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Above, LeBron says a few words about the new edition of Champs Sports’ SWAG Magazine featuring 2 Chainz, Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, Fly.Union, and Gary Busey.

See below for the full video of LeBron’s SWAG16 bracket showdown coming soon! SWAG Magazine is available for download from Google Play & the App Store.

SWAG16: Round 1

SWAG16: Round 2

SWAG16: Round 3

SWAG16: Round 4

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  • Daniel HE

    the #1 all times !

  • Daniel HE

    LB #1 ever

  • Ivankim27

    u inspire me everytym

  • Mayra Cabascango

    Hi Lebron !!!, I`m from Ecuador, please, please, please, could you take a picture with my mom after the game vs San Antonio Spurs.  Please !!! She is your fan, and I`m going to take her to Miami for that game.    Sorry about my English !!!

  • Jason


    • Jaz

      your cool

  • Mischel911

    Thank you for saluting our free generals, you became a hero in Croatia ! You should write something about that, say thank you to all supporters here. And don’t be amased about number of posts related to that. It was so funny and sweet from you. Big thumb up ! RESPECT !

  • Bj

    Lebron garbage I can name 5 or more players who are better than him

  • Mandy Baldwin

    Nice!  Spongebob?  Fingernail clippers?  It just got interesting – haha.

  • ISO

    Jerrod Carmichael gr8 comedian

  • Ben

    i think so to

  • 侯交义

    You Are Sooooo Coooool!

  • Johnwong1999

    hi,can u chatting with me?im ur support fans from hk.

  • Kingjames06

    thats whats up


  • crookednation

    Brons favorite all time player…The Bird

  • Navarreteesteban1690

    whats up hmu I am your number 1 fan n the world i have had all your jerseys and shoes 

  • Doc Cold

    LeBron Raymone James. My name is Rolando Pharr. For more than 5 years i’ve been trying to get your attention to tell you the story of your Cosmic Connection to The G.O.A.T (Muhammad Ali) and Julius “Dr J” Erving. On April 9, 1964 Muhammad Ali was in Cleveland Ohio staying at the Majestic Hotel on the corner of my street. He decided to hang out on the street and mingle with his fans. A neighbor told my parents so my mom took me and my sister to see him. Ali reached into the crowd, took me out of my moms arms, raised me in the air several times, put me on his shoulders and carried me around until his ride came. A photo of Ali raising me up appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer the next day or so. (Check the PD Archives)

    When you were two months old i met your mom Gloria. I was the Assistant Manager at the Bottom Half clothing store inside Rolling Acres Mall in Akron. Your mom put in an application but we weren’t hiring. My manager got sick shortly after that and was off for about 5 weeks. Your mom stopped by one day and i asked her to come up a couple of days a week to help me out. She would run errands and help around the store for a couple of hours. I paid her cash out of my pocket. She brought you up several times. You were usually sleeping so you chilled with me while she ran errands.

    I was a member of the best basketball team in Akron. We called ourselves Free Afrika. The team originated on Akron University’s campus as the basketball team for Black United Students. It was made up of former Akron U ballplayers, campus standouts and Akron area stars. We won numerous leagues and tournaments around NE Ohio for about 10 years.

    A couple of days after Easter in 1985 your mom came up to help me. She had just left to run errands when five of my Free Afrika teammates stopped by. You were on the counter chillin. One of the guys David Mason was playing with you on the counter. He commented that you had some big hands for a little baby. I had never noticed but i checked them out and agreed that you did have some very large hands. We started joking about what you would be able to do with a basketball.

    I’m still not sure why but for some reason i grabbed your carry seat, raised you up like the scene from “Roots” and said “I Christen thee the next Dr J”. I looked over at my teammates but they were still cracking jokes. I got their attention and had them form a little semi circle in front of the counter. For the second time I raised you up Kunta Kinte style and said “I Christen Thee the next Dr J”. This time the best team in Akron all raised a toast to you. “To the next Dr J”. We continued trash talking and kicking it with you until your mom returned. When she  got situated i told her what we had done and suggested to her that we do it again. For the third time i raised you in the air Kunta Kinte style and said “I Christen Thee the next Dr J”. I handed you to your mom and she was really nervous. My teammates packed it up and left the store. Me and your mom sat down and had lunch.

