LeBron's On-Court Collection

Team LeBron | 10/24/2014


The On-Court Collection

Every day when LeBron suits up to go to work, he looks down at his wrists, reads the I PROMISE on his bands, and thinks about all of his Foundation kids and the journey they are on together. They PROMISE to do their best in and out of school, and LeBron PROMISES them to be their role model on and off the court.

One band, one wrist, for his Wheels for Education kids.

One band, one wrist, for his Akron I PROMISE Network students.

LeBron will wear the new On-Court Collection I PROMISE bands this season. The Homecourt I PROMISE band and the Lead The Charge I PROMISE band are the two bands included in the On-Court Collection and are available for purchase in the store.

The proceeds of LeBron's I PROMISE bands are a major fundraiser for his Foundation and allow for these students to experience and try new things.