LeBronJames.com Internship Program


LeBronJames.com has internship openings for students who have an interest in online content development and digital sports marketing. The program runs through the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Candidates must be available at least 10 hours a week.

- Maintaining basketball and technology industry dossiers
- Researching trends and advancements in the technology & sports space
- Assisting the content development team with updating LeBronJames.com
- Communicating and interacting with LeBron fans around the world

Basic Qualifications:
- Must currently attend college or a four year university.
- Access to a computer & phone
- Works well in a team setting and takes direction
- Strong communication skills and work ethic
- Has a strong urge to learn and improve
- Demonstrates a strong knowledge of basketball and technology trends
- Proficient with creating spreadsheets and detailed reports (Word/Excel)
- Familiarity with leading social media and blogging platforms (i.e. WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter)
- Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, InDesign)

Desired Qualifications:
- Residing in Ohio, South Florida, or New York
- Basic knowledge of XHTML/CSS
- Experience in journalism, marketing, or communications
- Basic knowledge of photography or videography
- Spanish fluency

How to Apply:
Apply by submitting your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample (500 word minimum) explaining why you are “The perfect person for the internship” to opportunities[at]lebronjames.com. Applicants granted interviews must provide documentation showing they are currently enrolled in school.

All entries should be submitted as a Word document or rich text format (.rtf). Do not call, tweet or send us messages on Facebook!

We will not consider any applicants after Tuesday, June 4th at 10am ET.

By posting or uploading to lebronjames.com you agree to the privacy policy and user agreement.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jamesblair06 James Blair

    lets go ha

    • Blaise Ndewa

      You applying Bro ?

  • KarateKickz23

    ahhh too bad im not in college anymore smh

  • Christy Mae Nuez

    Helu..this is mae From BOHOL,PHILIPPINES,
    Your number 1 Fans..congrats to your team..
    Hope to see you in persOn..

  • Christy Mae Nuez

    Helu..this is mae From BOHOL,PHILIPPINES,
    Your number 1 Fans..congrats to your team..
    Hope to see you in persOn..

  • Timothy Fowle

    Does Traffic School count? ;p

  • A Jelks


  • Devyn Nixon

    My sons Matthew 8 and Marcus 6 were sad to find out they could not work for you. Thanks for being a great role model for them anyways!! They are great ball players and I’m sure will wear your number. Marcus even dribbles left-handed. God bless.


      You’re dumb

  • Ron

    I travel a lot… we have something in common already haha respect though.

  • Ron Carter

    Andrew Wiggins?

  • Omar Tahboub

    If I were a college student, I would be more than happy to apply with to this job with no pay :) !!

  • Maney

    I am graduated from Geneva High always Honor student and very advanced super with math,enlisted in the united states air force 6ft 2in black young man .Carreer driven and willing to work hard/
    please email me if interested currently I work at a restraunt also Hollister and I am a Model have been since I was 15 and have appeared in magazines ,Dicks store,H
    Rie 21 and military mag. as well so highly interesed here.Thank you Tirrell Anderson

    • Tim Duncan

      That grammar, capitalization, and punctuation undoubtedly speaks to your qualifications you mentioned. Good luck!

  • Blaise Ndewa

    I was ready to start applying until I saw you have to be in college, and live in those 4 places..

    But whoever wants to check it out me & my boy Darius run one of the best LeBron tumblrs’ out !

    check it out ——-> http://fuckyealebronjames.tumblr.com/

  • Maney

    Tim Duncan is not all that and a bag of chips ,just the empty bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maney

    Maney did not put this on here I did his 69 yr old Grandmother and trust me TIMMY u dont got it !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanne

    I been searching all day trying to find out how can i submit my documents. If any one knows how I can apply for this internship, I would greatly apperciate if you respond to this post. Thank you guys in advance! #LetsGoHeat!

    • anonymous

      email them to the address listed under ‘how to apply.’

    • joeb

      If you can’t figure that out, you probably won’t (or shouldn’t) get the internship. It’s right here on this very page. SMH

  • Joanne

    Who knows how to send their documents to apply for the internship. I am in despreate need of help!

    • SIMONE

      to the email listed in the section HOW TO APPLY

  • Rebecca Joseph

    Who do you sumbit these items to??? I am trying to apply for this internship, can you help please???

