The LeBron Time Machine

As of late, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to share some of the stories, video clips and pictures from my LeBron vault. So without further ado, presents…”The LeBron Time Machine: LeBron has dinner with Bill Gates & Warren Buffett.”

The Dinner

This video clip is from 2008 before the Beijing Olympics. At the time, I was working for Microsoft helping put together content for Bron’s site, The funny thing about the clip was the lead up to the dinner. I was hanging out with LeBron’s business manager, Maverick Carter (CEO of LRMR Marketing), who invited me to breakfast that morning. It was my first time in Vegas so everything was new to me. When I landed, I actually took the time to take a picture of the slot machines in the airport terminal. I had never seen a slot machine before…go figure.

At breakfast, I remember sitting with Maverick at one of the Wynn eateries and seeing a lot of the old-school players and coaches for the first time. What I remember most is seeing the late Hall of Fame coach Chuck Daly and legendary Worldwide Wes talk about how the league had changed since Daly had coached the Pistons.

After breakfast, Maverick asked me to follow him. I’m not sure exactly where we were going possibly to meet up with LeBron, but I vividly can recall what happened next. I was trailing Mav as he left the restaurant. I wasn’t really paying attention, but I heard him greeting someone as we walked into a small ballroom. To my surprise as I looked up, I noticed it was Warren Buffett, who at the time was the wealthiest man in the world.

The first thing you have to understand about me is that I’m a business and entrepreneurial information junkie so I’m absolutely floored to see Warren. I’m walking up to Maverick and Warren, thinking of what to say of course when suddenly I hear the door open behind me and this squeaky voice. The voice walks by me, puts his hand on Warren’s shoulder, turns to Maverick and offers his hand. “Hi, I’m Bill.” he says. I stood there like a statue with my jaw on the floor. Here were the two most powerful and wealthiest men in the world with a combined worth of $100-120 billion, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. No security, no assistants, just them.

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  • Mandy Baldwin

    Wow!  I would’ve passed out – haha.  Pretty cool – thanks for sharing, Jay!

  • Timothy Fowle

    Ya, I would have been spillin’ my food and drink all over the place hahaha.

  • Crispin Vangu

    we super j’ai aimé vous etes entre les meilleurs du monde comme jouers du basquete je vous adore les guys

  • Erica

    LeBron I have an AWESOME SLOGAN for you… All I ask is that you give it a chance. I would love to see what you think. I only ask that you at least give “ME” a chance…Mitchell, Erica

  • Robin Wood

    LeBron, you’re awesome! Robin

  • Mich_wolv_8

    I was one of your first fans. I even went to your last high school game.

  • Vaishnavi_1

    LeBron I have a question. What was your carrier before basketball?

    • Web954

      I’ll answer that for you.  He was a high school student.  Did you have a career while you were a high school kids, Vaishnavi?  If so, you are one of a million.  Congratulations!

  • Phat Knight

    Damn I hope James gave em some style tips!

  • Eman Ancajas

    King James I’m you’re no.1 in Philippines my Dream is to see Personal …Hope u can grant that just one Game….

    • Abdullah Boyer

       I am your ! won fan.Go heat.get author ring king James.

  • Wilsan Salinas Dadibalos say your coach.give the other chairs players to sub example:chris boss.batier, and your other companion he cant shot the ball. pls.sub the chairs players you win all the time…   

  • Konsehal Tahubgam

    king,i bilieve in u and your team that u can do it again,so dont stop and play hard thank u,dont disappoint us godbless do the best

  • Christos Parizas

    king james go for a 2 ring!

  • Christopher Paltza

    LeBron for President

  • Crissy

    Lebron fan 4life!!!

  • Blake

    Lebron I am your biggest fan. I want to be just like you. I’m 14 and I work hard everyday because I want to go into the nba and be a great all star just like you. If you have any pointers to help me they would help tremendously. So please respond it would mean the world to me

  • Steve From Boca

    Hey LeBron, Should I re-sign for the Heat’s three year deal???

  • Abdurrahman Boyer

     Yo bron bron what ur number one fan.You killin it on the court, keep up the good work.
    Go for ring 2, Kd and them ain’t stopin yaw.O yea check this out my man.