    Me and your mom discussed Dr J, the Christening and your NBA future. I told her that you were going to be an NBA star, that you would play for the Cavs and that you would be a high flying player like Dr J. All of these things came true. Ask your mom about your Dr J Christening. I’m sure she will remember it after she hears the story. I’ve taken and  passed two polygraphs to help with the facts. Somewhere in your subconscious you have a Dr J vibe. Check out your interview in the Huffington Post article: LeBron’s New Number Change to #6… from 3/18/10.

    I believe that Muhammad Ali raising me up and carrying me around and me raising you up and Christening you to be the next Dr J didn’t happen by chance. I believe that you have been chosen to become the Muhammad Ali to the next generation(s). There’s a list of facts about your Cosmic Connection that i’d like to share with you. Just a list of people, dates and events that will hopefully make you think about what i’m saying.

    My interaction with Muhammad Ali is fact. Everything about your Dr J Christening is fact. Your being chosen to be the Muhammad Ali to the next generation(s) is based on my personal opinion, Spiritual insight and guidance. Please give me 15 minutes of your time.

    Check out and Like GENERATION ALI on Facebook.

    Check out this link and share it with your fans around the World: Request for Muhammad Ali:  via @youtube


    • Timothy Fowle

      Whoa, that story is trippy!

    • Reese

      Yo, Thats serious. I hope Bron gets back at you bro and hits u up. thats story is real.

  • Scott

    LBJ has the next 3 rings at least. Best player ever?

  • TJR 513

    I’m from Cincy, Oh  Good luck to your Irish this weekend LeBron as they compete for the Division III Football State Title against Bellevue at Fawcett Stadium.

  • kuyamopz

    skittles, bacon, starbucks, mcdonalds burger, fries, thanksgiving, playstation, shoes, suits, photography, football, baseball, sons, wife, chocolate, basketball

  • Johnnie Inmon

    hi lebron iam a very big fan of you my name is inmon iam from orlando, fl. i watch all of your games. iam glad that you showed the talker’s something. you are my chamption keep up the good work. ms. inmon

  • Reggie reg_06

    man i hate how i can never win one of lebrons prize im sure i enter all of the competitions man

  • hafidz

     you my best

  • Gabe

    I wanna be exactly like THE KING Lebron James

  • Got Swaqq

    Shout out to Lebron James on unreleased remix Cant Stop from Flux Pavilion feat Ace Picasso

  • lil rozay


  • Dylan_barca

    Lebron Wins 7 Rings !!

  • rick


  • Mario

    Hey what’s up Mr. King James I want 2 let u just because ur younger then me I still have enough respect 2 give credit when its do u r & I mean this $#!+, the best player 2 come right out of high-school & accomplished so much I mean 1ring so far but u have many more 2 come I see it but me imma from Portland Oregon so of course I’m a Blazer fan but I’m glad 2 say I root for u, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis but most of all Mike Miller I thought he would b done after last season but u guys made some Bigg moves during the off season I respect that it is D-Wade & King James’s team good luck on the season & I would love a response 2 my comments what do u think ur Highness with a bow 2 the greatest player 2 play in this era hands down… Keep up the highlight reels on ESPN I digg it #1 fan after loved1′s of course gone Mr (503) playa!!!:-)

  • ben


  • ben

    very cool


  • Johnchristian


  • tatyana thompson

    Hey my name is Tatyana Thompson and I am a big fan of yours and I day I will like to meet u

  • tatyana thompson

    Hey I am a big fan of your and 1 day I will like to meet you and play you 1 on 1

  • Captain395

    There is a picture of lebron on the cavaliers web site after the portland game. Wow!!! Damn !!! What the hell ?????

  • Anthonydavis2310

    lebrobn james is my idol he inspires me to do what i do today! thanks

  • Jay Dieumerci

    hey lebron this is jay dieumerci and I just wanted to say that ur one of the best basketball, you play smart dont care about what people think, and that how I want to be and now I am playing basketball for my school but I always seat in the bench so how can be a starter or even better move up to j.v or varsity in my sophomore year

  • Lorenzrazonable

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you king james! I am lorenz from the philippines and has been an avid fan of yours since when you were still a cavalier. How I wish, I can have an authentic Lebron shoes this christmas.  Can you give me a pair and a set of jersey? God bless and you will always be the best basketball player in the world for me with or without that pair of shoes.  