    • Simone

      to the email listed in the section HOW TO APPLY
      Jeez READ!
      Good luck lol sorry

  • Kay Wade

    I meet all the qualifications , just don’t speak fluent Spanish

  • BubbaJumpInc

    i live in Pennsylvania.. thats close to Ohio.. could i still apply?

    • LBJs Mum

      Yea its just a desired qualification, go ahead and apply

  • J

    I would apply but I already took my talents to Seattle

    • Jimmy

      Amazing answer.

  • Delonte

    Delonte west would love to join

  • Dylan

    YES! I qualify for this, now I just need to find my resume and type this essay…

  • RockefellerCarnegieFord

    I would apply but I am not sure if he is worthy of my talent and presence.

  • Brad Nicko Hall

    How do i apply

  • teresa

    I cant find a way to apply

    • gbliss88

      if u cant read you shouldnt apply

  • material

    While writing the cover letter, who can I make it out to and what business address could/should I use? Hmm..

  • Azaan أذان شاه Shah

    I am by far the biggest LBJ fan on this planet but I live in Chicago. I eat breathe and sleep LBJ. I have to deal with Bulls and Pacers fans. The constant MJ comparisons. Every fan knows this man is going to be the GOAT. Lebron PLEASE ALLOW ALL RESIDENTS OF THE US TO APPLY

  • MoreThanAGame

    Stop asking how to apply, its on the page and clearly written under the How to Apply segment. It really doesn’t get more obvious than that. If you were serious about applying you would have read the whole thing and not wasted other people’s time.

    • Pink Flood

      I was thinking the same thing and to add to that if they can’t follow the simple instructions above on where to apply why should they be hired anyway! Anyone that has the above qualifications have already submitted their info after they read the article and are not spending their time asking questions on answers that have been already given, smh!!!

  • Jaida Robinson

    I’m only in 10th grade, but I have the qualifications… just live in North Carolina :/ No Fair !

  • hillhoops

    meet most qualification, very little Spanish and live in California, in college and degree is communication, as a minor in sports

  • Samuel Dean

    Im not qualify to be your intern but if you need a bodyguard holla at me my name Samuel dean aka big Sam my Facebook name is Samuel BigBoi dean and my instagram name is mrdean21

  • Balu

    how much does does this internship pay? if it’s unpaid, my comment would be “what a CHEAPO!!” (and no, I’m not looking… I’m very happy with my current job)

    • 1627AndAllThat

      In many cases, internships many not pay. The internship is not about the money. It is about gaining experience which will be invaluable in future pursuits. The fact that the internship is with LeBron is payment in itself…

      • #TheRealKing
  • Bright

    Don’t know where to apply tho

    • R falcon90

      Neither do I

  • Joe

    Anyone else appreciate the irony of a guy who skipped college to go to the NBA requiring his interns to be enrolled in college?

    • 1627AndAllThat

      I am not mad at LeBron. What about Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg for example…

      • #TheRealKing

        Not graduating college and not attempting college are completely different. They created there businesses while in college.

        • guesswho

          …maybe you should consider attending college?

    • Vergil028

      That depends on one’s strong suit. For LeBron, his best way is going to NBA without college life because time and youth are the keys that he could improve himself.With his ability, he can challenge the players whom had graduated from universities.For ordinary ones like us, college has the better ensurance that we can develop in acdemic careers or more, I am a high school student and feel so sorry that I can’t attain the opportunity of the internship.But I understand the requirement, at least a high school graduated degree can ensure one’s capability to some extent :)

      • 勿忘心安

        I can’t agree more!

      • grammartroll


    • Rajan Subramanian

      reason he did that is because the cost of foregoing his earnings had he attended college was much greater than the earnings potential he had after graduating college

  • Taina21

    Hey James great game last night. My name is Taina I’m 21 years old. When I came to New York from Haiti in 2008 your movie was the first thing I watched in high school. You are someone special James your life story is the best story yet Written. I wish to meet you someday. My first Time going to Miami is in two week only if u could hear what I prayer for. Take care of yourself see soon u on Tv

  • June Gonzalez

    Hi Lebron,
    can you start a similar internship program for talented high school students? There are a lot of AAU high school basketball players who know the game of basketball, have excellent grades and want to pursue social media/marketing in college. Please start a program to keep these youth engaged in school and sports.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    School Counselor and Mom of an up and coming basketball talent.

