Rap Dream Team: Drake Vs. Kendrick Lamar?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for round 2 of our Hip-Hop Dream battle. The first round face-off was between Jay-Z (Jameel’s pick) and Kanye West (my pick, Low Key) in which surprisingly, King Hov beat Ye by only a mere 51 percent to 49 percent.

Today, we have YMCMB’s, Drake (Jameel’s pick) going up against TDE leader, Kendrick Lamar (my pick). These two aren’t even half way into their careers but have obtained a ridiculous cult like following since stepping foot on to the scene.


Meel: There is no way you shouldn’t be able to relate to Drake’s music. Whatever he touches turns to gold. He will be around for a long time because of his ability to write R&B, sing and rap. We haven’t really seen a triple threat like that in hip-hop. He is a very consistent artist and just getting started. After Jay-Z and Kanye, this guy is 3rd!


Low Key: Lately, there’s been a serious surge in “lyrics” over poppy radio and club singles. Some believe (including myself) that this movement is being led by Compton’s own, Kendrick Lamar. He’s been slowly chipping away at the mainstream’s attention whilst eating the underground alive. Not for nothing, this underdog is quickly becoming the main attraction!

Who's the better artist?

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  • Eric

    Kendrick Lamar no questions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Drake-Caldwell/100001343641458 Drake Caldwell

    Why is this even being voted on? Obviously, Kendrick Lamar is better.

  • Cdmjukester

    I say drake

  • Manman515028

    kendrick is the hottest rapper right now straight outta compton

  • Kingmazired

    Kendrick Lamar .
    Compton in the house

  • http://twitter.com/LL_Cool_Mell Jameel

    Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper alive!!!!

  • Lyrical 8

    Kendrick taking me Back to the days of Real Hip Hop…

  • Ad

    No question it’s drake! Dude can make anything sound good

  • Joeboy

    this is straight forward… Kendrick Lamar is the man

  • Udongolikeme

    where is wayne at he better than all of them

  • Changos_city

    Nice choice’
    for me Nov’18th its the best Drake song eva’

  • Michael

    Kendrick Lamar makes it a easy choice… Drake hands down…

  • Hov

    I see Drake more like an RnB artist, and I think he sounds just great. Maybe a little tacky from time to time, some would say. Lamar is a great true rapper, one of the best lyricists in the game right now, and his beats are pretty much recognizable. But my vote goes to Drake.

  • Lyrical 8

    They way I’m feeling bout kendrick right now…”I think imma buy the album…imma download that cd…imma shot a bootlegger…thats how good i feel about this kid”

  • Nishant Narayanan

    Kendrick Lamar hands down

  • seven3

    “…his ability to write R&B, sing and rap. We haven’t really seen a triple threat like that in hip-hop.”
    Yes we have. His name is Ja Rule.

    Kendrick Lamar, hands down.

    • lebronjamescom


    • OurSalvation

      “…his ABILITY to write R&B, sing and rap.”

      Ja Rule could not sing.

      • The_Fans

        But he did have several hit records where he did indeed “sing”…

    • http://www.facebook.com/antoinethorn Antoine Thorn

  • Alpha1

    KingJ..this was a really tough call.. both rappers were in the “zone”, but my spirit resonated more with Drake and I am also more accustomed to drake and ymcmb’s music.  I had to go with drake, but I can say one thing for sure.. its great to see an upcoming artist from the streets again, I am sure Kendrick will be successful in due time, but he is not on Drake’s level yet!  Stay hungry Kendrick.. I know I am..

  • Samuel T

    Drake = sellout

  • Edward

     Kendrick Lamar of course

  • Hiiipowerm

    Kendrick Lamar ! all about the west side!!!


    DRAKE BUZZ IS WORLD WIDE… i just recently heard of lamar…drake can do it all….from singing, rapping, crazy hooks,,lyrics are above average…i would say drake over lamar…if i was to sign…i would pick drake because he would deff bring in the cash out of the 2

  • Erougzali

    So sad that all yall think Kendrick Lamar is better… Drake has killed it over and over again, Kendrick killed a song once maybe twice thats it, hes not as good as y’all think he is, and yall underrate drake way too much

    • Ddgacs

      look at the results man kendrick is better

    • http://twitter.com/Yo_itsAaron Aaron

      you must be new to hip hop

    • Raobert

      Yeah, they underate him like crazy. But like Drake says “How’d you sleep on me, the HIGHEST earning freshman; like your third infection, I hope you learn your lesson.

