Mav Minute: Music Moves Us

Team LeBron | 12/4/2014


We sat down with LRMR Management Company’s CEO, Maverick Carter, and discussed his use of music in LeBron’s branding:

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a song, a song is worth a thousand emotions. We want people to feel what we’re feeling, to be emotionally connected to us. We do that through music.

Look our latest Beats and Sprite spots. LeBron wanted his fans to be emotionally connected with him in those moments, and they were two very different moments. For Beats, we went with Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.” That song was perfect for this spot, it captures everything on LeBron’s mind when he is working out: his childhood, his city, his commitment. You feel it on your back. Makes me hit the gym, I’ve still got eligibility left!


For Sprite, we went with Imagine Dragon’s “I Bet My Life.” Every time I hear that song I’m ready, I’m ready to run around the office, move mountains… Steph [Mav calls out to Stephanie in the next room], get Coach Dambrot on the phone, tell him I’m coming back! See, you guys got me pumped up… that’s what LeBron was feeling when he walked onto the Patterson Park courts and saw all of the kids.

Two very different songs, but both capture our feelings in the moment.

Mav seemed pretty serious about those years of eligibility. Either we have to cut Hozier and Imagine Dragons from his playlist, or take out an insurance policy… Check out the spots:

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