  • Judy

    Hi LeBron. Love u guys. Keep up the grove.

  • Nick

    I got the final two right lol #SWAG16

  • Mom of 16 yr old

    Mr. James,
    I’m taking my 16 yr. son to see you play on Dec. 29th in Milwaukee. This is his birthday & Christmas present. He has no idea he is going to the game until Christmas morning when he opens his present (tickets). I’m wondering if there is any sort of meet & greet before or after the game? Is there any activities during halftime that he can take part in? He plays bball on his high school team, is 6’4 & shot 28 out of 29 of his free throws during practice the other night and I know he would love to take part in some sort of free throw competition if there is one. I know they have them at college level games but wasn’t sure if they have anything like that, at the NBA games.
    Thank you for being so inspirational to so many kids across the U.S.

  • Guest

    LeBron is my idol, I have been playing Basketball for 8 years. Now I am 14, and in Feb 10 (my birthday) I am going to see you vs Lakers. You are great

  • Johnsondomineque

    hey lebron im 1 of the biggest miami heat fans….and i just want u kno dhat u and “flash” r doing very good n MIA……and let the rings keeps flowing…….baby…#HEATNATION

  • Nathan Hiser

    Hey Lebron I Love you man you’ve been my favorite player ever since entering the league.  I’ll always be a huge fan no matter what you do.  Love to meet you someday man. GO HEAT!

  • Gentry Davis

    Lebron I am a fan but your the leader now. I am old soldier who have followed basketball for life and the heat need to make a lineup change and a get a true center to win some more NBA titles.Talent only gets you so far and Michael Jordan was great but look what he had around him  centers not only himself. Lebron as I look at the heat you all have the shooters but what you need is a center Bosh is good but he cannot control the paint, Wade need to move over to point guard, Ray allen need to be put into the starting roll, Lebron you need to approach every game as you are stated the king go to the low post and you require a lot of attention. Lebron you can dominate at the low post because of your talent. This opens up the paint their big men gets into foul trouble trying to play you. Because of your size and ability try it out and I guarantee you Lebron they will not expect this. Bosh plays the center on defense and your offense have a full threat office offense. Take Reggie lewis as the six man he is 6’10 use him and his abilities because you all have the best shooters in the NBA but your coach is using them wrong. Defense drop too a zone 1-3-1 are 2-3 Zone For kevin DURANT, Russell westbrook is out of control and both are good play from their weakside and trap them from that side. Norris cole needs to play point if anything he is quick and gives them problems for defense your in a zone and that makes up the difference you all not one on one defensive team. Go to the zone Lebron starting now make those changes and teams want know what to do attack them and zone them. Wade is great but his body want hold up a zone protects him and everybody. The only really great zone buster is Ray Allen  pure shooter. Bosh power forward Lebron center Ray allen shooting guard wade the point guard are norris cole chalmers is too slow to contend and mike miller needs to play and REGGIE lewis is a shooter. Starting line up bosh,lebron,ray allen,wade,norris cole. Second line up shawn b, Anthony center, reggie lewis , chalmers, mike miller. These are scorers and defensive players. A championship is won on defense not talent alone. I am retired soldier and I this what’s in the heart of a champion they defend their property at all cost. Leave your blood and sweat on the court you all get paid too much money to loose a game and everybody needs to step up their game and not only you the coach needs to do a better job on defense strategy because you loose at home that means I did a poor coaching job. Basketball is a strategy not just running up and down the court My name is

  • Gentry Davis

    Lebron a team strategy starts out with the leader of the pack and that is you make changes and go to a zone everybody does not have talent as you do

  • Mandy Baldwin

    It was cool finding out a little bit behind what interests the Big Man off the court.  NFL Sundays – I knew it – great choice!

  • Harun Dookhit

    Lebron is my biggest sporting inspiration

  • bryan h

    # number 1 insparation Thanks

  • Timothy Fowle

    I got most of them right. 

  • Mamoocindy

    I’m a grandmother of a 13 yr. old that LOVES SPORTS. He likes Lebron James. He’s almost 6ft.tall and wears a size 14 shoe. I’m trying to find him socks. I need help.

  • ms. terri

    I love my bron-bron, he’s the best basketball player ever!

