LeBron’s Bracelet: What’s your Promise?

In August of 2011, an important promise was made in Akron, Ohio. 342 Akron Public Schools third-grade students made a promise to their hero. They promised him they would go to school, be respectful to their parents, teachers and peers, be active and make good decisions. In return, he promised them that he would be the best role model he could be, on and off the court.

Get your promise bracelet in support of the LeBron James Family Foundation’s mission to support kids and families across the globe here.

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  • Doc Cold

    I, Rolando Pharr PROMISE to make a generous contribution every year to the LJFF. In April of  1985 a handshake PROMISE was made concerning three month old LeBron James’ “Dr J” Christening. When that PROMISE is Honored, I will immediately start honoring mine. Check out the Youtube video “LeBron’s Cosmic Connection”. You knew there was Something Special about dat boy. I PROMISE

  • Dante Lonardo

    lebron is my hero and i promise to go to school and be respectful of my parents teachers and elders. i hope to one day be like my hero the king!

  • http://www.facebook.com/LBNJMS Leomar Peralta

    be like you. lebron .. play basketball

  • http://twitter.com/MandyBaldwin82 Mandy Baldwin

    Got my bracelet in the mail yesterday.  Haven’t made a promise yet – but will.  So for now – my promise is to make a promise, haha.  Great cause!

  • Josh Smooth

    I promise to be a player with great skills like yours LeBron.

  • Daisyorellan

    WOW I admire the dedication you have to improve the future. Because children are our future. You are my hero as well

    Thank You…..

  • Randal_jaywalk

    nice thing about LBJ .. he`s sodown to earth !!

  • Psand1

    good job LB  make us proud of you and go get another ring!!!!!

  • Bernhard Rohacky

    i really would like to have one, but i live in vienna, austria :( is there any way for me to get one?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Guinnyss Mark Meade

    I don’t like promises but i like what your doing. Your a good dude LeBron, keep it up homie.

  • Akc05

    my promise is to never give up and to do my very best at everything I do

  • Gmclaughlin

    I got my bracelet yesterday. My promise is to never quit no matter what

  • Latin_chick

    How can i buy a band from Australia. I want to make a promise too!

  • Mitchell_236

    Where do you get these bracelets?

  • Kennybeaubrun

    Lebron keep ur promise hidgher

  • Ernad

    i would love to take LeBron one on one just to see what’s it like to play against the best :D

  • Anonymous

     On Christmas Day of 2012, I will give myself, and my family a promise.  I promise to stop drinking, smoking and to become a better father. Thank you Lebron

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001458517654 Mustafa Özel

    lebro ll love youuuuuuuuuuu

  • http://twitter.com/RetrosAndHoes j a r o n . . .

    i want a bracelet :

  • Parker

    I promise to be a better person everyday. 

  • A. Sakamoto 13

    LeBron u r my hero!! Congrats on ur title. I promise to do good in school and try my best to be like the King!!!!

  • Sdefabbo

    I promise to be a better person

  • dorot

    i gotta have this too, it’s awesome! but how can I get it in Europe?

  • http://twitter.com/RotaryP7 Carlos Carreras

    I promise to never give up in anything I do, just like you LeBron.

  • Rodriguezedgar59

    edgar rodriguez

    lebron i am one of your biggest fans i promise i will behave in class also i will respect my teachers parents and others and i wish i would be like you one day

  • Britney Espiras

    im getting one soon!!

  • Steven21900

    Ordered my promise bracelet on oct 31st haven’t received it yet wondering if someone can possibly check on it my invoice #4079

  • Reymar_gurion08

     can i have a bracelet the promise. im from the philippines. im your no.1 fan here. keep it up man/

  • Chabrydesmom

    My 14 year old son is a huge LeBron fan!!! I got him tickets to a game for Christmas that will be played on his actual birthday in March. He is going through a rough time right now because of an absent father. He is depressed, has let his grades dropped, and withdrawn himself from his friends. His doctor and I are working together to get him back on track, but when he saw the commercial about LeBron’s Promise it gave him an extra push toward the right path. Thank you LeBron James for giving my boy a reason to strive to do better in all aspects of his life.

