LeBron 12 Heroes: Kara Cauffield

Team LeBron | 1/5/2015


Hero 7 of 12 | Kara Cauffield

When Kara’s students fix their eyes on her, there is no doubt she is a hero. The outpouring of care, compassion and support of her students from this Art Educator at Schumacher CLC is contagious. Kara has been a teacher with Akron Public Schools for eight years, and not only that but she is a proud graduate of Akron Public Schools. As a student, she attended King, Litchfield and Firestone, walking the same halls as hundreds of her students. Kara creates amazing learning experiences for her students, whether it’s through self-portraits, edible artwork and everything in between, she uses each opportunity to encourage and inspire young minds to see their potential.

“Kara is a hero to me for how she inspires our kids and helps guide our Akron I PROMISE Network through her service on the LeBron Advisory Board: Secondary,” said LeBron, when asked about Kara, adding, “You know, art was my favorite subject when I was in school… it takes a special teacher to inspire kids through art.”


She also does this through her role in serving on the Foundation’s LeBron Advisory Board: Secondary where she assists in providing invaluable input and guidance for the Foundation’s programs. Kara is passionate about her role in the classroom and on the advisory board, and the Foundation could not do without her. If you asked her, she would tell you she loves kids, dogs, learning new things and being active… she models the PROMISE each and every day and is a true hero to her students and the Foundation.