  • Karen Harris

    Dear Mr. James,
      I am a teacher in an inner city school in Ohio (Alliance) and you are a true role model for my students.  My classroom consists of students who have emotional difficulties.  One of my students is a very good athlete, however, he is very ‘cockie’ and when confronted about his disrespect, he states that he models his behavior after you.  I realize that you are extremely busy but I would love the opportunity to perhaps have you discuss sportsmanship and the attitude you need to be successful.  Thanks you for listening to a frustrated teacher!!  Karen Harris, Intervention Specialist, Alliance City School District, Alliance, Ohio.

  • Rynrbls

    hi lebron james..ever since i was a kid my dream is o have a shoe signed by my favorite NBA player, but it didnt happen.i hope this xmas u will give me what i wish and i will cherish this for life..good luck LBJ..god speed..

  • Dave J.

    Lebron, check out Beyond Traffik– based on your tendency to ride a bike to work, reading this will only reinforce that awesome decision.  The ebook is available at in the Nook Book section or in the Kindle Store.  I’d have emailed a FREE PDF copy but can’t in this post.  Beyond Traffik profiles 20 current options vs. the “King Car” from Human Powered Transports (including bikes) to Sleek Motor Vehicles and yes– even Personal Air Vehicles. 

    As NY locals and diehard NY Knicks fans– my 2 boys (8 and 9) and I have completely changed our opinion of you!  I read them the Yahoo story right before they rode their bikes to school, like they do everyday. Keep doing what you do.  Read Beyond Traffik and if you like it, please spread the word.

                                                                           Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
                                                                              Your newest fan– Dave Johnson

  • Sri

    Hi LeBron…

    You have done really awesome things so far. I respect you and appreciate you for that. Keep doing these great things and please… never ever mess up. I don’t want my hero to be anything less than great.

  • Judy

    Keep on doiin it LeBron. We love you.

  • Jim vorder

    So excited to see you enjoying the bike riding.  I hope you consider getting a recumbent bike.  Big people are even more partial to them since you are aerodynamic…and comfortable.  Good luck!

  • Craig

    You da man LBJ alot of love from your biggest fan in Hawaii

  • Servando Ramos

    Merry  Christmas…… Wish you and your family the best….

  • mordechai aminov

    hi lebron prbably everyoneclaims to be ur biggest fan im not gonna say that but ill say ur my favorate player and i follow u like crazy btw happy birthday mine is a day after yourz 

  • Jelena Lazić


  • malcolm rush

    best Xmas gift is definatly my throwback cavs jerseys, thanks bron for keeping me goin!

  • malcolm rush

    my best Xmas gift of all time is my new throwback cavs jersey! thanks bron for keepin me going

  • Diannashallop

    Hello Lebron James, I hope this message finds you in good times. You are my 5 year old sons Hero he has photos and all your jersey. He wished for Christmas to meet you and I know you have a lot on your plate and a lot of fans, but he plays basketball on the 1st grade team and does your moves I would love to see if whenever you play atlanta hawks if he could come show you his moves as this is his wish I am trying to see if it is at all possible. You are a great father, player, and man. please respond if you ever think this could be possible.

  • Jbornwin97

    i love u man

  • Papape66

    From your B-O, SON, HAPPY B DAY, PAPA P LOOK to have time with you and kids. 

  • Sharmaine

    Wow! I lovee this guy LeBron:) my role model even tho im a girl lol.
    nd 14 yrz old”)) i hopee 2 oneday meet u..not cauze of ur basketball
    Skillz(that 2) but simply because of jst who u are..:)) my biggest dream/
    Wish ever iz 2 meet u!! A gurlz biggest DREAM COMEE TRUEE!!!:)
    LOL I also posted on my facebook wall @ exactly 12am for ur birthday..
    Oh! Sorry ihf i sound a lil pshycotic maybe”/ hopefully itz not the closest i ever gett 2 tlknn 2
    You! Takee caree::)))

  • Mertilienjohn

    ur awesome lebron

  • Chico Boii


  • Chico Boii


  • Chico Boii


  • Craigchang

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY BRO!! Your biggest fan in Hawaii

  • Taniastrong

    Hi LeBron,

    My son L AMARIS is your biggest fan.