  • Miasha Reeves

    art institute a smart choice


    Let’s Make It Happen!

  • streetfighter

    I’m from india…can i apply?

  • Raiderman56

    I have a 12yr old who is an absolute math and numbers whiz, he wants to be a video game designer. Any programs and/or opportunities out there for him?

  • Griffin Harrington

    I just applied for Lebron James’s internshup, but not in the traditional essay and resume format.
    Check it out!

    • Neph-ilim

      No lie that’s badass, but you should be disqualified instantly.

      • Griffin Harrington

        why should I be disqualified?

        • Griffin Harrington

          oh man, i changed the grammer error. haha good catch.

          • Gigi

            Woah, nice resume! Good luck, may the odds be in our favor.

  • Shellie Pittman

    Where should I submit my resume, cover letter and writing sample?

  • Kyle Sanders

    Could students who just graduated High School and are attending a 4 year college in less than 2 months apply?

  • china老北京

    Fan from China,It’s a pity that I can’t work for you.If you come to China, I would be happy to serve you.Because I also am sports university college students
    ,I like basketball, like your basketball IQ and style.

  • lamine

    Go Heat !

  • Jason Huang

    I am a Chinese student who’s a big fan of LeBron James, do I have a chance?

  • 周中哲


  • 闫立伟


  • Wayne

    I come from the best university in China Shanghai.Do you have any interest in hiring a international trainee?

    • Therese

      Same here. I’m from the Philippines and I would really want to be an international trainee.

      • Shreyas

        Same here. I’m from India and would like to be intern with this program.

        you can reach me at shreyasvenkat1@gmail.com

  • ralf

    why is that must be living in us?

  • 詹皇

    我在中国而且是勒布朗的铁粉。。 希望能帮点什么?

    • qiu

      In English

      • disqus_onZPQRKvDQ

        I‘m a big fan of LBJ&DW,i hope i could do something in Nanjin China.

  • cicici

    LeBron keep going! I am your a little fan from CHINA just believe in youself you are the best !

  • 杨玉贤

    Hi,Lebron,I come from china ,I’m 23 years old ,I need a job!Can you help me?thank you….

  • qiujie

    I am from CHINA ,I can play. LOL

  • qiu

    I’m a Chinese students

    • qiu

      And I’m a fans of MIAMI HEAT

  • Yang Kui

    i can? my form in China

  • 勿忘心安

    Come on Lebron, you are the best !

  • lodisy

    work online ?

  • JIm Zhang

    Must be in America?What about a Chinese chairmanofstudentunion such as me?

  • Queen

    I miss you so much ,I can hardly stand it . I wish I knew how to quit you! i have been paying close attention to you for 10 years. Whether you succeed or fail i will continue paying attention to you.

  • Queen

    I miss you so much ,I can hardly stand it . I wish I knew how to quit you! i have been paying close attention to you for 10 years. Whether you succeed or fail i will continue paying attention to you.

  • LUO QU

    I really want to apply for this job ,i am from China, I am wondering how I can get this job

  • Queen

    I miss you so much ,I can hardly stand it . I wish I knew how to quit you! i have been paying close attention to you for 10 years. Whether you succeed or fail i will continue paying attention to you.

  • xiao chen

    i am willing to!

  • kobe824143

    hey,LBJ,im a super fan of you and Black Mamba,give me a chance,man

  • 摊开伤口任宰割


  • 摊开伤口任宰割


  • ruiyu

    I come from China, see you hiring developers, can I try it?

  • sdoddp

    i want to have a try

  • Tank

    I am Chinese,I Staying China, My email: eastnolose@qq.com I very want this job,thanks!

  • disqus_jB6ZUS6NUg

    Hello I would love the opporunity to fellowship with many fans. I live in Atlanta, Ga. and a single parent two boys which love basketball. Working on my second master at Grand Canyon University. My daddy love watching the Heat and his number one player is Lebron James. Have a bless year and the Heat is OOOOn! see everyone at the game Monday night 8:30 pm ya!!! PC (Paulette Clark)

  • Lamandous King-Dreadhead Reid

    Im So EXCITED!

  • bill

    out of respect for the people that are going to “intern” (aka work) i hope that they are being compensated financially as well.

