Together We Will Change The World

Team LeBron | 10/17/2013



He is the ultimate teammate who makes those around him better.  Back at his Business HQ in Akron, OH, we give it our best effort to emulate his craft in the work place.  There are 12 of us that have the privilege of working here.  All 12 of us come from different backgrounds and different walks of life.  Everyone has their own special niche much like LeBron’s teammates on the court.  The philosophy is simple.  No one person can achieve without the other members of the team.  We need each other.  Because this philosophy is so deeply rooted in LeBron, we proudly showcase this philosophy in our Conference Room.  Every team member has a piece of “art” displayed in our conference room symbolizing the diverse skills and experience we bring to the table.  As we grow and work together as a team, we believe we can achieve the loftiest of goals.