    • http://twitter.com/goosedamoose eddie

      you obviously havent listened to section.80

    • Lord Eddard Snark

      Did you seriously just say people underrate Drake way too much?….

  • Jventura105

    Kendrick Lamar, no doubt. Drake fell off a while ago. He’s way too commercial now, all his music is about women, money and how he’s better than everyone else.

  • tomfoolery
  • OurSalvation

    If you think Kendrick is a better, ARTIST, than Drake…You’ve got it all wrong. Drake carries more weapons in his arsenal. The fact that he write R&B, rap, and sing makes him the better artist there.

  • Nicky i

    Drake. and Live he is the best. Any person can relate and he makes real music about real things for adults not little kids. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbooneneal Johnathan Marquis Boone-neal


    • Yobestbudatbatman

      40 comes up with his beats and drake makes some of them himself cmon man, but if you talkin samples look at kanye, the sample king aha

  • PlayaSt601

    How can you even compare a rapper to an R&B artist. Kendrick Lamar is a fresh breath on Hiphop.

  • Darekallstar253

    Kendrick Lamar is better.

  • Yelloboy1980

    Kendrick lamar all day. He’s murdering drake, so what he can sing. By the sound of the industry, who can’t, lol.

  • Rodneyt85

    Is Drake a really good singer? As Los from bad boy would say “I ain’t ever changing like Drakes singing key” K Dot all day!

  • Yelloboy1980

    Kendrick is from the streets, I can related to that. Drake, on the other hand is from a tv show, in which I Neva watched. Don’t get me wrong, l like drizzy, but his career was on a silver plater. Kendrick came out the gutter.

  • Simon Si

    My reason for picking Lamar is simple; He has a higher ceiling than Drake. And because both artists are relatively new, hence not fully dissected by the public yet, you have to look at their talent based on certain parameters that have proven successful before for other artists. Lamar’s flow and sound are well within those parameters. Drake’s main problem is his lack of flow, although his lyrics have also dwindled a little bit since his break out year in 09. Drake’s style is also too stiff – there is no eclecticism and diversity to his lyrics, tone and flow, basically his style is probably the most predictable in hip hop right now, and he mostly owes his rapid success to a resurging urge among hip hop followers for meaningful content  and social relevancy in hip hop songs - a movement that was spearheaded by the cerebral Kanye West. In short, Drake owes his success to Kanye.

  • Lenz

    Havent heard enough from Kendrick Lamar yet

  • dubbs

    kendrick lamar… drake is terrible

  • Uwasntwitmeshootininthegym

     How can Kendrick be better than Drake, so many haters on here.

  • Aj_wood23

    ??? I’m not sure how yall think Kendrick is better.. lol cmon. really listen to drake.. obviously way better.. yall jus sprung on Kendrick cuz he a New artist

  • Blaq2189

    Erougzali  u must be deaf to hip hop coz drake is no where near as lyrical as kendrick. and just because u dont hear all of his songs on the radio dont mean he hasnt been around #chump

  • Ofe

    Drake will win just because of his popularity, but Kendrick is clearly a better artist.

  • Dreday611

    Drake is da best in da game right n defintly next to take tha throne of hip hop king

  • nongda


  • Raobert

    I can almost assure anyone if we go tick for tack; song for song; Drake’s best against Kendrick Lamar’s best; Drake would win.

  • Plove2900

    Kendrick Lamar is a better rapper hands down, but artist no. That title goes to Drake hands down. He’s a more complete package then Kendrick.