  • Ceron Cherry

    I’m Tryin to Apply Bad but I don’t know how :(

    • Corey

      the link doesnt work how are you supposed to apply to this

  • Ceron Cherry

    Been The biggest LBJ fan since the Akron days I just wanna a shot to display my knowledge of the game and display my work ethic and communication skills

  • Meishara Jaghai


  • Tanke

    Tan Ke, August 28, 1983 was born in zibo in shandong province of China
    Graduated from university a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2006
    Advantage: love basketball very much, every day will love watching NBA news lebron), familiar with the Chinese, fluency in English, good social relations, artistic skills, good at analysis.
    E-mail: 175206608 @qq.com

  • Therese

    Hi I’m from the Philippines. And I really want to work for this. I’m really a huge fan of basketball.

  • Meishara Jaghai

    For those that had trouble submitting, you’re suppose to e-mail your things to opportunities@lebronjames.com , I hope you see this in time to apply before the deadline. GOOD LUCK!

    • emanuel

      I tried sending it in before the deadline but it didnt go through. JUst tried sending it now but it says the deadline has ended. Is there anyway I can still get my resume in?

  • Maurice Lewis

    The link is not working I’ve been trying to submit my application all morning. My cousin has the same issue. I’ve screen shot the message that we’ve been receiving. I’m not sure whether the “opportunities@lebronjames.com” is an email address or an actual website, neither of which is working. Please advise. mauriceblewis@gmail.com.

  • Maurice

    Thank you to Meishara Jaghi, i tried typing in the address but that initially didn’t work then I copied the address and it went through. Unfortunately, it’s after the 10am deadline!!!!, good luck to all those who applied

  • http://www.bonniemott.com/ Bonnie Mott

    Just applied… I would love to gain more knowledge and skills while contributing to LeBron James and this organization’s overall success. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • dslrvideostudio

    Nice to promote opportunities in sports industry, great positive move Lebron and team
    DSLR Video Studio

  • Mimi Burke

    Thanks to LeBron for his internship program AND his incredible BB skills. You are a unique and valuable person. My family is a rabid supporter of El Heat and LeBron.

  • nisha

    Geese saw this to late.lol This was something I have been considering for a while. Been trying thru Falcons or somewhere to become sport commentators or interviewer I don’t know what the women are called. lol But maybe in the further you guys can reopen this a position like this sure kids that are basketball gurus would like doing something like this.

  • michael simmons

    lebron jjames wow are the best sout out to me at your next game mike simmons

  • W.N.Lang

    when should we expect a reply back on whether or not we advanced to the next round of screening? I’m assuming it will have to wait until after the finals… Best of Luck to LeBron tonight and to Team LeBron for having to go through thousands of applicants…

  • ivon

    Lebron my name is Ivon, I am 56 yrs old. I have an heirloom that might interest you. Please call me at 786-355-9047. It is from cuba. Pls call me, Thanks

  • melanie

    i love this 2 man,very amazing…i love you lebronjames forever..

  • southernbell

    LeBron, you made my family so very proud you and your team mates. But I was most proud of you with your response during the after game interview when you said, “I don’t care what people say about you, you’re an intercity kid and shouldn’t even be there.” I shouted a minute. You told them, yes you told the world. What a man you are and a black man that we can all be proud of. God bless you and your family and thanks for sharing with the world who Mr. Lebron James really is.

  • Antwan Russell

    After the first email notification regarding them receiving our application, how will we know whether we were chosen for the job or not? just curious

  • Taylor Bussell

    When will applicants know if they were accepted for the internship program?
    Taylor Bussell

  • julian smith


    Iam highly qualified. Please email julian.smith@rbscitizens.com for info. I have a linked in also.



  • Nuke Scott

    I have your first NBA ticket. I wanted to give it to you when you played the magic. But I could not get through.

  • Catrell Maclin

    Wish this had something to do with Sports Broadcasting, writing, editing, or communications of some sort. I could shoot you the resume and I’m pretty sure the experience with Fox, Yahoo, and Comcast would blow minds!

  • Delon Smith

    LeBron i am 13 and i tell my friends every day that i may be like you one day a superstar who sees the magic in the ball when it floats off his hand and then travels back down to the hard wood floor. the king lets bring it on for three

  • Stanly

    When does the summer internship start?