Nike LeBron X “MVP” Sneakers

In honor of LeBron’s fourth MVP, Nike unveiled a special colorway of his latest signature sneaker, the Nike LeBron X (10).  The shoe incorporates elements from many of the previous LeBron X colorways that have been released during the season.  LeBron also wore the shoe during the beginning of Game 1 against the Bulls in the second round.

Check out more photos below.

This special release will drop in limited numbers soon at select retailers in North America and China.

Check out the official press release from Nike.

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  • joey

    how much r they? r they lemited edition

    • leBrons #1 fan

      of course they r limited editions and I would think they would cost around 270

  • Abram33

    I hate the fact that people get mad at the price of the X’s but Jordan probably went threw the same thing. I’m a huge heat fan lived in Mia most my life until I joined the military. I have one question though I’ve been stationed over seas the last three years and I’ve been trying to get a pair of your shoes for a min but can find my size anywhere eastbay,footlocker, foot action etc. I’m finally back in the states and currently stationed at FT Hood, but where can I get a pair of X’s in 16s. Funny that its the same size you wear lol!!!

    • leBrons #1 fan

      I have no idea I wear 13s and barley can find them in my size ill let u know when I find some ill look for u

  • Timothy Fowle

    I want the ones that Lebron wore in game 2. Where can I get those>?I

  • Julian

    How much?

  • james

    horribly ugly

    • Epic

      There nice…Speaking of nice if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.

      • Bruce Balsinde

        *They’re ;)

        • James Blair

          touche epic and bruce I couldnt help but laugh lmao

    • GBE2500

      hahahha nope no they aint lol

    • Epic

      HAHAHAHAHAH,you must be on something james

    • charles

      u sleep

  • Enrique Perez

    Fresh , original , Its diff you for the 1st half of game 1

  • gaby

    Where can i buy them

    • James Blair

      prob only going to be sold in lebrons store in miami

      • xion_one

        They’ll be sold in stores all over the country and in China.

        • James Blair

          wow thats whats up if you are saying you got the hook up you better let me know hahaha @xionone:disqus

  • Mandy Baldwin

    When I first saw these kicks – I was like – oh wow, I don’t know about this, haha. But they’ve kinda grown on me a little. Total collector’s item tho – on the strictly to be kept in the box, not worn tip.

  • GBE2500

    OMG desse so fye

  • James Blair

    These are fire I want them so bad but they are gonna be so exclusive…

  • James Blair

    saddest part I think its limited to 500 pairs thats worst then all star pack means only Miami will probably get them smh

  • Jason Joiner

    Dam them bitches DOPe
    Follow @taylorjets

  • angelo

    When are they dropping, how much?

  • Alexandria

    Can I buy these now?

  • Alexandria

    Seriously I want these now while I have a thousand on my hand before I spend this….. Does anybody know when they drop?

  • vennie


  • andrew

    someone link to where u can buy ??????

  • ivonne

    one word BEAST!!!


    you know when they sell the mvp shoes they dont have a fake diamond but his have a real diamond

  • guest

    them lebron iron man 3 please please please have them for sale.

  • KarateKickz23

    sounds like a miami release only

  • jean p

    how much r they

  • ruben

    i like these

  • Fingaz

    two diff colors on each shoe or two diff waves?? I hope this is not the pair but one from each pair..???

    • safa

      it’s the pair

  • jaywan

    hot yo

  • g something

    james u trippin those clean ima get them

  • Gabi Stinson

    ayoo i got these son wassgood

  • GIG


  • Elliott6

    Damn! Those are hella nice!! Lebron MVP James!!!

  • Gramme

    just had to settle for a $280 shoe for my 8th grade graduate grandson who really wanted this shoe but it doesn’t come in his needed size 14 size shoe. He was very disappointed but still admires LeBron and someday hopes to follow in his footsteps. I can’t believe I “gave in” as I really can’t afford it and neither can his mom. We have to figure out how we can pay for high school tuition but his feet will look good.

  • Damn fool 4

    Where can I get dem for my son. He wears a size 2 or 3 in kids

  • Damn fool 4

    My son want dem bad. Where they at bro?

  • Carlos Pereyra

    so nice

  • deontre

    LeBron I am ur bigges fan and the thing is I really want the LEBRON X MVP but I cant find them in the store so I would really like it if u can find some for $300

  • zavier powell

    i want them soo bad

  • 6 and 3 heat

    Love you lebron but you should have made it where all you true fans can get a pair like the rest of your shoes

  • Jt

    They Fresh