An Experience with Team LJFF

Team LeBron | 11/17/2014


Sprite Contest

A special guest dropped by LeBron James HQ on Wednesday to spend the day with Team LJFF. Anthony, from Memphis, Tennessee was the first runner up in the Philanthropy Section of a Sprite Contest that awarded an all-expenses paid trip to beautiful Akron, Ohio along with his friend Rae. Upon arrival, Anthony was given a tour of LeBron James HQ, meeting team members in the process. From there, all gathered in the Think Tank to learn more about Anthony and his endeavors, as well as for him to learn more about LeBron and his motivation of changing graduation rates in Akron. Following “Team Time” in the Think Tank, Anthony sat down with some individual team members to learn more about each of their specific roles with LJFF and to learn more about “seeing the possible” from each different perspective. An action packed lunch filled with milkshakes, burgers and cupcakes fueled Anthony and Rae back up to depart for St. Vincent – St. MaryHigh School to see the LeBron James Arena, the Tribute Wall, and the place where LeBron calls his 2nd home. Once their tour of STVM was complete, they were off to Barber CLC to assist in leading Mr. LeBron’s WFE kids in Akron After School. Reciting Mr. LeBron’s PROMISE, arts and crafts and all…Anthony and Rae had a jam packed day of LJFF and are excited to bring some of the knowledge that they gained back to Memphis.