    This IS Something For His Haters*

    got me feeling like the greatest

    James in Miami, Oh, such a treatLeBron James in Miami, rejoice in
    the streetLeBron James in Miami, he brought his friendsLeBron
    James in Miami, let’s see how this ends

    King is here, and we’ve warmed up his seat. King James. let’s go
    Heat The
    King has risen, to conquer and plunder,His rings will soon draw
    near his number,Miami has taken the summer’s prize,Thousands
    will watch his power rise,The MVP reigns, in Miami-fade The
    Miami Thrice, with Bosh and Wade.Welcome
    to Miami like Will Smith,Said.

    them to the playoffs and then play dead.

    regular season go head to head.

    a champion and where your band.

    number 1.Do all you can.

    a great for Miami and your fans.

    the king known as LBJ

    on the world and headed to the MIA

    Hated and criticize by everyone

    here in Wade country we call him a big gun

    came for what he deserves

    came to be a legend, earn the rings, and break ankles with swerves.

    Raymone James the king of the NBA,He is welcomed in the city of
    the MIA,Shoot, dunks, and takes flight*He
    loves south beach, where he party all Night*

    Abdullah And Abdurrahman Boyer

  • roger marciano

    Lebron is the king of them all, wish to see another ring this year. And wish to watch you live :) yu’r bud from manila.

  • KarateKickz23

    great story would’ve been shocked too 

  • NBAHeatsxD

    LeBron you inspire me to be a great basketball player like you, One day you will become a legend. :D Talk to me sometime if you can

    • NBAHeatsxD

       Im a big fan of you man.

  • Bkells

    Am from Honduras, well to be specific from  Roatan and I always been a Bron fan since college, you´re the best bro keep it up

  • Waynealexander

    LBJ you are my favorite. I am trying too come to you’re games too meet you.

  • Jasielperez

    king James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • poop


  • benedict

    let’s go heat

  • Angela Sanders

    LeBron, as a mother who never had a son (2 grown daughters); I am so PROUD of you.  Been following you since your senior year of high school.  Keep doing what you are doing!  You are a role model for so many others to have the opportunity to achieve their goals in life, whatever they are.  Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.  I love you like a son.  May you continue to be blessed, highly-favored, healthy, wise, relentless and to further the LeBron James NBA legend.  God bless your mother and that everything she touch turns to gold!  I am with you all the way……many championship rings to come!

  • popa

    why u did not stay in home town and ask owership to bring in help, they mess up when they would not sign boser you would have won your first ring but, fast ward. they the media keep trying to give u wades team, u and melo was the hype coming in but wade got it done first. have a great life.666 is not the way young man

  • Teachcorea

    Hi Lebron,

    My name is Mirjana and I sent you a letter from my husband and I from Toronto.  did you receive it? 

  • Jhinysoir_kyle

    hi LeBron i am an avid fan of you,i am a lady but it doesn’t matter..i really enjoyed watching you and the rest of the team every time you play…i hope someday i will meet you personally and have an item from you….a jersey would be with a signature of yours….jejejeje love you guys….by the way i am a member of the law enforcer here in the philippines…

  • Thersa

    I will be travelling from Suriname (South America) to Miami with my son Shail who is 8 years old specially to see you play on april 9, 2013. We will be sitting in section 324 row 14. Hope you can say hello to Shail. This will make his day. He also plays basketball in Suriname and feels he is my little Lebron. He cannot waite to see you and hopes for an autographe. Would that be possible I do hope so. Regards and good luck with the games. Keep on making us proud See you soon

  • Mbiminah

    LeBron, I dream to one day meet with you face to face even just for a minute before i return home.. However, until that happens, keep doing what you do best especially on the court. The rings will come. That i know. Go LeBron!!! Mbiminah

  • prxcii0us

    Dear Lebron James,

    I hope you are doing well but I am sure you are because you are one fortunate young man and also respected by many. I can brag about your name but I am not writing to you to idiolize you in the contrary I am writing to you as a regular person because I believe that is the proper action take to treat you correctly. Fame must be great but I am sure you have feelings and therefore I will speak to you as a person. Lebron I ask you to take time to think if it is possible for someone like myself to meet you. I do think this would be magnanious and very generous. Believing is my specialization and I believe that you will take time to be dedicated and open to hear. This has been a dream for me and I would not like to give it up so for that reason I thought that I would give it a try despite the fact that I can not afford to pay you for your time. If you would love to give me an opportunity please email me at If it is not possible I understand. Thank you!

  • Keithlouise214

    your da best james?

  • Keithlouise214

    i like da way u play?ur my favorite player?

  • Taywilliams Tw8

    lebron your the worlds greatest can you teach me?

  • Juan Rawr

    Lebron Please go to the philippines we would like to see you here, i’m one of your greatest fans, go get yourself your second ring you desrve it and this about damn time again GO HEAT FOR FINALS