Season Opener: Cavs vs. Knicks

Team LeBron | 11/3/2014


LeBron James | 17 points, 4 assists, 5 rebounds

It was an electric night in Northeast Ohio as LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers suited up to take on the New York Knicks in their first game of the 2014-2015 regular season. After a stellar pre-season in which the Cavaliers finished 6-2, they looked to keep the momentum going as they started the season. The Cavaliers got off to a strong start, leading by 6 after the first quarter and began trading buckets back and forth with the Knicks as the game progressed. LeBron would have a tough time getting into a groove as the game continued on, shooting 5-15 from the floor along with 8 turn-overs, while Kevin Love would notch his first double-double with the Cavs on-top of Kyrie’s 22 points. LeBron would go on to finish with 17 points in the Cavaliers’ 95-90 loss.

After the game, LeBron talked about the night and his nerves going into the game saying, “It was an exciting game for the fans, exciting for the city, but now we can just play regular basketball.”


Along with the Cavaliers’ new navy uniforms for the season opener, LeBron also donned his new Fanatic I PROMISE band, the 3rd I PROMISE band in the On-Court Collection, available for sale while limited supplies last.

The Cavaliers head to Chicago to take on the Bulls (1-0) on Halloween, October 31st at 8:00 PM.  You can see the highlights from Thursday’s game against the New York Knicks courtesy of & YouTube/NBA below — Read more about the Cavaliers’ loss here.