  • Kils_19


  • Ihaveneatstuff

    I am so impressed.  In today’s world it is inspiring to see such a talented man that is doing the right thing for the young children that look up to him.  Thank you for not letting your fame go to your head, and for being mindful of the influence you have on children around the planet.

  • Aric McCray

    Lebron is my favorite basketball player and watching him play it motivates you to wanna go out and work hard on your game… I feel that he is a great role model on and off court, he is humble and respectful. One day I pray that I can meet Lebron and watch him play in person.

  • Ayricuh

    Way to go LeBron kids need more Heros to look up to like you!

  • Brianlopez2121

    How can i buy one of them bracelets 

  • Josegutierrez67

    i promise to be respectful to everybody , go to school do my homework  and respect my teachers
     i am a lebron fan he is my # 1 favorite basketball player

  • http://www.facebook.com/katia.morejon.1 Katia Morejon

    i’m a lebron #1 fan and i will be repectful to everybody  go to school do my homework and i would respect my teachers. mydream is for lebron to go to my school. i dont miss a game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/katia.morejon.1 Katia Morejon

    i promise that i would be respectful to everybody , go to school , do my homework  , and respect my teachers . i am a lebron #1 fan my dream is for lebron to go to  my school  the kids willfreak out  i hope my dreams come true my school : flamingo elementary , miami

  • Dallas Aumend

    how do i get a i promise bracelet

  • Ramostim12

    So happy I just got my bracelet,and my promise is to be a better husband,father,and person. Thanks Lebron.

  • Moeissa2

    I promise me wearing this wrist band will make me reach my goals and achieve the needs I want to have by my high school year. One love #TeamHeat 

  • 619chef

    I promise to be the bests rent and role model I can be!

  • Grayson Wilson

    lebron is my idol. i watch all of his games have his jersey and shoes, this guy/athlete changed me because he is so amazing. shout out to lebron

  • noah ghide

    lebron u r the best player in the nba and i want of ur i promise wristbands in washington,dc

  • Alex Wayland

    I promise to be respectful to my parents, teachers, and elders. LeBron, you are my hero.

  • Alex Wayland

    I promise to stay in school and be the best I can be at all times
    I promise to always respect my parents, teachers, and elders. LeBron, you are my hero.

  • JJ

    He should probably stop complaining about how he doesn’t make enough money. Not much of a role model if you are telling kids that you should be upset that $17 million a year isn’t enough.

    • Friends

      You are an idiot. You realize this guy could be making 30 mil easy a year? He took a huge pay cut to live in Miami close to his family.

  • JJ

    My promise is to root for the Spurs

  • Erik

    Falling over without contact. Sprinting the length of the court while protesting a call. The stare down of jason terry. Oh yeah, great role model.

  • Zinger3161

    how about promising to make shipping available outside of the USA.

  • tiago

    king james you are my hero. I am Portuguese and lay me too late to see your games king and enjoyed having a bracelet so i promise that are not sent to Portugal.

    Congratulations you are the best basketball player in the world

  • lewis

    can you buy these in the uk? and if so, how?

  • Melvin Vouzon

    My promise is to get good grades and be respectful to everyone.

  • Frankie

    i lost my brother and he used to wear a I PROMISE wrist band and now i have it and my promise is to look up my my little nephew he’s only five year old

  • Jonathan Jones

    my promise to keep belivig in you LeBron and be a good father and a good person help my friends out who need help when they need help and make a difference in our community.

  • Mario Rodriguez

    i dont have a i promise braclet but i promise i will get one#KINGJAMES

  • Sanchit

    i did something to a girl i was not at all supposed to do. i promise i will be a better man n respect girls whether they belong to my past or present.

  • Alexis Balla nkoulou

    I promise that I will be in NBA… For me and mainly for my family…

    Dedication to my parents who will see Miami-charlotte, Sunday evening … For the first time in their life they will see Lebron James … They take pictures of my next opponent, I hope … We all love you in France Lebron! Continuous like that! MVP!

  • Logan Taylor

    Lebron James is my idol and I promise to always try hard at everything that I do and to give it everything I got

  • Mohd Mustafa

    Lebron i am from india and want to play the nba you are my role model to whom i started playing basketball and i promise that i will be in the nba

  • tjkl95341

    My promise is ill stay truth to everyone and ill never give up on b-ball #ljmvp