  • Srihari Prakash


  • Lebron4life

    LEBRON BETTER THAN THE BEST WHO EVER PLAYED BY YOUR BIGGEST FAN Dee Lewis akalilswagga look me up on facebook please hit me up

  • Rrddrrnn

    Happy Birthday LeBron! Congratulation on beating the magic 112 to 110 in overtime remember when Wade did the amazing steal and then the dunk bye.

  • Toussaintr2003

    hey lebron wats up lakers is waiting for you

  • Shaohua

    I love you !

  • Nathancooper266

    lebron james ur the man i wish i could meet u but i dont thank ur coming to hamlin west virgina somethime soon and if u do im in a school called hamlin pk-8

  • Michaelbishop23

    lebron james is the nba. mvp again and heat will the ring again u feel me haters//..

  • Justinbrown2001

    Hey Lebron! You are my idol! Every time I go and play basketball, I think of you and play till i drop. You are awesome

  • Cj217Leberknight

    Lebron James rocks #1 for the Miami Heat with Dwayne


    PLEASE HELP ME MAKE A DREAM COME TURE….. My name is Amanda Colter, I am trying to get tickets for my husband to see the heat play!! His fav. team is the heat and his fav. person is LeBron. I was wondering how to get tickets and how to make it where they could meet. I am in the US ARMY and my husband has left every thing he has known and loved to be with me. Recently I have went through two surgeries and 9months ago we had our first child. Tyrell has been taking care of the two of us while going to school full time and working. If I could get some info on this I would love to be able to give a little something back to him. My e-mail is THANK YOU!!!!

  • Michaelbishop23

    the best  basketball player the world no doubt haters/..

  • maryann moon

    That’s a good goal, LeBron,  for we all have One Great Creator who could only create us like Himself.    Great Ones love everyone,  for love is the only thing that could exist in Eternity.  
    May your memory of this idea bless your life in countless ways. 

  • jose sanchez

    Lebron James is king of lion

  • Shaneegan00

    Hey LBJames, I’m shane egan and i’m 11 yrs and you are the best bb player and i’m your biggest fan, on nba 2k13 I always choose you on CAL. In real life, I’m trying to copy every move of yours but it’s impossible. LBJ, keep up the 3pt practicing, and one more thing, keep up the good work, I love how you pass to CB and DW, it’s awesome.

    p.s. Don’t be a ballhog! (: Beat kevin durant’s scoring record this year. extra smiley faces. take care of your sons. even more smiley faces.

  • Julius F.Berrian

    Hi Mr. James. Thanks for the deligenced and focused you had that that brought u such  success . But i hope and pray that you can visit my country Liberia , in West Africa. That is the place you have lot of less fortune children thta i believe u can assist with schools  and hospital or clinic and I am sure for this God have you favour  amongs your friends.


    Hon. Julius F. Berrian
    DIstrict no.10, montserrado county
    Monrovia , Liberia

  • Elvedin Edo Manso

    You’re the best bb player I ever saw,youre games are amazing and everything you do set an example for younger who trying to fill out their dreams…but why you couldn’t score over 27p against Pacers last night?!Why,you’re better of them?!I bet on you and lost!i hope i’ll be lucky next time and you score more points and win the game,playoff,and THE RING!!!Elvedin 27,Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Evanj1osu

    MJ was a whole heck of a lot better than you, LeBrawn (all brawn, no brains. You left Cleveland.)

  • Mikołaj Miszczak

    i like lebron james what about you people ?

  • John

    LeBron James Is Truley The Best Player. 

  • John

    LeBron James Motivates Me He Is My #1 Idol. I look up to him. 

  • Mr Mauricioguerra

    You dont know WTH your talking about. There is no way that you suffered more scrutiny last year than what the Lakers are going thru this year. I mean this is Los Angeles, not some punk town like Miami, this is the Lakers not some irrelevant team like the Heat who has only won what? 1 or 2 championships… Get real LeBron, just putting on the purp n gold is pressure not that self made circus show of ‘the announcement’ that you made. You and swagg are lame a/f

  • Waynewilliams

    lebron better then kobe.kobe cant drive the paint like lebron can and kobe will get smash on him and whoever dont like lebron tell them to get where he at and stop hating on L.B. best baller ever him and MICHEAl JORDAN…………………………………………….yea from joseph williams