doing these days, just look at Tony Farmer.  Maybe, JUST maybe, he will have a revelation about this, learn from it, and use this to teach others when he gets out—and become a productive member of society. 

  • Brandonpersons

    I knew tony

  • Rutled37

    Being able to play basketball is a privilege he ruined his own career the moment he decided to attack this young lady. Three years is actually not that bad considering the fact he threatened to do something worst to her, the judge just may have saved this young womans life by putting him behind bars. Just because you are a star athlete and have a future in it does not exempt you from the law and consequences of your actions. Like the judge said he lost the future himself the moment he put into action the attack. Thats whats wrong with most athletes these days they are made to feel because they have talent they can do what they want and that shouldnt be the case. Hoepfully he learns from this experience, he shouldve had more sense to understand that his future and abilities were worth more than whatever issue he may have had with that young lady. God Bless him and may god be with him.

  • Auntiebabys

    tony was a good person i hope he keep his head up and think positive and think about what he did was is worth giveing up his life

  • Alexjones

    ant no use ov falln out

  • Otieno_brian

    so sad!!

  • Swagg

    well thats what he gets he should have never beat her up

  • Bigmo

    If that was my daughter, I would be upset he only got 3 years. My family and I would have stump a mudhole in his a**.  F**K his basketball career and his future.  The judge made the right call.


    This really a sad display of losing your temper. When you have so much going for you like he had you cannot commit foolish crimes such as the one he did. I’m not perfect and I have been is situations similar to this, but never had the oppotunities that he had in front of him. If I did I would not have done certain things that I did. You really must evaluate all decisions before you act out because the wrong decision could affect your whole life in a major way.

  • Khili jones

    that judge ain’t have to do that man like that but if it was a white dude  she would of let it pass 

  • Davon83

    why is this guy getting ANY more publicity????? he is a convicted criminal, plain and simple. end of story. bury this story and make no further mention of this drain on society.

  • Guest

    I’ve seen enough of the justice system to know that this is par for the course.  Without knowing if there are any priors on Farmer, it is difficult to make an educated decision.  But, If this is a first charge on Farmer, if this ‘child’ is 18 or under, then this judge has over-stepped.  By this probably should not have been done at an adult court but a juvenile court.  The concerns are that the victim(s) is kept safe, but mostly that the felon can receive treatment so that he can operate in society as an adult.  In Florida, there is a “youthful offender” tag that can be placed on an 18 year old.  Obviously!!!! this Kid needs help.  His size and race should have nothing to do with it…  but they do.  If he was 5′ 7″ 130 lbs and white, then it would not be much of a story, and he would have been sentenced to a secure 6 month to a year camp with counseling mandatory.  Prisons are for hardened criminals, assuming no priors, this he is not. 

  • Aaron Williford

    Okay, Acquille Carr hit his girlfriend and is STILL CONSIDERED A TOP RECRUIT. ALLEN IVERSON got sent to prison and look where he is. He just had a bad judge, and I’m not just saying that because of her race. Look at her demeanor , look at how she responds. This is just ridiculous.

  • poop

    Dude… this is better than wwe!

  • sanjae rowe

    dame tony sorry man u will all wos be remember by me you are the best basketball player 

  • Cadencamp

    Do the crime do the time

  • Ken

    Good for him. See how many guys in prison will tolerate his temper tantrums. If thats what it takes to grow up….

  • crosstown

    His future is now behind him. He is a felon. This video and his story should be presented as a training device to motivate all young people to stay the course and behave responsibly.

  • Locshanglo

    The comments here are crazy. He should have gotten a harsher punishment. Who knows what he would have done to this girl had he gotten her back outside. He has no one to blame but himself and the fact that people think he should be released is crazy. All they see is dollar signs because he was an accomplished basketball player. but I guess being a ball player is more important then the safety of the woman he beat.

  • guest

    scum bag. dont let this guy out of jail early! and definitely will never play professional sports! 

  • LeBronEatsPum

    Release Tony Parker, He is not muslim.

    • LeBronEatsPums

      just kidding

  • J….Just J

    I truly think rehab would have sufficed. He is dead wrong for hitting her but I dont think prison was the answer for his 1st offense. a tad harsh if you ask me.

  • Mike Jones

    “The opportunities that he lost, I’d just say he lost them” Damn, that was REAL deep judge

  • lit

    this article completely sensationalizes his actions. he was wrong, and its not just a bad choice. he’s a violent person, and “needing help” is downplaying this.

  • PRNluvr4life .

    I’m Black, I’m a female, and I have been through the crap that girl went through…even worse. And I agree that 7 years was way too much. Yes what he did was wrong, no-a man should never put his hands on a female. All of these “what-if-sh-died”are just that…what ifs. She didn’t die. So it’s assault. He does not deserve 7 years in prison. All of you voting for it, have you ever been to prison? I don’t think so. 6 months in that place would deter him. Anything longer turns him into something worse than he was when he went in. HE has single-handedley crushed all of his hopes & dreams. That’s a sentence all on its own. He should also be responsible for all of her medical bills, including psych no matter how long it takes. To all of you wishing, hoping, and praying that sick things happen to him while he’s in there, you don’t realize that you are just as much a deviant as he is. And everyone knows that prison is just the new form of slavery by another name. Don’t believe me? Read the 14th Amendment.

  • opinion

    How many years did Chris Brown get for pulverizing Rihanna ? This is a perfect example of how corrupt the system is , now he is going to sit in a jail and feed the prison industrial complex .

  • No force

    Feel bad for his mother.

  • Marcus Taylor

    Well if my girlfriend smashed two of my homies and gave me an incurable STD, I might be a lil pissed too. Hopefully, when he gets out he can continue his career somewhere. Stay strong Tony.

