Ain't No Game

Team LeBron | 11/3/2014


Fresh off his most recent spot with Beats “Re-Established 2014”, LeBron and Beats keep the ball rolling with the release of “Ain’t No Game,” a spot featuring LeBron, alongside four of the best athletes in the world. LeBron, Cam Newton, Serena Williams, Zou ShiMing, and Alexander Ovechkin get down to business as the one-minute spot highlights each athlete as they are mid-workout with their Powerbeats2. 

Just like any team LeBron is apart of, it is his family.



The spot was done in promotion for Beats by Dre’s new Powerbeats2 Wireless. After the launch of “Re-Established 2014”, LeBron sat down to talk about what shooting that spot meant to him. See his reaction here and watch “Ain’t No Game” below or here.