LeBron's First Home Game

Team LeBron | 10/29/2014


Sprite Presents: LeBron's First Home Game

In a recent article, we highlighted LeBron and Sprite’s renovation of Patterson Park, LeBron’s childhood outdoor court in Akron, Ohio. A few weeks later, we come to find out that Patterson Park has served as much more than just the court of LeBron’s childhood…it’s also the court he will play his first “home” game on. Just a few days away from the start of the NBA Regular Season, LeBron has taken full control of the internet alongside his partners with his launch of “Re-Established 2014”, “Fit For A King”, and now “LeBron’s First Home Game”.

The spot shows LeBron traveling through the city of Akron with audio clips playing in the background about his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The car continues through the city with children talking about his first home game and how much of a special moment it is going to be. He arrives at Patterson Park with an excited crowd taking in a pick-up game on the newly renovated court. As the crowd watches in excitement and the game ends, LeBron steps in and says, “I got next.”



You can watch “LeBron’s First Home Game” presented by Sprite below or here.