The Top Plays of Bron’s Career

The media are saying this might be the most impressive LeBron has ever been on the court, and while we’re long time fans of his early accomplishments we’d have to agree. Bron has always been a spectacular and gifted athlete, but now he’s something much much more as seen in the Heat’s latest win over the Lakers.

LeBron & the Heat dismantle the Lakers

What's the best play of LeBron's career?

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  • Andrea D’Andrea

    the best still has to come..

  • Justina

    King James the best of the best !

    • 池昊晨

      But I think kobe is number one……

      • Vec Soto

        Sorry, your wrong.

  • LBJ4MVP2013-2020

    Keep Playing your Game, I love it. Especially the look on the Haters faces. Makes my Day!

  • Mandy Baldwin

    Wow, so many plays to choose from (those listed and not listed) – but that buzzer beater against the Magic comes to mind – and sticks out the most – instantly to me.  Every time thereafter that people said Bron wasn’t a closer – I just pointed to that game as an example.  Such a memorable – and POW – moment in LeBron’s career.

  • Bramooo7

    The best ever to play this game!

  • El Bibi Deleon

    What no NBA Playoffs 2012?  You need a top 20 now.  You’ve done amazing things in last year’s playoffs too.

  • Arsa

    king james best evaaaaaaaaaa

  • Robin Zhou


  • Thechosennigga

    Lebron is gods chiled.  He is Jesus!

  • Trevon Hatch

    lebron is a beast an he unstoppable

  • Tdeis

    He was the best in Cleveland and will be even better when he returns

    • Michelle

      Ha ha ha. I hope they eventually understand why he had to leave. 

  • Jon

    Game 6 against Boston, in Boston. Win or lose his ring. By far his most amazing moment and I’m glad I got to see it.

  • Maurice

    There’s not one highlight I like best but the best play to win the game is the best highlight to go for cause like drew breeze say all we do is win and in the nba or any sport winning is the only thing that matters !

  • Gintleman08

    Best highlights was when he played with cavs

  • Michelle

    The question should be : WHAT’S THE BEST OF LEBRON’S CAREER, SO FAR?

  • Sonam

    please Lebron come to Bhutan. Although its a small country and unknown to many nations, many people are inspired by you to play basketball. You are the best and you will still be the best in the world.

  • Michelle

    This dude “Bron-bron” is a beast. Props to MJ, His Airness. He too changes the face of the NBA. 
    But today is LeBron’s time. He keeps on sending NBA pundits..back in the NBA History Book. Man,,,this dude CAN play the 5 positions. Damnnnn. “Got to love him”

  • Salim

    A new Jordan……

  • Venchoy Emnace

    lebron james.. is the best player now in NBA….idol

  • Chami

    King James can you take more than 30 shots when shooting more than 80% in a game just for once.. ;)

  • AJOHN0952

    no one could stop the king .he is the best in clevland But he is better in MIAME HEAT ..

  • LeBron James

    hay thinks LeBron James out

  • Ƈhet

    All Hail The King 

  • Felix

    You’re looking for the best player in the world? Let me present Lebron James!!!

  • KC

    Best play is when he jumped over John Lucas and dunked lol

    Also when he picked John Lucas off

  • Hagop Avakian

    my best player by me Hagop Avakian

  • KarateKickz23

    that Pistons game was epic

  • Louis chendy Joseph

    the best of nba

  • Bruce Benson

    I agree with Lebron re titles.  Wilt, Oscar, Elgin, Charles, Malone, Stockton, and many others didn’t have many, if any, titles.  Yet, they were great players.  Think Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman, et al that road Michael’s talents were better than these guys?  Give me a break!!  I’m a Wilt man but I don’t like to compare given the different eras.  Today, Lebron is the greatest and, if he stays healthy, will have many more championships and may be looked at as the greatest.  Problem is, everyone has one from his/her era and they can’t play against each other.  Kobe and Lebron do now, but Kobe is past his prime.

  • Russellwolpert

    To those who say a player’s talent is measured solely by how many rings he has won, I would say that I never before realized that Robert Horry (7 rings) was better than Michael Jorden (6 rings).

    • Okonko6

      In this modern day basketball, in this generation, this man is creating memories for this young generation. He is the best of all  time. I careless what was done by MJ

  • Shellsta22

    We love you LeBron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay confident, live your life, and be the best you can be!!!  No regrets.

  • Jcallander2559

    No one in the league can guard Lebron. He is the only one who ends his streak, because he has a bad night. Lebron you are right, the number of rings doesn’t define you. MJ and Kobe together only equal what Bill Russel has by himself, 11, with 8 in a row. Bill Russel has more robounds and blocked shots than MJ and Kobe combined.

  • A_plus_roofing

    kobe is an inefficient mass junk shooter. great skills and competitiveness but theres NO WAY that hes half the all around player as lebron….NO WAY 0%

  • KingJamesfan

    BEST OF THE Best

  • Phillipdrphl

    LeBron is on another level

  • lebron06

    He’s not Michael Jordan. He’s the first Lebron James. >:)

  • Omar

    Im omar and i love lebron james 

  • Omar

    Lebron is the only player who i like and i wish for him all the best 

  • Hykeem5barkim

    king james is gone be the best at the end of his carrer  and i mean to ever do it

  • Ashley Lawrence

    He is the best of the best and love him to pieces. Lebronjames#1fan