  • guest 102

    The Judge did not right thing. I know the ex-girlfriend was scared to death in that corner. I also know that Farmer felt very powerful at that moment and chose to abuse her and terrorize her. He should have received more time; this young lady was fearing for her life in those moments. She was unprotected from a 6’7″, nothing but muscle and enraged creature. After seeing what he did to her, I am not surprised he fainted. The Judge was petite yet mighty and powerful. The Judge crushed him emotionally and made he look like the coward he truly was (or is). I am sorry the young lady had to go through such turmoil and emotional paid, and I hope she will teach her daughter(s) well and stand by and with them through all that will come their way.

  • guest 102

    Correction: First line should read “The Judge did the RIGHT thing. Please excuse the obvious mistake.

  • Hawkstrat

    I hope he rots

  • The One who said so

    This dude got exactly what he deserved!

  • theLaw

    3 years is excessive. He didn’t even hurt her that bad. Assailants who fracture skulls and break jaws are the ones that should be getting 3 years. They gave 3 years to a cop who killed a 54 year old sunday school teacher.

    • veterinaryhog

      Three years is not enough for this boy. This is one of the worst acts a man can commit. He was not sorry that he did it, he was just sorry that he was punished for committing the actions.

  • Guest

    If she gave him herpes or something that he can’t get rid of then I can see beating the crap out of her for it. If that is not the case then he got what he deserved! This issue is not about race at all. Judge gave him a gift with that light sentence.

  • Real101

    He did this to himself. no contact order so there were issues already. he disregards the order and jumps on the girl. Really? your a basketball star on the rise and you go on a jealous controlling rage and jump on a chick? you were about to have all the chicks. Judge was fair on this one.

  • jake

    He had 4 felony counts total of 9 years… he got off lightly. No racism. No bias. It was unfortunate what happened. He should of thought about his actions

  • IdahoPete

    It is naive to think, this beat down was a one time incident. Sadly, the sentencing was concurrent. My heart and all compassion lies with the victim.

  • Lars Anderson

    He earned his time. i can’t believe people think he should be set free cause he plays ball….WTF.

  • WeaselClubber

    Shawndaris Herdon is a colostomy bag with ears.

  • Lapierre

    I agree! Tony is dangerous and should go to jail and not be allowed to every play basketball. Every year thousands of women go missing and are murdered by someone they know. Was his intention to kill her? He is huge. Be careful of one action. But, he is a dangerous young man and he needs help.

  • Guest102

    sentece should be more severe

  • gooooo

    The judge in this case was clearly bias and happy to take a young black males future away he had numerous supporters including the girl whom they attack occurred with who pleaded that he not be sent to jail a sad case of the “law” using the “law” to benefit them and no one else, when the victim even feels you shouldn’t go to prison how can a judge still sentence in such a manor smh

    • NCBrian

      are you serious?

      because it is the State vs Defendant, not Victim v Defendant. He would still be liable to her for civil damages. If she thinks he does not owe her redress then she won’t sue him in civil court.

      he took his own future away – keep your hands to yourself!

  • cj

    oh she was pretty lenient! If it was my daughter that he had beat, I would have been sentenced that day too!

  • Nick

    I might be a year late but how is this an “unfortunate story”? Subjecting someone that kind of assault deserves no sympathy whatsoever, irrespective of their background. And it’s not a racial thing either, anyone who does that deserves to be punished by the fullest extent of the law. It was his stupidity that put him in this position, and just like the judge said, all of these opportunities he had, “he lost them”. His own fault. Should learn from it.

  • linda

    stupid boy. stupid stupid stupid. beyond dissapointing.

  • Shac Cooper

    From looking at the video, it seems that Farmer’s actions were kinda prophetic. He went after Lane as if he was God, and in a world of his on. He felt that he could do what he wanted because he was “Tony Farrrrrrmer.” He thought that the worst case scenario would be him getting a smack on the rise. By his prophet demeanor on the night that he abused Lane, he knew that there would be many people who would decry that anything other than a smack on the rise was too much for the god-boy. My father tortured my mother. If I had been even a teenager while he did what he did, I would have murdered him.

  • Sam

    I’m a woman and believe he should have went to jail not prison its a difference. I think a 1 – 1.5 years in jail of the 3 yrs and probation for the remainder would have been fair. I know people are going to say WHAT ! 3 years in prison is a very long time, prison and jail are two different environments. Going to prison your first time getting into trouble for something other than drugs , murder, or white collar crimes is a steep punishment. He will get more time because at that age for what he did he will get tried by someone and better defend himself or you know what. That equals more time added to his sentence so his 3 years could very easy turn to 4,5, or 6 depending. Do you all thing fighting a woman deserves a sentence of that. Remind you’all prison not the city jail he is where the killers, rapist, etc.

  • Jeremy

    I don’t understand it’s he kidnapped her. How is that possible? She clearly walks out the elevator. I’ve seen others that have worse fights and this fine 1 hair tug 1 punch and 1 kick. Boo hoo it still shouldn’t happen to this girl but look at some fights on worldstar between two girls and than judge my that.

  • efgerbt

    im wondering what happened between he and his girlfriend personally…

  • the king of D

    A white kid drunk DRIVING at the age of SIXTEEN, kills four and is sentenced to 10 years of probation ( this proves that if Tony were white he would get a different sentence ) also if it were a boy he beat up on school grounds ( changing scenery) Tony would’ve only been expelled from his school, ( the judge was a woman so she was clearly being sexist towards him, stop asking for women rights if you keep doing this, the judge was also white and from my first statement, the was clearly a act of racism.)