  • Heftydude20

    Lyrically, kendrick is the better rapper. Drake did spit fire from his earliest mixtapes up to so far gone, but i blame lil wayne and his influence on drake for having lyrics that are lacking in meaning. Lets face it, if drake didn’t sign to ymcmb then he would be a way better lyricist and he would probably have alot more respect. Anyways, i really think that kendrick could be the next eminem, 2pac, nas, etc. Section .80 is by far the best rap album to come out in about 3 years. Give him time and he’ll be the GOAT.

    • Heftydude20

      Also, just wondering why Big pun, tech n9ne, or wale didnt make the cut.

  • Lord Eddard Snark


  • Zacharyilarraza

    the question isnt who is the better rapper, its who is the better artist.. in that case .. Drake wins

    • http://www.facebook.com/antoinethorn Antoine Thorn

      where does it say this? I’ll wait….lol

      anyway, this question is pitting mainstream fans against underground fans. We’ll never see eye to eye.

  • Adam Gravavtt

    Drake is a wannabe! He was the kid in the wheelchair on Degrassi, and now he’s trying to claim how thug he is? I’m not buyin it. Kendrick Lamar wins no contest.

  • Mgarv

    Is this even a dIscussion Drake Voice drake could never win on these blogs sites to many miserable drake haters

    • http://www.facebook.com/antoinethorn Antoine Thorn

      it’s not so much about ppl being drake haters….Kendrick is just better, period. Kids who listen to the radio and who live and die by mainstream music will never understand. Real music is not in the mainstream. Hopefully one day you wake up and realize this….

  • http://www.facebook.com/antoinethorn Antoine Thorn

    This whole battle is nothin but nigz that listen to the radio vs nigz who don’t listen to the radio. The kids who rollin wit Drake don’t even know Section.80 EXISTS!!! The only song they’ve heard is probably THE RECIPE, so they don’t understand why we rollin wit Kendrick. That’s fine, let the kids have their Drake. It’s not their fault they’re still in that radio state of mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004262076609 Hiba Ahmd

    this is not even an eavon battle 



  • Breezeivisible

    I think i am better than them both when it comes to rap.

  • Hamed

    Keep it up broodah u can ….

  • DrizzyDrakeOE

    Are you people crazy Kendrick wont ever do what Drake has done.

    • http://www.facebook.com/antoinethorn Antoine Thorn

      this question isn’t asking who’s the most successful…it’s asking who’s BETTER. But you kids can have your Drake…

  • guest#229

    Drizzy Drake all day

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003850843690 Michael Nail

    drake is the best rapper in the worl kendrick lamar is average.

  • Easy Easy


  • HiiiPoWeR

    If you’ve heard section.80 and Overly Dedicated, there’s no way you can pick Drake over Kendrick.

  • Yobestbudatbatman

    people who say drake only raps about money, girls? you forgot family and life ahaha.  Listen to take care and some older mixtapes like so far gone with songs like fear which is straight about life.  And there is a reason people stay on the mainstream, because they are good.  Absolutely no disrespect to Kendrick who is raw talent straight up and is really good, but you gotta take Drake over Kendrick just because of Drake’s combo of mixin it up with rap and singing and also most importantly being good at it.  People need to stop being ignorant about lyrics nowadays also.  Both produce good lyrics that make sense and flow, I’m done.

  • Japman23

    Cole World ?

  • http://twitter.com/JaayOriginality ***Jaay Cantuba™

    Kendrick Lamar

  • Robert

    I agreed with that. Who ever say Kendrick Lamar is weak is a lame a hater or Don t know music.. Drake is one my favorite rappers but I say Kendrick Lamar is Beyer.

  • Bernard_faataape

    kendrick lamar and drake are going at it read and analyse the lyrics in all der songz together they battleing it out but quietly (; low key

  • Jonathan

    Drake. Hear the song “Control” from kendrick lamar he think he better than 2pac

  • kp

    The fact that yall think kendrick is better means yall dont know what music is

  • Tone loc

    People kill me acting like you have to be from the streets to be a good rapper. Drake is pound for pound the best Artist in the game. He has mad records with damn near everyone in the game. His versus always shines. He never had a bad song or verse. By the time Drake career is over, he will be top 5 rapper ever. He’s already top 10 ever lyrically. Keep listening