WFE Highlight

Team LeBron | 6/26/2014


Brother-Sister WFE Highlight: David and Davionna

It may be summer, but that doesn’t mean our Wheels for Ed kids stop being active! The Foundation got to spend a little time before the school year ended with a brother-sister combo of Wheels for Ed kids, David and Davionna. Both were rocking their LeBron sneakers at the time and there’s no doubt who their favorite basketball player is. David and Davionna attended Resnik CLC this past school year and Davionna was accepted into Akron’s STEM school where she’ll be attending this upcoming school year. When we asked David about his favorite subject in school, he immediately responded that it is basketball. He then corrected himself and said Science, but he loves basketball and is planning on practicing a ton this summer. Davionna enjoys Math and we hear she does extremely well in her classes. Summer plans for both David and Davionna include Summer Camp where we know they’re continuing to make Mr. LeBron proud. These two finished the school year strong and are now enjoying a well-deserved summer break!