UNINTERRUPTED Launches | Open Run Podcast with LeBron James

Team LeBron | 9/30/2016


UNINTERRUPTED recently launched its brand new podcast network with the re-branding of the popular “Open Run” podcast serving as its first live series. In its premiere episode, LeBron James sits down with hosts Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis for a wide-ranging and insightful conversation sharing the NBA Finals MVP’s unique perspective on the Cavaliers come-from-behind championship, his growth as a player and a person, and the life-changing work he is driving in his hometown through the LeBron James Family Foundation. With its savvy hosts and open-ended format, “Open Run” creates a forum for athletes and other notable sports and entertainment figures to have in-depth discussions on the engaging and timely topics that transcend sports and culture today.

“‘Open Run’ is the natural next step in the growth of the UNINTERRUPTED network because it gives athletes another platform to go even deeper with their stories and address important topics they may have shied away from before,” said UNINTERRUPTED co-founder and CEO, Maverick Carter. “This podcast allows athletes and other influential figures to share their voice and have those meaningful conversations while giving fans even greater insight into their lives beyond sports.”

Leading the bi-weekly podcast episodes is “Open Run” hosts Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis. Most known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on “Grey’s Anatomy” and as a leading voice for social justice, Williams brings his unique perspective as a former teacher and longtime activist to the insightful discussions. While accepting BET’s Humanitarian Award, Williams recently delivered a powerful speech on race that grabbed international headlines. Williams shares “Open Run” hosting duties with his long-time friend and co-host, musician and journalist Stefan Marolachakis.

Since its re-launch on UNINTERRUPTED, the premiere episode ofOpen Run” has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. Click here to listen to the podcast in its entirety.