Re-Established 2014 Behind The Scenes

Team LeBron | 10/29/2014


Behind The Scenes

Last week, LeBron sat down at LRMR to explain what shooting the Beats “Re-Established 2014” spot meant to him. He posted it on Facebook on Monday for the entire world to see…



Throughout the video, viewers experience a series of vignettes that flash from scene to scene while LeBron continues his workout at St. Vincent—St. Mary High School. As told by LeBron in the behind the scenes, the vignettes represent his childhood growing up… “everything that brought you to this day.” “Every day when I’m working out I’m remembering this visualization of me as a kid, going through what I went through, going through the city…” LeBron leaves no stone unturned in his explanation behind the spot and lets his fans see and understand a little bit about what it is like to be him. 


You can watch LeBron’s full Beats spot below and read more about it here