LeBron And The James Gang

Team LeBron | 2/27/2014



If there isn’t a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug in LeBron’s locker, there should be. Family comes first for LeBron, and he goes to work every single day like the rest of the world to provide support for his family. Working in a business like his, the days can almost seem endless. Especially when you’re coming off two NBA World Championships, an Olympic Gold Medal, and three trips to the NBA Finals…the time to kick back and relax becomes harder and harder to find. Even when there is a designated point in the season that is deemed a “Break”, if you’re good at what you do, like LeBron, that break is non-existent as you will most likely find yourself playing in the All-Star game. But, in the end, a rare opportunity of relaxation and rest appears. There is nothing better than spending time with your children, and that is what makes LeBron James great. His boys are his world, and no matter the distance, he will always do his best to be there for them, even if it means having a bloody, swollen, and broken nose.

“Fellas night out! Went to movies to see RoboCop and now chillin. Miss these boys way to much!!! #BryceFaceThough #BronnyBigOlTeeth #AustonGiantHead #MySwollenNoseAndPushedBackHairline #WeAintGotNoWorries #StriveForGreatness” -instagram/kingjames



“Congrats once again to my oldest son Jr and his team on winning their championship game today at Slam Fest in Ft. Lauderdale. 23 pts in the final game and Undefeated in the tourney. #ProudDad #HateThatIMissThoseMoments #JamesGang #StriveForGreatness” -instagram/kingjames



“M-V-P M-V-P M-V-P!! Congrats Bronny on winning your tournament today and your award. Congrats to your teammates as well. Way to go guys #ProudDad #JamesGang #WeWinningOverHere #StriveForGreatness” -instagram/kingjames

There is a part in every person that when they were a child, they wanted nothing more than their parents to be proud of them, and the same can be said about being a parent and wanting your kids to be proud of you. LeBron and his boys exemplify this to its fullest.


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