I PROMISE Bracelet: Ring Ceremony Red

The NBA season runs for 8 months, but LeBron’s PROMISE stays in action 24/7/365.  Representing his commitment to being a strong role model to his hometown Akron “Wheels for Education” youth and fans everywhere, LeBron’s black I PROMISE band took him to the NBA Finals and to his first NBA Championship.

Now he’s wearing the Ring Ceremony Red band as both a commemoration of last year’s win and as a kick off to this season.  These bands are LIMITED EDITION and made in a small quantity, so get yours quick!  The red band is part of LeBron’s journey back to the title – where will your promise take you?

Get your bracelet at www.timetopromise.com

All proceeds go the the LeBron James Family Foundation.

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  • Shang_lee

    Way to go! HEAT Nation!

  • Ladylebron230

    lebrons biggest fan 

  • Felipehassin

    Where can I get those in Europe?

    • LeBronGetTheseIntoEurope

      yes, how to get them in europe, LeBron please get PayPal on the i promise site and make it available for europe :D

  • Eya

    I’m a huge fan of King James here in the Philippines. One of my dreams is to meet you someday!

    • Britney Espiras

      Im half filipina my dream is to meet him someday too!! 

  • Stuff

    LeBron finaly a ring!!!!!!!

  • Keesha Montgomery

    I love you Lebron James…..


    Lebron James BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flacadaboss

    i love you lebron i wish you was my father