Dwyane Wade Book Signing + Q&A

Dwyane Wade was at hand in Miami doing a book signing at a local Sports Authority for his new book A Father First. Thousands of fans formed a line for their chance to get autographs and to meet D-Wade. Tons of people were adorned in Wade jerseys and Heat gear and soon as he made his way into the building, the screaming began and didn’t stop until the signing was over.

We got a chance to take a few photos of Dwyane doing his thing and we asked him a quick three questions, which, you could read below…


What do you and LeBron relate to as being teammates and at the same time being young fathers?

DW: I mean we’re two young guys, who have some unbelievable kids. We share our stories in a sense. We might parent differently, but we have the same lifestyle and our kids have some of the same challenges of being our kids and the celebrity that comes with that. The good and the bad, we kinda learn on the fly and its good to have another person to have those kinds of conversations with.

Did you run into any writer’s block while writing the book?

DW:  No, no, no. It was just flowing. The book was about my life and my experiences, so I didn’t have to write about anything I didn’t know about. I wrote about my life. Not saying it was easy to do, but it was 9 months, and there were definitely some therapeutic moments to go back to my young days. But it wasn’t hard.

Top three albums you’re listening to right now.

DW: I picked up the new Nas. I picked up the new 2 Chainz. And I picked up the new DJ Khaled. That’s really what I’m trying to hear. But I’m always going to listen to Jay-Z, Biggie, Pac and all those great artists on the regular.


Click here to purchase Dwyane Wade’s book, A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball.

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  • http://twitter.com/MandyBaldwin82 Mandy Baldwin

    Nice!  Admire and love D-Wade – not just as a professional basketball player – but as a person as well.  Always carries himself well off the court and has his priorities in order. #LETSGOHEAT

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