The IPromise Band #StyleDay

Team LeBron | 6/16/2014


Fashion Accessory: the I PROMISE band

There is one fashion accessory LeBron never forgets and that is his I PROMISE bands, and yes, he can usually be seen wearing multiple bands at a time. From Noche Latina to Christmas Day, no matter what jersey is being donned for the game, he�s got a band for that.

LeBron�s wrist game is as versatile as his kick game. On some nights, he goes with the tried and true, Original I PROMISE band, while on others he might go with the fashion forward, Volt I PROMISE band. Watching a post-game presser you might say, �Where did his bands go?� No, he did not forget, nor did his devotion wane�Often, he tosses his bands out to fans before he heads into the tunnel.

It can be said that many wear their heart on their sleeve; however, LeBron wears his heart on his wrist. So while you�re watching his amazing skills on the court, don�t forget to also check out his band of choice for the game.

LeBron�s I PROMISE bands are available at: